After the lines

This week’s episode follows on from last week’s which is here. It also falls within the Wicked Wednesday prompt of “Trust”.

It is me, Diane, writing again.

After we had each been given our task, Grant then said “You have one hour from now in which to complete your assigned task. There is to be no talking.”

I started on writing out the paragraph I had been given. Whilst I was writing, the mat certainly made its presence felt. What was worse was I felt very full and my lower lips were stretched by the massive vibrator that we had been instructed to insert.

I managed quite well until I suddenly, without warning, felt the vibrator spring into life at a teasing level. I quickly looked at the others and realised that all four of us were be tormented in exactly the same way.

On two more occasions I felt the speed of the vibrator increase until it was turned off and Charles announced time was up. We were allowed to stand up and remove the vibrators.

Charles held out his hand and I took it and he pulled me close. He then announced to the four of us “Inspection time.”

I frowned on hearing this but wisely kept my mouth closed. However Dee, being her usual spirited self, asked “What do you mean?”

“Simple, did you all follow the instruction you were given when you changed into your uniform.”

The men carefully checked us over, with Charles feeling up my breasts and said quietly to me, “Good no bra. However, you have studs in your ears, a watch and make up on. ”

Tamara on the other hand was found to be wearing a bra as well a watch, whereas Sofia was only wearing make-up and Dee managed to pass the inspection.

The men conferred and Zack announced, “Dee will only face one ordeal tonight, Sofia two, Tamara three and Diane four. You will need to trust us this evening. We will be stretching your limits, but we will not to go too far and should not need to use your safewords. Now you girls can go prepare the evening meal while we check your work to see how well you did. ”

The four of us disappeared to the kitchen area and started the preparations for the meal. We talked quietly between ourselves and I found out that Tamara and Sofia had been required to write out ‘I must not do or say anything that will encourage Dee to swear’ 250 times whereas Dee just had to write out ‘I must not swear’ 500 times. I had the least numbers to write at 100, but my paragraph was considerably longer.

It took us about half an hour to get the meal prepared and ready to go in the oven, so we went to join our respective partners. I deliberately walked in a provocative and playful way, just to annoy Charles. As I got to him, he pulled me close and gave my bum a hard swat with his hand saying “your behaviour is not becoming for a schoolgirl.”

I giggled.

He had me sit with him as he finished checking the lines, and to my surprise there were not too many mistakes, particularly on those towards the end when my bum was sore and that huge vibrator making me rather wet and aroused.

We girls were allowed to relax for the rest of the afternoon with the only proviso being that supper had to be served on time.

Supper went well and conversation was delightful.

After the meal we went back to the playroom. Charles explained “There are eight envelopes. Each ordeal is detailed inside it. The envelope will only be opened when it is time to face the ordeal. Dee has first choice, Sofia second, Tamara third and Diane has what is left. Some of these ordeals are nicer than others.”

He passed the envelopes to Dee selected one, and the two girls selected theirs, leaving me with four envelopes.

Charles then said to me, “As you have four ordeals, let’s get started and you choose which you want first.”

I opened an envelope to read “The scorpion has a sting in its tail; the number of strokes is determined by the number of errors you made in your lines.”

I looked nervously at Charles as I showed it to him. He smiled saying “a not too sore bum for you, there were twenty five mistakes and you only wrote 81 lines, so it is 44 strokes.”

He instructed me to strip out of the school uniform, which I did in a slow teasing way before I went to the spanking bench and got myself into position.

Charles blindfolded me and I waited for the stinging caress of the scorpion. I heard him talking to Grant and Adam about it. Grant said, “What a shame Tamara didn’t select it.”

I waited patiently until I heard a swish and then felt the sting of the tails as it landed. I groaned before the next stroke landed. I lost count after the first ten strokes had landed as my bum felt the wicked sting of each of the twenty tails as it continued to assault my by now rather bright red butt.

Charles then removed the blindfold, held me tight and cuddled me, saying “I hope for your sake that not everything chosen for you is as nasty.”

Grant asked Tamara for one of her envelopes and he looked at it, smiled said, “this will be fun for you.”

He went into his toy bag, picked out a bullet vibrator and asked her to strip and then insert it. She did as she was told and he then tied her in a strict Karada which he added a knot to the crotch rope and pulled it tight into her pussy. He turned on the vibrator saying “you only managed 171 lines, and there were 47 mistakes so this tie will be your companion for the next 126 minutes. I expect we will be able to complete your other ordeals whilst in it.”

Adam asked Sofia for one of her envelopes. He opened it and he smiled “One very sore ass for you. You have chosen the crop and you get 176 strokes as you only managed 146 lines and made 72 mistakes.”

Sofia gulped as she heard this, and she stripped and was led to the horse, where he strapped her down. He picked up the crop and very carefully and deliberately laid down her allotted strokes, ensuring her beautiful ass and upper thighs were a very bright red. As she was released from the horse she was very wobbly and it was clear that she had been crying from the sting of the crop. He held her close and she kissed him hard after she had thanked him for the punishment.

I was next to have to hand over an envelope. Charles looked me in the eyes saying “this one is not so bad.”

He asked me to sit down and picked up some duct tape, and the bowl of rice. He pulled off 4 short strips of tape, carefully counted out 11 grains of rice and sprinkled them on one of the strips. He did the same on the others and then he applied a strip to each heel and then the soft ball of my feet. He instructed me to stand up, and said “In 44 minutes time I will remove them.”

Initially the discomfort was not too bad, but, as the time seemed to drag slowly I felt even less comfortable as each grain bit into the tender areas of my feet.

Dee was asked for her envelope. She handed it over, Zack peeked at it, and smiled, beckoned over the other three men and they had a whispered conversation. They all nodded, and Zack said “You picked out probably the most fun for us, so you will just have to wait until the rest of the ordeals have been completed.

Dee pouted. Zack saw it and added, “any more of that and I will double the torment.”

Tamara was asked to choose her second torment. She handed over the envelope, and Adam picked out the clover clamps from the toy bag and some weights. He laughed and said unfortunately I don’t have exactly 126 gram in weights so it is 125 hanging from each nipple for fifteen minutes.

Tamara instinctively put her arms up to protect her nipples from the torment. Adam gently, but firmly, told her to put her arms down and he ensured that her nipples were really hard before he added the clamps and weight. Tamara grimaced as the weights were added. She held still and when the fifteen minutes were up she gasped in pain as the blood rushed into her nipples when the clamps were removed. Adam on the other hand gently rubbed her nipples until she was moaning with pleasure.

Next week find out the rest of our ordeals.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to After the lines

  1. Some seriously creative torments. I’m thoroughly intrigued to know what the next ordeals will be … Jane xxx

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