The unexpected

Diane here again. Last week, Charles told you about the events of the day leading up to my recent birthday spanking. This episode is also inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt “unexpected”.

When my blindfold was removed, I found the unexpected sight of all our BDSM friends there. It took me a few minutes to work out that I had been sentenced to twenty birthday spankings. It slowly dawned on me that it was a total of 800 strokes.

After I had managed to greet everyone present, Charles felt it was time to start my spankings and I willingly went to the chair and bent over. Charles loosely tied my wrists to the chair legs as I wiggled my bum. He knelt down and quietly whispered in my ear “I am going to blindfold you again. This is to allow you to enjoy all the sensations. “

He did as he said he would, and there I was in the centre of the room, wearing only a pair of high heeled boots with a slight tug to my pussy lips from the chain that ran between the boots through my piercings.

My thoughts were ‘Here I am bent over a chair, totally vulnerable, with my pussy lips pleasantly stretched with two little ball inside me. There are plenty of very experienced people who can wield implements to make me suffer terribly in the 800 strokes I have to face and there are plenty of nasty painful implements to hand.’ I was beginning to feel a little scared at what my bum was going to feel like when they had finished.

While I waited bent over the chair, I could hear Charles organising the order of the spankers.

I felt a hand caressing my bum and the sensations were quite exquisite and involuntarily I wiggled my bum again. I felt the hand leave my cheeks and I heard a loud swish and just a gentle strike. It took three more of these strikes to realise that it was the neoprene flogger in use. On the fifth strike I overheard the remark from James “That was not hard enough, It does not count, repeat it at full strength.”

The next blow had a louder swish, but the effect on my bum was nothing more than a gentle strike. In what seemed no time the first set of strokes was followed by a pause as the next person got ready to deliver their 40 blows on my vulnerable upturned bum.

Again I heard a loud swish and the gentle caress of the same flogger on my ass. The same swish followed by light slaps continued through the rest of the strokes from the person wielding the flogger.

The sequence of a pause followed by forty loud swishes and a gentle caress of my bum continued. The effects of my bum being caressed by a hand or the flogger soon had me feeling really turned on. I don’t remember how many people gave me these caresses to my bum before I felt my wrists being released from the legs of the chair. There was a little pause before I was instructed by Charles to stand up. He guided me to a new position and I had my legs stretched out by a spreader bar and my wrists were secured above my head so I was in a not uncomfortable spread-eagle. Once He was satisfied with my positioning, I heard a swish and then the flogger land on my upper back. The same forty lashes followed by a pause continued through a number of our guests and I was now getting very aroused. A further pause followed before what seemed a louder swish of a flogger followed and I felt the tails caress my right breast. The person wielding the flogger concentrated on just my right breast and I could feel my nipple becoming very erect as it got all the attention. A short pause was followed by the flogger landing on my left breast which too soon was sporting a very erect nipple. The sequence continued with each breast receiving a full forty strokes of attention before a pause.

I was getting very aroused and I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I sensed that the chain had been removed from pussy lips at some stage, but the attention I was getting from the flogger had me enjoying the sensations and floating as my level of arousal increased with each strike.

I felt hands on my nipples after one series of strokes, and then Charles’s voice permeated through to my brain saying “You must hold back until I tell you that you can cum.”

I heard the swoosh as the flogger made its way through the air and land in exactly the right spot between my legs to stroke my now dripping pussy. This continued, with me struggling to hold the orgasm back when my foggy brain registered that I was allowed release when the next strike landed. Whoever it was gently leaned into me, cupped my now proudly erect clit before they stepped back.

I registered that Charles said I could come when the next blow landed.

I waited for what seemed a long time before the blow landed exactly on my sensitive clit and pussy lips. I saw a rainbow of colours as I felt my orgasm surge through me.

The next thing I properly remember is Charles gently holding me as I lay back into him on the sofa. He held me for a while before he asked me “How are you feeling.”

I thought I had said “wonderful” in reply, but all I recognised from Charles was “You need longer.”

I don’t know how long he held me before I was able to string together a proper sentence. All I know was I felt in total bliss although a little groggy.

A further period of being held by my husband elapsed before I was helped up on to unsteady legs. He assisted as I put on my blouse and a skirt and we then left the playroom with him helping me walk on unsteady legs.

We got to the dining area where the table was laid out. I stammered something along the lines of “I haven’t prepared anything for this number of people.”

He replied “It’s all taken care of, just take your time to recover and enjoy dinner.”

Well, all I can say was it was a great dinner, and the conversation and conviviality was beyond my wildest expectations. Charles was very careful to make sure that I did not drink much wine.

The time flew by, and the party slowly broke up, leaving just Corrine, Patrice, Eva and Maria with us.

Corrine quietly conferred with Charles and then turned to me asking “apart from the Birthday spankings, what was did the sentence include?”

I answered “If I remember correctly we both have a night in a cage.”

Corrine smiled before saying “I’m happy, let’s get you settled down for the night.”

I did all the necessary business in the bathroom before I was escorted by Charles into the playroom. I was startled to find that the foot of the bed was raised up with the head still in its usual position. There was a full length cage on the floor. Inside the cage was a mattress pad, a couple of blankets and two pillows. I was helped into the cage and quickly followed by Charles. We lay flat on our backs on the mattress and were covered by the blankets before the main bed platform was lowered to provide the top of the cage. Once closed, there was not enough room for us to turn on our sides so we lay alongside each other holding hands.

As it was quietly being lowered into place Patrice said, “We will be here all night. Just relax and enjoy your rest.”

I closed my eyes and I heard a little rustling as Corrine and Patrice settled down. The next thing I knew was waking up in the morning alone in the cage and the bed platform raised so I could get up when I wanted.

I dozed for a while and then got up, did my necessary business and made my way to the kitchen to find that breakfast had been prepared for me.

Later in the day, when we finally had the house to ourselves Charles asked “did enjoy your party?”

I replied “Totally, it was unexpected and I felt nervous to begin with, but relaxed as the day went by knowing that you would not let me be harmed. The scariest bit was when I was sentenced.”

I hugged him, thinking ‘How the hell do I top this for his big birthday in a few months’ time.’

Wicked Wednesday


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6 Responses to The unexpected

  1. Love that you have tied this sexiness in with the prompt 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Well I’m certainly looking forward to reading how you “top this for his big birthday”!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. That seems a tall order – to top that celebration. It sounded amazing

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