Birthday surprise

As I woke on the Saturday morning, I relished that Diane thought that we had the whole weekend free. Diane was still snuggled into my back and I was loathe to have to get out of bed, but needs must. I finished my morning ablutions and looked at my sexy wife still asleep in the warmth of our bed, knowing that by the end of the day, she would be wearing another very warm posterior.

I completeded my preparations for the weekend before preparing our breakfast. Just as the coffee had finished percolating, Diane came into the kitchen wearing her dressing gown draped over her shoulders, open at the front. I laid out the breakfast, gave a long kiss, handed her a card and said “Happy Birthday.”

She thanked me with a smile. All she knew was that we would be going out for the day.

She asked “How long have I got before we leave?”

“About half an hour.”

She quickly finished breakfast and rushed off to get dressed.

She returned wearing her tightest jeans and a loose top. “I hugged her and realised that she was not wearing a bra. Felt her taut bum and realised that she was going without any underwear too. I smiled to myself thinking “This will be even more fun than I had planned.”

I picked up our coats and we left the house and I ushered her into the car. We made our way to the local shopping centre. As we walked into the specialist shoe shop, we were greeted by an assistant. We were ushered into the discreet fitting area where Diane was asked to be seated. The assistant went out for a minute to retrieve the boots that I had selected a couple of weeks previously. I said “For the next few minutes, you will have to loose your sight.” I took a blindfold out of my pocket and put it on her.

Her breathing got faster as the nerves started to kick in. The assistant whispered in my ear “Sorry, but the jeans need to come off whilst she tries the shoes on.”

He left the room and I told Diane to stand up. I undid the buttons of her jeans, slid them down her legs and removed them. I gently had her sit back down and gently put her feet in the boots. I then checked to make sure that they fitted her perfectly which they did.

I took the boots off and passed them to the assistant who was patiently waiting outside and said, “They are perfect.”

I removed the blindfold and then noticed a slight glistening around her lower lips. I asked “do you have anything inside you?”

“Yes, I put in the balls from the show the other week.”

I smiled replying “you naughty minx. As you decided to go without knickers you will just have to make sure that no damp patches appear.”

Once she was dressed, I quickly paid for the boots and we left the store.

After a leisurely lunch, on our way towards our home I pulled into a layby. I asked “Now for some fun?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just something you will enjoy.”

“OK.” I reached under her seat and pulled the ankle cuffs out and locked one on each ankle. She shuffled her feet a little and found that there was not a lot of movement. I instructed her to put her hands behind her back and cuffed them too. I then put on the blindfold again. I secured her seat belt and pulled back onto the road.

She said after a few minutes she asked “Where are we going? As I’m sure that we aren’t on our way home.”

“Just going to a special location for the night.”

What. I’ve I haven’t got an overnight bag.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got everything that you need with us.”

It took nearly an hour of me driving using a rather haphazard route to get to our destination. I left Diane in the car whilst I disappeared inside the building for a few minutes. I returned  to the car  moving it around the corner. I then unlocked her ankle cuffs and helped her out. We entered the building and took her to the pre-arranged room. I sat her down, released her cuffed wrists and said, “Right, we need to get you out of your jeans so I can put your new boots on.”

She stood up as I helped her remove her jeans. I asked her to sit back down and I put her boots on. I took a thin chain and passed it through the rings on pussy lips and locked it to the zipper on each of her boots. I then released her wrists and she removed the blindfold to find we were in a comfortably furnished room with the curtains closed across the windows. She looked at me with a very puzzled expression and before she could say anything I said “Don’t say anything; this is just the start of the fun. Just relax and enjoy.”

I heard the sound from my mobile phone of a text message. I checked it and all it said was “15 minutes.”

I waited 10 minutes before saying to Diane, “Time for you to be blindfolded again.”

I put the blindfold on, removed her top, restrained her wrists behind her back and helped her stand up. I escorted her out of the room we were in, along a passageway to another room. She squeaked with every stride as the chain from her boots pulled on the rings in her pussy lips. Further she walked very gingerly getting used to the new boots that had 6″ heels, much higher than she is used to. Once we had entered the room I helped her into a special seat waiting for her before attaching some leg restraints.

She sat nervously whilst there was some murmered chatter which she could not make out.

A voice announced “The prisoner will stand up.”

I helped Diane rise from the chair. There was the sound of some footsteps, followed by a rustling of some cloth. The voice then said “Diane Drummond, you are charged with performing a lewd act in public, namely wearing nothing but a harness of thin straps on a catwalk three weeks ago. How do you plead?”

Diane spluttered for a moment before saying “Not guilty.”

Another voice said “Well, based on her dress now, I don’t think we need bother with hearing any evidence. She is as near as dammit naked now. Diane Drummond, have you anything to say?”

She nervously said. “Yes, my husband and two friends tricked me into it. I was blindfolded all the time and I did not know until later what had happened.”

The voice continued “Diane Drummond, That is no excuse. I find you guilty as charged. In addition I find Charles Drummond guilty of a lesser offence of inciting your wife to perform a lewd act. I sentence Diane Drummond to a birthday spanking of one strike for each of your 39 years of age and one to grow on from each individual present in this room using an implement of their choice. Following that, both Diane Drummond and Charles Drummond will spend the night in a special punishment cage. Guard, you may remove the blindfold.”

I removed her blindfold. She blinked a few times before she looked around to find that all 19 of our friends were there, in our playroom.

She pulled me close for a searing kiss. when she broke the kiss she exclaimed; “Oh my god, we’re at home, and I didn’t realise it. And with everyone here, I will be so sore tomorrow.”

Our friends gathered around and hugged her as they wished her a happy birthday.

Diane turned to me after the hugs and said “who was that person who decided my fate?”

John piped in with the reply, “Oh that was an actor who we had recorded a series of lines for us. I just pressed the relevant buttons on the computer.”

She looked at me “Well, it was a bit scary and I am very nervous as I have got a lot to endure tonight.”

I said “It is twenty spankings for you. Do you want to choose the order in which they are given, or would you rather let me?”

“Well if I know what everyone is using, I will choose.”

“I don’t even know the answer to that, so its up to you.”

“You choose then.”

I replied “No problem. Anyway we have a lot to go through, so lets get started. You better bend over the chair.”

She did as she was instructed. I loosely tied her wrists to the legs of the chair before I gave her a warm up hand spanking.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Birthday surprise

  1. mmm birthday spankings 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Modesty Ablaze says:

    Well . . . was everyone able to restrain themselves to just one spank each???
    Xxx – K

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