Results of a Review

The last three week’s episodes were from Diane’s point of view. This week I have taken the theme of reviews from Wicked Wednesday.

In the last couple of months Diane and I have both enjoyed the new dynamic in our relationship following our review of our relationship and marriage. Since then, I have found that I have thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility at home of making sure that Diane feels totally fulfilled in her personal life. With the changes in her work life, the last couple of years has seen enormous changes in both of our lives.

In reviewing our relationship we discussed the basics in detail and how it could be changed so that both of our needs were being satisfied.

One of the many things that came out of the review was she wanted her limits to be pushed much further than I expected. Further there quite a few things that she fantasised about that we had not tried and she wanted to explore further. This review gave me a lot of things to think about, and I took a while to consider how I would be able to bring some of them into reality.

A few weeks later, I managed to set up a meeting with Zack and Dee whilst Diane was out and about on one of her many trips to visit the stores. They were initially nervous about the idea, but after much discussion, we agreed that we should go for it.

We decided to arrange a big ‘Master and Slave’ themed party, with all the proceeds going to charity, near the release date for the film of “50 Shades of Grey”. We agreed a fashion show and demonstration would be organised by the ‘Bedroom Delights’ departmental team. All the models would be members of staff. There were a lot of volunteers, and with the help of our mutual friend Celia, who is a professional model, we selected the staff that would be onstage that night.

Diane, in her new role as a director of the company, was not directly involved in the planning.

We arrived in plenty of time to ensure that the ballroom had been set up exactly as had been planned. Diane started to relax.

Once dinner had finished, she was approached by one of the staff and as planned in a whispered conversation asked to go back stage. She left the table and a few moments later I made my excuses and went to help.

Once she was back stage, Sofia and Tamara were there, and quickly took Diane to one side. They gave her a blindfold and said “Put this on. We will take over from here, and we assure you will be watched over carefully and protected. They proceeded to take off Diane’s very elegant dress, leaving her with nothing but a thin white thong. Diane babbled a little nervously until Sofia said “Just relax and go with the flow. We will be watching over you all the time.”

Diane was still tense and when the make-up lady came over and started her work, Diane $_57became visibly more nervous. I came over with a new necklace and with a satisfying click it locked around her neck.

She raised her hands to feel the new addition to her neck and before she could say anything I said, “Just relax, and enjoy yourself.”

I then gave her a pair of small balls “You know where these need to go.”

She blushed and stuttered “bbbbut”

“Sofia and Tamara are hiding you from sight, so just put them in.”

She eased her thong out of the way and slowly inserted all four small balls. I checked that her thong was properly back in place and said to Tamara, “now for the rest of her outfit.” Sofia quickly removed her nipple piercings while Tamara helped her into a web of thin w_1F74759714B658C4C58C388493F847B2cloth straps with openings that allowed her nipples to peek through. When everything was in the right place, Tamara replaced the nipple piercings and said “just the final touches to go.” She picked up three padlocks and quickly secured the neck and waist straps so that Diane was effectively locked into the harness.

Sofia made Diane put her hands behind her back, crossed at the wrists, and carefully locked on the special handcuff.

They then gently guided Diane across the room. They guided578cross her carefully onto the runway. The MC for the evening explained, our final three models are from the Head Office. The clothes they are wearing are all new lines that are now available. The slave is wearing the special new harness that has been designed exclusively for “Bedroom Delights” it is soft and very comfortable for long term wear, it will add excitement for the wearer when it is worn under clothing, especially at an event such as this. Her guards are wearing the new leotards that have an interesting pad for you ladies to enjoy.

The girls took Diane to the end of the runway, helped her turn a full circle before they were joined by the rest of the models. To the applause of all of the audience.

Once the runway had been cleared, Diane was released from her wrist restraints, and Tamara quickly helped Diane into a scarlet backless dress. Diane went to take off the blindfold, but Sofia stopped her saying “You are not finished here yet.”

“Diane blushed and stuttered “whhattt, I’ve been as near as dammit naked out in front of everyone, and now you say I’ve not finished.”

“That’s right, just one more thing to go.” She picked up a set of white ankle and wrist cuffs buckled them on tightly before continuing “and that will be in just a few minutes.”

Diane shuffled nervously on her feet and was obviously getting a little restless. Luckily it was not long before she was guided back onto the stage. With a couple of snap links Diane’s wrists were secured to the frame that had been set up especially for her. I stood next to her and said quietly “I hope you enjoy the next bit.”

The MC welcomed Zack onto the stage. Zack took over the microphone announcing the auction. He said “There is to be a really interesting auction tonight. Not only will you be able to buy some exciting lots, the more you bid will result in more fun for this lovely slave. The results will be tallied by my friend Charles.”

Diane quietly said to me “I am not at all happy restrained as if I was a slave.”

I replied “Oh but you are. I promise you that you are safe, and I will be with you all the way. Also you will enjoy yourself.”

Diane said a few choice words to me, and I quietened her by saying “unless you quieten down, I will get the girls to come and gag you.”

After the first lot was sold, I whispered to Diane “that was easy. Now as the bidding gets higher just play act struggling in your restraints.”

It took a while for Diane to feel comfortable play acting, but with my encouragement she got into the swing of things and her acting encouraged people to place higher bids. When Zack announced the final lot, a woman in the audience shouted “But what about the girl, surely she is up for sale as a slave for a day.”

When Diane heard this, her reactions were totally realistic and in her firm manner said quietly “Noooooo, I am not for sale.”

Zack confidently announced, “Madam, We are not selling the slave’s services, even for one second. I even think that you might want to take her place.”

There was plenty of laughter, and the bidding went much higher than expected. As we finished I gave Zack the final numbers of the amounts bid, and Zack was really happy.

I returned to Diane and said; “now a little adjustment to your restraints and you can have your reward for being such a good sport.”

I turned her around so her back was to the audience. I released the strap for her ‘bra’ and the MC announced “The slave will now get the promised demonstration of how a flogger should be used. Please welcome our tutor and her glamourous assistants who will provide the demonstration.”

Our friend Susan, who is a very experienced Mistress, came on the stage with Tamara and Sofia who were wearing bikinis and both were holding a flogger. Susan approached Diane and said “You will be fine, just relax and enjoy it.”

Susan took the microphone and said “My Glamourous assistants here will be doing the flogging. We are going to use one of the many floggers available. The most important thing when you are going to use any implement is to provide a warm up, so that the person on the receiving end of the implements can enjoy the sensations.”

Tamara and Sofia started with very gentle strokes, progressing to harder strokes during Diane’s warm up. She soon was purring in delight when the girls stopped. Susan then announced “Your most generous bidding has raised £100k for the charities, so we have sentenced the slave here to receive 100 hard strokes of the flogger from each of my assistants.”

Susan explained the types of stroke to be landed. Tamara and Sofia then laid down the strokes whilst Susan explained everything to the audience. By the time they had finished the demonstration, Diane was high on the endorphins that had coursed through her body.

She was begging for more when Susan announced, it seems our slave wants more, so I will give her a little extra. Tamara and Sofia handed over the floggers they were holding and Susan used one in each hand, In no time we could see that Diane was nearing the stage where she could take no more. Susan started to slow down the strikes and soften each blow so Diane was effectively ‘cooled down’.

The girls and I quickly released Diane from her restraints and told the audience about the importance of after care. There was a huge round of applause as we carefully guided Diane back stage. I held Diane tight as I let her recover from her flogging and removed her blindfold. The girls and Susan also helped with the aftercare. When Diane had sufficiently recovered, still wearing the harness, we helped her back into her original dress, and led her back to the ball room. No one recognised that Diane had been the Slave.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully and as we snuggled up in bed, Diane hugged me and said “Thank you. If I had known about it I would have refused, but that was such fun.”

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to Results of a Review

  1. I love how you’ve reviewed your relationship to make it better for both of you. More couples should do this!

    Rebel xox

  2. I love the communication, trust, and making a fantasy come to such wonderful life!

  3. Grace1ess says:

    Having reviewed my own relationship in the past I know how nerve wracking and shocking it can be when you hear about somethings that you significant other wants to try that you would never had considered. I loved reading this. Gave me warm fuzzies 🙂

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