Nothing really matters except….

Once our guests had left on the Sunday of her birthday weekend, she turned to me and in her usual way made sure I knew that she had really enjoyed the surprise.

The couple of weeks between our birthdays were busy with work and general day to day living.

Although we are not devoutly religious, we are still both classed as being Christians. On one evening Diane and I were relaxing in front of the television when in the course of our conversation I joked “I’ve given up Birthdays for Lent.”

Over the past few months, Diane has been the submissive in our relationship; however she has the right, if she wants, on one day per month to be the Dominant.

The following Saturday I woke up to find that Diane was already up. I went to the bathroom and on my return I found Diane in the bedroom.

She quickly said “For this weekend I am exercising my right to be your Domme for two days.”

I spluttered “How come it is two days?”

“I didn’t exercise my right last month so I have one in the bank.” She replied with a smile before continuing “Put on your cage with the most extreme spikes and then join me in the kitchen.”

I did as I was instructed even though putting the cage on was a bit difficult as just her order had made me swell a little in anticipation of what I hoped would be a sexy weekend. I also put on the rest of my clothes and went to the kitchen.

She asked “Did I tell you to put any clothes on?”

“No, but …..”

Before I had a chance to continue she interrupted me with “No buts. You cannot even manage to follow a simple instruction, so you will pay later. Remove everything I did not tell you to put on.”

I went to leave the kitchen when she ordered “Stop you do it right here.”

I slowly removed my clothing and when I finished I was sure to be stood with my head bowed.

“Well at least you know not to look up. I see jeans, shoes, socks, underpants, T shirt and thin jumper. I see eight items, so you have already earned the right to give me eight orgasms over the weekend. This weekend, nothing really matters other than my pleasure.”

She saw the look of surprise before she added “Every time you do something wrong the total goes up by a minimum of three, and I will decide how many orgasms you have to give me. Oh and your cage stays on until all the orgasms have been delivered.”

I made my way over to her. She reached out to me and kissed me. We kissed again before I started to caress and knead her delicious breasts. I could feel her nipples getting erect so I knew that I was doing something right. When she eventually let one of my hands stray to her crotch, I could feel her juices starting to leak from her pussy.

I let one of my fingers enter her and soon found the sweet spot that with a little gentle prodding and stroking had her cumming in no time.

Once she had calmed down from the orgasm she said, “Well that is one off your total, but you have earned another five as you did not have permission to touch me down there and make me cum.”

I replied “May I give you another orgasm?”

“Yes, you have ten minutes but not using fingers or mouth.”

I set to work on her pussy opening with a thumb whilst using the other to rub her nipples. It did not take long before she was suitably aroused. I then carefully used both thumbs to massage her clit. Her gasps of pleasure resounded around the kitchen as she reached her climax.

After a short recovery she said “I said no fingers.”

I replied “with respect, Mistress, I just used my thumbs and palms.”

She paused for a moment’s thought before replying “I will allow that one this time. Now get dressed and wait for me on your knees in the sittring room.”

I did as instructed and knelt in the proper position waiting for what seemed like hours. She entered the room, told me to look at her. I did to see that she had showered and got dressed in some of my favourite clothes. She lifted her skirt to show she was not wearing any knickers.

“Now we have to go shopping, and I have a little work to do as well.”

I drove and we made our way into the town nearby. We parked in the staff car parking area for Bustards and she gave me a list whilst putting the car keys in her bag. “You have an hour to get everything on the list and find me back here in the store.”

I looked at the list which read:-
Bobby pins
4 Butterfly clips
Pack of six pencils
Deep heat gel
Latex gloves
Vibrating Butt plug (but not from Bustards)
Baby wipes
250g Bag of rice
4 rolls of cling film
3 rolls of duct tape
3 different wooden items usable on your ass
3 different plastic items also usable on your ass
Four lengths of rope 6 feet long (from 4 different shops).

I quickly made my way to the shops. In just half an hour, I had most of the items on the list, but time was running out as the town was really busy and there were queues at most of the shop tills.

The most difficult item was finding the four different shops for the ropes required. I know I was a minute or two late when I entered Bustards. I quickly made my way to each floor and scanned them, but I could not find Diane.

When I finally found her, she looked at her watch, said nothing and carried on with her business. I waited for a few minutes and she then told me “OK, I’m finished here, let’s go for lunch.”

We found a quiet table in one of the pubs. We ordered our food. Whilst we were waiting she asked me for the list and to show her everything I had bought. She went down the list and when we got top the rope she looked at me askance when she saw I had only got three lengths. She then looked more carefully before saying “One short and the three you bought are well over six feet long. When I get you home, I will measure them and it is one orgasm for each foot too long, and ten for only getting three. Also as you were twenty minutes late, that is another twenty. So that is already 41 orgasms before we get to the excess lengths.”

Once we had finished our food, she said, “now for a real test, take off a shoe and sock, and you can make me cum using just the toes of your foot.”

I did as instructed and my foot soon found its way into her crotch. Using my toes I successfully managed to find a way of being able to give her the orgasm she had demanded.

“OK, put your sock and shoe back on, and we will get on with the day.”

As soon as we got home, Diane ordered me to strip and wait for her in the playroom. I followed her orders, and waited patiently.

She entered the playroom wearing her birthday suit and soon started to tease me, making me feel the full effects of the spikes on the cage. She took mercy on me and stopped her ministrations before ordering me to kneel and use my mouth on her whilst she stood with her legs slightly apart. As soon as my mouth made contact with her inner thighs, I could taste her arousal and enjoyed worshipping her to another orgasm.

After her recovery I was ordered to find the tape measure so she could work out the penalties for buying ropes longer than instructed on her shopping list.

I stood patiently while she measured the ropes, and finally announced, “You must like being in the cage and giving me plenty of orgasms, as you bought a total of 48 feet of rope, so that is another 30 to add to the current total of 39.”

Continuing, she said “I think I need to help you keep out of trouble, so onto the bed you go.”

She quickly loosely bound me to the bed in a spread-eagle. I was kept on the bed for about three hours before Diane came in and instructed me to pleasure her using my mouth.I managed to successfullly bring her to two orgasms.

Once she released me from the spread-eagle she ordered “Now go and get showered and ready to go out for a meal.”

I rushed to the bathroom, showered and made myself ready for our evening out. We walked to the local pub hand in hand, and she said “you will behave yourself tonight, and then when we get home you can start working again on the total.”

Wicked Wednesday

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7 Responses to Nothing really matters except….

  1. Aaron says:

    A fantastic little tale 🙂 Poor/lucky man

  2. Velvet Rose says:

    Oh I think he has his work cut out!

    Velvet x

  3. mmm I like that there’s so many orgasms to be had 😉

    Rebel xox

  4. Ooohhh . . . my FAVOURITE No. . . . 69.
    But goodness that’s a lot of cumming and going. Can’t wait for the next edition!!!
    Oh, and btw, “cage” is a very topical subject in my household at the moment. Do you have ESP . . . as well as a very naughty mind???
    Xxx – K

    • thelongbean says:

      Yes it is a very good number.
      About the ESP, No I don’t have it. I do sometimes have a very dirty mind.
      I hope you tell us more about the cage in one of your posts.

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