Four get punished

Diane here again, we continue on from last week…….

The four of us, Dee, Tamara, Sofia and I were locked in cages early on Friday night with an electrostim dildo inserted. The torment was that we would receive a shock if any of us made a noise, with the one who made the noise getting a severe one. Somehow, we all managed to keep quiet after Dee triggered the first one, so we all managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep.

In the morning, I heard the lock click to show that the electromagnetic plates had been released so we could get up and prepare breakfast. I took Charles his breakfast and he relished being able to enjoy breakfast in bed for a change.

The morning and afternoon passed relatively uneventfully. All four of us were allowed to enjoy ourselves, despite the restricted movement available in our chains. The evening however, was not so pleasant for the four of us.

After we had cleaned up after supper, we joined Zack, Patrice, Corrine and Charles in the playroom to find that the cages had all been moved away. In the centre of the room were a spanking bench and the dreaded spanking machine. Nearby was a table with plenty of suitable implements that could be used on us.

We had the chains connecting our wrists to our ankles removed.

I looked at Dee who had a wry smile on her face and the two girls looked a bit nervous.

Charles cuddled me whilst Zack said “the punishments will start with Diane, then Tamara, followed by Sofia and finally Dee.”

Corrine then said, “The number of strokes you receive from each implement is determined wallby yourself. You will all be doing wall sits, your feet about 18 inches apart, with your arms extended horizontally and the palms of your hands face down. Pencil will be placed on the tops of hands. If your bum hits the ground or the pencil falls before the time is up, then you get one stroke from each implement you choose for each minute or part minute that remains.”

Zack then said, “Dee needs to be reminded, in the severest possible manner, not to swear. I have decided that she will not just get the number of strokes she earns for herself, she will also receive the number that you other three earn for yourself.”

That last comment wiped the smile off Dee’s face.

We were all looking nervous as we went to the wall and got ourselves into position. I was on one end with the others to my right. We had our backs to the wall, our feet away from the wall and knees bent so our calves were vertical and thighs horizontal. The pencils were placed on our outstretched arms.

The first minute or so were not too uncomfortable, but the muscles in my thighs and shoulders started to be felt as time went on. Whilst I pride myself in being in pretty good shape, I struggled to keep in position. I heard a pencil fall to my right and did not risk looking to see who had dropped it. I heard another pencil drop as my calf muscles started to burn and I struggled to keep my arms up and somehow managed hold on a bit longer before I dropped my pencil.

I looked round to the right to see that only Sofia had her arms up and the grimace on her face showed that she could not hold out much longer. Suddenly she dropped her arms to let the pencil drop.

Corrine announced “Well that is interesting, Sofia manages to escape with just three strokes, Diane four and Tamara six.”

Zack laughed as he announced “Dee must want a really sore bum as she was the first to drop the pencil in the third minute so faces a total of twenty one strokes with each implement.”

Corrine said “Now, as Diane is the first, she will roll a die to determine how many implements are to be used. She gets to choose them, and once an implement has been chosen, it will not be available for the others to choose.”

I went to the table, rolled a three. I looked at the choices available. My immediate first choice was the quirt because in Corrine’s hands it is a most exquisite sensation although I always feel the welts for days afterwards. I made my other choices and was soon securely strapped down on the spanking bench. The machine was lined up and Charles asked “Ready?”

I replied “Yes.”

I waited for a few seconds before I heard the whoosh followed by a loud THWACK. I felt the stinging thud of the wooden paddle landing on my bum. I gasped. I waited patiently for what seemed like ages for the next stroke to land. I felt the thud of the paddle landing and before I had the chance to recover my breath another stroke landed. I realised as I waited for the next stroke to land that the timing was set to random. Suddenly a whoosh and THWACK followed. The sting of the paddle on my ass brought tears to my eyes.

I heard Charles fiddle as he changed the implement to the leather strap that I had chosen. I quickly realised that choosing those two implements was not particularly sensible simply because of the severity of the strokes. As each stroke landed I gasped. After the fourth stroke landed my ass felt like it was on fire.

Corrine waited for me to get my breath back before she approached me with the quirt and whispered “I know you love these kisses, and it is a shame that you only get four.”

I smiled “I know, I would love more.”

Charles in his wisdom heard this and said “why not make it 21, the number Dee would have got.”

I wiggled my bum as much as I could and said “please make it 21.”

She laughed as she took her position and I felt the sting on my upturned ass. I moaned as I felt the warm sensation of the sting. After the four lashes had landed I waited before suddenly feeling the pleasant sharp sting of another lash. In no time the count of lashes increased rapidly. She announced “last one” before I felt the explosion of pain as the tip of the quirt found its mark in the cleft of my bum cheeks.

I gasped as I processed the pain. Charles released me from the bench and cuddled me. I felt my backside and it was very warm. I felt the clearly defined small welts that had been left by the quirt.

Tamara approached the table and quickly rolled the die, two spots were facing up and she selected the two implements to be used on her.

Patrice took the first implement, settled it in place as Corrine secured her in place. The button was pressed and the first stroke of the three pronged tawse landed. She squealed as each of the six strokes landed leaving a very red bum with visible thin stripes.

Patrice removed the tawse from the machine and replaced it with the cane that she had selected. The first stroke landed with a resounding crack and Tamara gasped as she felt the sting. Each of the remaining five strokes produced a gasp as it landed. When she got up there were six clearly defined stripes on her bum. None of the strokes broke the skin, but the welts were a very angry red. She winced as she gingerly ran a finger over one of the welts.

Sofia approached the table, rolled the die and saw one spot facing up. She selected the Loopy Johnny, handed it to Patrice and bent over there and then. She clasped her knees and said “I won’t need to be on the bench for just three strokes.”

Patrice smiled, “so you think you can hold your position. If you move, or break the position, then I will put you on the bench and you get 21 strokes of your least favourite implement on the table.”

The first stroke from Patrice landed at a severity I had never seen before from him. Sofia gasped and moaned, but she managed to maintain her position. The second stroke landed with equal severity and I could see she clearly was struggling to stay in place. The third stroke landed just as severely. She moaned and stayed still until Patrice said “well done.”

It was Dee’s turn and she approached the table slightly nervously and rolled the die. She was startled to six spots facing up. Zack smiled as he saw it and she said to him. “You can choose the implements of my ass destruction as I know it will be sore.”

She made her way to the spanking bench and Charles helped strap her in place. Zack laid out five implements in front of her face before he put the heavy suede flogger onto the machine. He punched in 21 and pressed the start button. The flogger landed rhythmically as it did its work. Whilst it hurts, it is not as painful as other implements he chose.

As he picked up the scorpion he said “that was just a warm up, now to the serious implements.”

The scorpion swished as each stroke was delivered and each produced a squeak from Dee. Her ass was now a bright red. The next implement was the naughty stick which I know she hates. It was put onto the machine and the first strike left the clear imprint “NAUGHTY” across her bum. Once all twenty one strokes had landed, the lettering was not clear. The fourth implement was the thin metal cane that I know delivers a really sharp sting. Twenty one squeals later it was replaced by a wooden spoon. Dee was by now feeling each and every stroke that left an oval of brighter red where it landed.

Zack deliberately paused for a minute before he picked up the last implement. Dee, from experience, knew that there would be consequences if she pleaded for mercy. She stoically bit her lip as the dreaded carpet beater was secured in place. The first stroke landed and she squealed. The relentless assault on her bum continued and as the last couple of strokes landed she screamed.

She was released from the spanking bench and as she cuddled into Zack, he looked to see that there was a small puddle left on the bench. He teased “So you came as the last two landed?”

“Ummm Yes, it was good too.”

Wicked Wednesday

One part of this post was inspired by something I came across on Reddit. The writer has requested anonymity, so I cannot give them the credit they deserve.

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