Spreading the Love

This week’s episode is inspired by this week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday.

Diane here, I have taken over the writing duties again.

After my loving husband had given my bum a good thumping I sat in the passenger seat of the car squirming as I tried to find a way to sit comfortably. My bum was very tender after he had delivered the 69 punches just before we left for work.

Alex, who is my personal assistant, saw my expression as I sat at my desk. She started working for me when I was given the task of setting up the Bedroom Delights department and consequently was fully aware of what could happen to my bum. She quickly rushed out and came back with a soft cushion saying “This might help”.

I laughed “Was it that obvious?”

“Only because I know you. So what happened?”

I gave her a quick round up. She giggled and said “I just wish my man would do something like that occasionally. He has got more open minded since I started working for you and took some toys home for testing.”

We went through the usual morning routine of going through the weekend’s sales results before we were joined by Tamara and Sofia. They went through the report that they had prepared for the meeting later that afternoon. As they were leaving, I said “I hope for yours and my sakes that Dee doesn’t swear when she hears your ideas.”

Alex waited until they had left and raised an enquiring eyebrow.

I said “Well, it is quite simple; their mentor has decreed that every time they get Dee to swear at a meeting where Zack is present, they get a sore bum. And what is worse, Charles gives me one too for letting them present ideas that gets her going.”

Alex smiled, “That sounds a bit harsh.”

“Not really, I encourage their ideas as they have proved themselves to be inventive and nearly everything they have suggested works. Which also benefits everybody financially in their annual bonus.”


“Well this year’s bonus has been a record one for everyone. Nearly half of it was down to the changes in store layouts they suggested.”

“But how do you know that they get a sore bum?”

“It is complicated, but basically we have known them from before they started working here last year on the 2 month secondment. Their mentor and his wife are good friends of ours and they are all into BDSM too.”

We finished up our morning meeting by going through the calendar for the week and I noticed there was a board meeting on Friday.

The rest of the morning progressed uneventfully.

After lunch the weekly senior management meeting was held, and as usual, after it ended I had my regular Monday meeting with Dee.

Dee noticed that I was still squirming a little and demanded, in her usual way, an explanation. I gave it to her, and just as I got to the part of what happened in the morning Zack walked in. On hearing about how I got my sore ass he said to Dee “I think we will have to try that on you sometime.”

Dee wisely said nothing. I then said to Zack “I hope you have about half an hour available now.”

Zack replied “yes, I can manage that.”

I picked up the phone and got through to Sofia, and she along with Tamara quickly made their way into Dee’s office.

Dee said “are you two girls going to get me a sore ass?”

“It is up to you” they replied in unison.

Zack had a wry smile on his face.

The girls quickly explained their ideas while Dee sat quietly listening intently. When they had finished, Dee started in her inimitable way “Bloody hell, can’t you three give me some warning when you bring along the f***ing brilliant ideas.”

The subsequent discussion was interspersed with a few choice swear words from Dee as she enthused over their suggestion.

Zack calmly said “Right, that is another agenda item for Friday’s board meeting. Now, you four girls will suffer the requisite torment, Dee for swearing and you other three for producing the surprise that got her into trouble.”

A busy week culminated with the board meeting on the Friday afternoon. I was by then sitting comfortably and the girls gave their presentation. After much detailed questioning the board approved the idea.

The board decided that as I had so much involvement in the original concept of Bedroom Delights, I was to be the main person responsible for setting up a series of stand-alone stores under the trading name “Spread the Love”.

Charles picked me up at the office and after a few minutes he turned off our usual route home. I asked “Why are we not going home?”

“Simple, we have to meet Corrine and Patrice, and then we are staying with Dee and Zack over the weekend.”

“Oh, I didn’t know about this.”

“I know, this has been arranged so that you four ladies can receive your dues for setting Dee off on Monday.”

“How did you hear about that?”

“Simple Zack texted me just as she started off on Monday in your meeting. And just to make it more fun all four of you are going to spread the love by suffering the same torments together.”

I was speechless.

We met Corrine and Patrice at the airport as planned, and both of them gave my bum a tight squeeze as we hugged. Corrine whispered as she squeezed it “I hope that it is ready for a workout.”

I was quiet all the way to Zack and Dee’s home. As we arrived, Tamara, Sofia and Dee were waiting outside in their birthday suits. They were wearing cuffs and a belt. Their left ankle and right wrist (and right ankle and left wrist) were connected by a chain that ran through the ring at the back of the belt.

As they greeted Corrine and Patrice I was ordered by Charles to strip and secure myself in the same way as the others. I quickly complied with the instruction.

We four chained subs were instructed to go inside, finish preparing supper and then serve it to our respective partner.

The length of the chains made the task awkward as there was only about 18 inches of slack when we were stood upright.

We four were allowed to sit at the table for our supper as Zack explained to us in great detail what we could expect over the weekend. He also added, “Dee, in addition will be having a more stringent arrangement at night to reinforce the message that she must not use bad language.”

The four of us finished cleaning up after the meal. We were individually instructed that we needed to go to the bathroom and do the necessary business in preparation for an early night.

We all did our business and were escorted to the designated playroom. In there we saw, in each of the four corners a cage, one of which was decidedly smaller than the others. There was a length of cable running to a control box from each cage. Dee was instructed to go to the small cage whilst Tamara, Sofia and I were each instructed to go to a larger cage.

We were each given a dildo, which had metallic strips embedded into it, attached to a lead running from the cable to a cage. As instructed we inserted them. We were given a strap that we attached to our belts that ran through our crotch to keep the dildo in place.

Patrice then said “We have connected your dildos to an electric shock mechanism. It is sound activated so that if any one of you makes a noise, the microphone by your cage will pick it up. The system will give all four of you a shock at the same time, with the one who made the sound will get theirs at a much higher setting. The electro shock system will close down for four hours at some stage tonight so that you can get some undisturbed sleep. These cages all have a powerful electromagnetic lock. The electromagnetic locks will open at 8.00 am and the shock system will shut down completely. Once the cages are open, you will do your business and serve each of us breakfast in our rooms at 9.00 am precisely.

I looked nervously at the set up and stepped into the cage. Charles handed me a blanket and wished me a good night with his usual passionate kiss.

The four of us were locked into our respective cages. Zack wished us a goodnight as he and the others left the room turning off the light.

I got myself comfortable and was ready to drift off when Dee, in her wisdom, decided to say something that quickly was felt as we all received a shock. We spent the rest of the night being as quiet as possible, only receiving a few shocks during our incarceration in the cages.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Spreading the Love

  1. What a great use of the prompt 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Velvet Rose says:

    Oh such wickedness!

    Velvet x

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