Diane’s Weekend Goals

On the Monday after the punishment weekend I accompanied Diane to her office. As she passed her assistant Alex she was asked “Do you need a soft cushion?”

With a twinkle in her eye she replied “No thank you, I will be fine.”

For the next few days Diane and I were kept busy with our work. Diane started planning for the setting up of the new stores concepts and seemed to be in meetings all the time, so she had to spend time at home catching up on routine matters.

In the week leading up to Easter it seemed that the first stage was over and her workload reduced to an extent that I thought would allow us a quiet Easter weekend to ourselves.

When we got home on Maundy Thursday, I asked “Do you have anything on workwise over the weekend?”

“Not too much, I have to go to a store tomorrow and then again on Saturday, but that will not take up too much time.”

“Great. In addition to the gardening tasks we have agreed on, I have plans for you from Good Friday through to Easter Monday. Part of these plans involve you trying to reach some personal goals.”

She looked at me quizzically before wiggling her bum at me sexily as she said “Does that include some bottom warming?”

“It may.” I replied.

We settled down for a quiet evening as I worked out in my head how to fit my ideas around her commitments for the next couple of days.

Waking up before Diane on Good Friday morning allowed me to get some preparations made. Once I had finished, I went into the bedroom with a cup of coffee and waited for her to wake from her slumbers.

She was surprised to find that there was a cup of coffee waiting for her and asked “How long have you been up?”

“Only about half an hour.”

When she finished her coffee she got out of bed and disappeared into the shower. I quickly laid out a four items on the bed.

As she walked back out of the en-suite bathroom I said “You are to wear only what is laid out for you. Tomorrow you will have three items, Sunday just two and Monday just one.”

She looked at me with a cheeky grin and replied “Yes master.”

I was startled as that was the first time she had used the title “Master”.

She quickly dressed before joining me in the kitchen for our breakfast. I handed her a pair of dice and said “The first roll of the dice determines your first goal which is how many orgasms you are allowed until midnight on Monday.”

She quickly picked them up and rolled them. She gasped as she saw a one and two staring up at her. She looked at me saying “Damn, that is not enough.”

She paused, then smiled as she replied “How do I earn more.”

I quickly replied “Simple, once you have used up your three, I will give you chances to earn more.”


“No buts. The ways to earn more will be fun.”

I gave her the dice and said “now you can roll the dice for the goal of how many times you will make me come in the next week.”

She rolled a seven. “Oh that is not too bad, just one a day for you.”

I then said “The final roll will determine how sore your ass gets next weekend. The number you roll will determine how many implements are used and the number of strokes you get from each. Also if you have any extra orgasms outside you your goal of three (or the extras you earn) I will add a further twenty strokes of each implement for each orgasm. Also if you not acheive your goal of making me  come, then you will get an extra twenty strokes for each one outstanding. ”

She looked at me nervously as she rolled the dice again. She looked relieved when she saw the result of five from her roll.

We were soon ready to leave for her store visit. I offered to drive her to the store which she accepted.

I then said. “Whenever you leave a building this weekend, I will turn on the bullet you have inside you. Whenever you go in a building I will turn it off. We will start at the lowest setting. Each time I restart the bullet it will be at the next setting up until it is at maximum and then it will go down one each time to the minimum and then back up.”

As she closed the front door I turned the egg on.

It took us nearly an hour to drive from our home to the store in Southampton, and I could tell from Diane’s squirming in her seat that she was struggling not to come. As we entered the car park adjoining the store I turned the bullet off. She was mightily relieved. After five minutes she had calmed down enough to be able to set to her work. Two hours later we met up and as we left the car park I turned on the bullet again.

On our way home we stopped on a couple of occasions, first to get some lunch at a local pub, and then a garden centre. When we got home, she quickly got out of the car and went in the front door. She hugged me tightly and said “That was torture, I so desperately wanted to come.”

“There was nothing to stop you.”

“There was, I am determined not to exceed the three I am allowed.”

“Oh, that will be fun, and you should know my goal is to give you a really sore ass next weekend. You will really be made to work hard on not getting those extra strokes.”

We laughed together as we each had declared our own goals for the weekend.

The problem for Diane was that she knew that we had planned to complete a lot of gardening over the weekend.

The weather was warm and we started on the work planned for the garden. She got what she thought she needed from the garage, however she had not thought it through properly and when she returned for the third time the bullet was churning away inside her at its maximum setting. I watched her sexy body struggling not to explode, but she could not contain herself, and came very hard. I carefully lifted her up and carried her indoors to the lounge and let her recover having turned the bullet off.

She re-joined me in the garden a while later and was soon struggling to contain herself as the bullet worked its magic inside her. She managed to hold off for another half hour, before she exploded yet again. She refused to allow me take her inside again and a few minutes later she came hard, and was a twitching wreck. This time I took her inside again, and stayed with her as she recovered.

About an hour later she had fully recovered. She looked at me and said “I need some tasks as I will not be able to contain myself at this rate.”

“OK, the first one will be later. Why don’t you ring Janet and Mike and see if they will join us at the pub later.” She did as requested while I went back to finish up in the garden for the day. She called to me from the back door to saying “I’ve arranged for us to meet them at 8.”

“Great, get some rest so you can be ready for later.”

At 7.30 although it was not dark, we were ready to walk to the pub, I said “the task is simple. You can earn one orgasm by walking there wearing only a pair of shoes and on the way back you can earn another by being dressed in the same way on the way back. I will carry a skirt and top with us.”

“Am I allowed to pick the route?”

“On the way there you can, but on the way back no.”

She quickly took off her top, bra and skirt. I deliberately did not put the bra in the bag I picked up. She was about to protest but quickly thought better of it.

Diane took my hand and we walked down the lane a short way before turning on to the footpath that comes out about ten yards away from our destination. All the way Diane was feeling the extra effect of walking whilst the bullet churned away inside her. By the time we reached the pub with her having just put on the skirt and top, she was a mass of nerves. As we entered the pub I turned off the bullet to her relief and we greeted our friends. Once we had got our drinks and sat at a quiet table, Janet said to Diane “I suppose you two are having another of your games.”

Diane told her about it and Janet giggled through the explanation. She turned to Mike and said “It sounds like real fun what they are up to.”

The evening went well and as we left the pub, Mike took me to one side and asked “How about you coming to us on Sunday for lunch?”

“Better still, come to us as it is more secluded and we can give the girls a bit of fun.”

“Great, it is a date.”

We parted and as soon as we were on the footpath, Diane stripped off. Instead of the route that we came along, I decided to take a slightly different route. This brought us out about 50 yards from the junction of a main road and the lane we live on. Diane baulked a little when she made her way over the stile and quickly scuttled down to the lane to avoid being seen.

I settled into our bed, and Diane joined me soon afterwards and was soon using her skilled mouth to bring me off.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Diane’s Weekend Goals

  1. I think my next goal should be to be like Diane for the weekend!!!
    Xxx – K

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