After New Year, both Diane and I had a hectic few days at work, but we still found time to use the playroom on a one occasion.  More importantly, previously we had also agreed on a couple of rules for Diane that would help her keep herself out of trouble.

At breakfast on the first Tuesday morning of the year, Diane told me that she had been a bit naughty.

“Oh, what is new? Any way what have you done wrong this time?”

“I was on my to work yesterday and I passed one of those police vans parked at the side of the road and I think I was caught speeding.”

“What speed were you doing?”

“I think it was just under 50 mph in a 40 limit.”

“Where were you when this happened?”

“On the road alongside the cemetary. The van was parked in the pull in near the entrance.”

I said nothing for a moment then said “Well that is very bad especially as we have talked about you keeping yourself safe. We will have to see if you did actually break the limit. If you did get caught, you will get a suitable punishment.”

The rest of the week passed relatively uneventfully and on Saturday when the post arrived there was a brown envelope addressed to me in my full name. I opened it find a notice from the local police asking for details of the driver of the car Diane was driving on the Monday after New Year.

I said nothing and waited until Friday night when we got home and as she opened a letter  she looked very unhappy. She showed me the letter and then asked “How do they know it was me driving the car that day?”

“Easy, I had the request last weekend and filled it in and returned it.”

She read the letter carefully then passed it to me to read. When I had finished reading it she asked “What do you think I should do?”

“Well it is up to you. However, be warned the punishment you suffer from me will be influenced by your decision. As we have nothing on tomorrow, we will deal with it then and I will have some time to think up a suitable punishment.”

“Well I am glad that I do not have to wait too long for it.”

Later in the evening as we were walking to the pub for a quiet meal and a drink, she said “I have decided to go on the speed awareness course and have booked it for about 3 weeks time. Whilst it is expensive I don’t get any points on my licence and it will not affect our insurance costs.”

I smiled as I replied “I am glad of that, and it does make it easier on you.”

We enjoyed our evening together, although Diane was a little tense because of her impending punishment.

The next morning Diane was up first and had got the chores out of the way before lunch. While she was doing them I made some necessary preparations for her punishment.

After lunch I said, “Now to get your punishment out of the way. Please strip completely, go to the bathroom, put your ankle cuffs on and then join me in the office when you are ready.”

Diane joined me in the office with her eyes cast down as she knew that her actions had caused her to be in trouble.

I instructed her “sit down on the commode over by the table.”$_35

She walked over to the table, sat down and got herself as comfortable as she could. I then tied her ankles to the cross bar so she would not be able to lift herself off the seat. I then tied a basic rope harness on her chest and loosely secured it to the back of the commode. I gently tied her thighs to the commode.

I went behind my desk and collected the magic wand and roll of duct tape that I had hidden there earlier. I carefully made sure that the wand was positioned correctly at the entrance to her pussy and making contact with her clit hood.

I secured it tightly with the duct tape to keep it in the right position.

She looked a little anxious as well as expectant as she knew how quickly the wand could bring her to orgasm.

I positioned the table carefully to make sure that she would be comfortable. I walked back to my desk, picked up the papers there and laid them in front of her. The top page was a print out from one of the many websites that cover the consequences. Included was this highlighted paragraph.

Excess or inappropriate speed is a major cause of road crashes. Breaking the speed limit, or driving too fast for the conditions on the road, contributes to more than 720 deaths and 4,550 injuries in the UK every year. The latest statistic published by the government show that, in 2007, exceeding the speed limit was reported as a factor in 13 percent of fatal crashes on the UK’s roads.

I then said “Here is your punishment. You will write out the highlighted paragraph 50 times. Each mistake you make on this part will incur one severe stroke of a cane of my choosing, without a warm up, on the sit spot of your delicious bum so you can have a reminder for the next few days not to exceed the speed limit. Now you may think this is an easy task, but it won’t be because the wand will continue running on high without interuption until you have completed this task irrespective of how often you come or how long you take.”

Diane looked nervous and picked up her pen to start her task as I plugged the wand into the mains power and turned it on.

She quickly started writing. She managed to complete writing out the paragraph a few times before the effects of the wand showed. She struggled to continue writing while the wand relentlessly brought her to a climax that she rode with a smile on her face. She put down the pen for a short while. She struggled to compose herself before she picked up the pen again and started writing. The second orgasm came after another few copies of the paragraph had been completed.

After a half hour of this torment she had managed to copy out the paragraph twenty two times as well as having two orgasms.

She continued to write out the paragraphs, but it was clear that the wand was making it very hard for her to concentrate. As her fifth orgasm approached she dropped the pen on the desk and gripped the sides of the desk as she rode through it. In the second half hour she only managed a further sixteen copies of the paragraph and had four orgasms.

I commented that she only had twelve more copies to go. She breathlessly replied “Thank god.”

She picked up the pen, carefully writing out the remaining copies. However she found it even more difficult and came five times in the next half hour having completed a further seven copies. She struggled on. It took her nearly three quarters of an hour and even more orgasms to finish the last five copies. As she put her pen down she rode through her final and strongest orgasm that had her quivering out of control. I turned off the wand, released her bindings and held her tight. She babbled on and on for what seemed like hours until she started to make sense saying “That was evil, horrible, really nasty, I have a very sore pussy and am totally and utterly shattered.”

I took her to the sofa and she nodded off whilst I watched over her and then checked her copies, only finding 21 mistakes.

The next morning when Diane came out the bathroom she saw the thin steel cane waiting on the bed. Without any prompting on my part, she looked at it and nervously dropped her robe and leant over the foot of the bed.

I took my time before picking up the cane. I gently caressed her upturned ass with the cane and said “I’ll get this over with quickly.”

Diane said “Thank you.”

The first stroke landed after a short wait. Diane squealed as she felt the fire from the stroke bite into her delicate sweet spot. I did not wait, and the next twenty strokes landed in a very quick succession. After the last stroke landed I held Diane close saying, “Its all over now.”

This story was partly inspired by a Petter Hegre video.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Punishment

  1. Matt says:

    Punishment on top of punishment!

  2. Alice King says:

    Mmmmm devious mind to come up a twofold punishment such as this. Enjoyed reading this

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