The torments end

Diane here again for this episode. This is a follow on from the last 2 weeks episodes which can be found here and here.

It was decided it was time for me to be subject to my third of four torments that evening. I gave Charles the envelope and he just smiled.

He got me to stand below the winch, and picked up a length of timber that was about six feet long. I was asked to stand with my arms out and he carefully strapped my arms to the timber at the wrists, elbow and shoulders. He then added two more straps to each arm. He lowered the hook of the winch, and added a chain to each end of the timber and a rope from the winch to the centre of the piece of timber.

He attached cuffs to my ankles and then used our longest spreader bar to force my ankles to about three feet apart. He slowly raised the winch until just my toes were touching the floor. Now you can just hang around and watch for the next forty four minutes.

While I was left hanging around, unable to anything except to watch what the next torment.

Adam asked Sofia for the second envelope which contained another torture. Adam looked at it with what looked like a wry smile.

“OK Sofia, time to get on the table.”

He quickly got help from the other men who assisted in tying Sofia to the table and making sure that she was secured with her legs wide apart.

He then said “You have selected probably one of the worst torments of the evening.”

She wisely said nothing as he blindfolded her. He went to the bag and picked out a pair of tweezers are approached the triangle of fairly short pubic hairs just above her pretty pussy lips. He inserted a finger in her opening and then carefully plucked one of the hairs from the triangle out. She stoically said nothing as he said “just another 175 to go.” He dropped the hair just above her navel and continued “You need to keep still, because if any fall off, then I will continue until we have the right number in a nice pile here.” He put a finger where the hair had been dropped.

He carefully selected another single hair and pulled it out. This continued with one hair being pulled out every few seconds. All the time this was going on, it was clear that he was carefully stroking the inside of Sofia’s pussy. The pile that of hairs grew until she involuntarily twitched and let out a moan of pleasure twinged with a groan of from the agony of having individual hairs being slowly plucked from her skin. He stopped pulling out hairs and carefully counted each hair in the pile and said, “Lucky for you, you only lost two, so only another thirty three to go.”

Sofia was now wincing every time he plucked a hair from her landing strip. It seemed that he took a second or two longer between the extraction of each of the remaining hairs, just to prolong her torment. Just as he was down to the last few hairs to go, he added a second finger to her opening and her arousal was clear. When he extracted the last hair, he withdrew his fingers which were covered in her juices.

He started to release her bindings and when he was ready, he removed the pile of hairs and hugged and kissed her. She stood up and we could all see that he had converted the small tuft of hairs that made up her triangle into the rough shape of a heart.

While this was torment was going on, I was released from my third torment and allowed a short rest period, to recover from the strain of having been “stretched” out.

After about ten minutes, I was asked for the fourth envelope that was to be my next torment. Charles looked at, smiled and said “I think you will like this a little.” He went over to Zack, who had been watching everything that had been going on and whispered in his ear.

Charles then said to me, “First you need to get me really hard, and at the same time play with yourself. Once I am ready, we will continue with the torment.”

I got to me knees and quickly set about using my mouth to ensure that I got him really hard. My position prevented me from seeing what preparations were being made. Charles announced that he was hard enough, and put a blindfold over my eyes. I was guided into position and told to stand with my legs slightly apart.

Charles whispered “Hands by your sides “

I felt Charles’ body slip down a little and his hard member stroked across my clitoris. He slowly inserted his cock in my wet pussy. He then stood upright. I felt something start to be dragged up my sides.

I could sense that other things were being done and then I felt straps biting into me and Charles was pulled closer into me.

Charles kissed me hard before saying “we are going to like this for the next forty four minutes, while preparations are finished for Dee’s torment. Oh and we are both in the strap cage. You can wriggle and do whatever you want, and I will try to help you.”

We were pressed tightly together and there was very little room for wriggling around. I must admit the sensation of being squeezed tightly whilst impaled on my husband’s hard cock was very exciting. I used every trick I could, and he helped as much as he could in our tight confined space. It took a while, but I was able to get even more excited until suddenly the roller coaster of a huge orgasm overtook me and I climaxed hard. Charles, for his part was able help a little and before long I felt my second orgasm, crash over me.

The next thing I knew was that Charles was holding me tightly in his arms and I was being comforted on the big sofa that served as a rest space. I looked at him; he smiled and said “I hope you enjoyed that as much as me.”

I mumbled something. He hugged me and I slowly made out that a blindfolded Dee was on the St Andrew’s cross for her torment.

Charles whispered, “Just relax; the others are getting Dee ready for her torment.”

I noticed that the two girls and the other men were all helping. After a short while, I persuaded Charles that I had recovered sufficiently so I got up from the sofa. On wobbly legs, with Charles helping me, I made my way over to the Cross to watch what was going on. All of them were busy and it took quite a while before they finished.

Once Zack declared she was ready he said “Dee, there are five hundred clothes pegs adorning your body attached to seven pieces of string. We are going to leave you like that for a while we have a drink, and then your suffering will start.”

We were ushered over to the sofas and Zack served us all a drink. Whilst I wanted something more than just a soft drink, I did not protest as the others enjoyed a glass of wine.

We chatted for a while and Zack then put his glass down and motioned for us to join him as he approached Dee asking “how are you feeling?”

Dee replied “on show and like I have had all my skin surgically tightened.”

“Good, now you may make as much noise as you like” he said as he passed then of a string to Adam who with a tug removed the clothes pins attached that ran up her right side to her elbow.

Dee gasped as the last pin was pulled off.

Zack with a smile commented “Only another six to go.”

He passed the next string to Grant who, with a hard tug, removed the clothes pins attached to her left side. Dee gasped and let out a moan of pain as the last pin was pulled away.

The next string was handed to Tamara who slowly pulled off the clothes pins that ran up the front of Dee’s left leg and back down her right. Dee emitted a grunt as each pin was agonisingly pulled off. Sofia was next and she was handed the string that she pulled very sharply releasing the pins from the back of Dee’s legs. Dee squealed, but stoically avoided screaming.

Zack handed Charles and I a string each and on his signal we pulled off the spirals of pins, me slowly whilst Charles was fast,  that covered each of Dee’s breasts. This elicited a small scream.

Zack seemed smiled as he picked up the remaining string. All I could see was a mass of clothes pins that ran in a zig zag from Dee’s navel down to her clean shaven pussy lips. He slowly tugged the string and the first few rows of pins came off her taught skin. As each came off she emitted a small squeal.

Zack paused, removed the slack from the string and with an almighty tug, pulled the remaining clothes pins from Dee’s pussy area, lips and finally her clit hood.

Dee screamed as the effect of the blood rushing back into her sensitive lips and clit took hold. She gasped and cried for a while whilst the men carefully helped her down from the cross.

Wicked Wednesday

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