Hunting eggs

We carry on from last week.

I was woken on Saturday with Diane using her talented mouth to make me as hard as she could. When she was satisfied with my hardness, she quickly changed position to ride me hard. The sight of her enjoying the ride, her tits bouncing and her total look of wantonness soon had me erupting inside her.

After a few minutes she laid down alongside me and cuddled into me.

Whilst she showered, I got out her “outfit” for the day, which was a pair of shoes, a short dress and her favourite bullet with fresh batteries.

She quickly got herself ready and thanked me for getting out that particular dress, whilst being short it was also discreet.

As on the Friday as she left the house, I turned on her bullet at the low setting. We talked in the short drive to the store that she was visiting and she completed her business fairly quickly. On the drive back with the bullet at the next setting soon started it its relentless teasing.

When we got home, she joined me in the garden, to finish off the work that we had been doing the day before. She was in and out of the house two or three times before she prepared a salad which we ate on the patio area. Each time she came out of the house, the bullet went up a level. By the time I had finished my lunch she was squirming as she fought back the orgasm that was building. Her struggles were fruitless as the stimulation continued. Finally her orgasm washed over her and I picked her up and laid her on the couch to recover.

When she was ready to start work on the garden outside, I asked “you only have one left at the moment, and you cannot earn any more until you have had that one.”

She smiled at me. We went back into the garden and although the bullet was not at its highest setting, the stimulation of it moving around inside her as we worked together soon had her hot and bothered. She succumbed to her next orgasm after about an hour. Again I helped her inside so that I could turn off the bullet. Luckily for her, the work outside that we had planned for the weekend was nearly finished, and I was happy to relax with her for some time.

The phone rang and she answered it. I did not hear all of what was said. When she put the phone down, she said “I’ve agreed that we would join James and Petra at their local pub tonight.”

I looked at her with a grin on my face saying “who is going to drive, as I am not.”

“Well, I hope I can earn some more orgasms tonight like I did last night.”

I thought about it and said, “Well it is further away, but yes we can walk, however I am not going to make it as easy as last night.”

She smiled “fine, I like challenges. Now before we go any further, how do I earn my next orgasm?”

“First you need to get the bells for your nipple and clit piercings and the Tens machine.” She looked at me nervously before she scuttled away to collect the items I requested.

When she returned I told her to attach the bells to her piercings. I placed the pads for the TENS machine so that there were two pads either side of each nipple, and further pair either side of her pussy. I had her face the wall and put her arms up straight out with her palms touching the wall. Once I was happy with her positioning I said “now you need to stay there for 15 minutes during which time none of your bells are allowed to ring. At some stage the TENS machine will send out some pulses, and it is set at random. If a bell rings, the 15 minutes starts again.”

She said nothing and I carefully listened for the tinkle of a bell. She managed to stay in position for fifteen minutes before I pressed the TENS machine on button to send out some shocks at a high setting immediately setting off the bells.

She let her hands drop before saying “God that is not fair, the machine is up high.”

I stifled a giggle as I said “Well, you rang after the time was up, so you have your orgasm.”

She playfully punched me on the arm saying “That was a dirty trick.”

Later, we got ready to walk to the pub. As we left Diane was again wearing nothing but her shoes and bullet, with me carrying her dress in a bag. However, as we reached the front gate I picked out her wrist cuffs and ordered her to put them on. Once I was happy that they were properly secured, I locked them together behind her back.

The walk took nearly an hour, during which time her bullet was working hard. I could see her juices on her upper thighs and as we got to the spot where we reached a main road, I released her from the cuffs and gave her the dress to put on.

As the evening was fairly warm, we found James and Petra sat outside. Diane was a little flushed from the stimulation which was noticed by Petra.

Diane quietly asked “Please can we sit inside?”

Petra asked “Why?”

“I’ll tell you when we are sat down.”

Petra looked a little puzzled, but agreed that we should go inside.

Diane then told Petra about her weekend so far. James looked at me with a really big smile then said “I wish I had thought of that.”

Petra briefly glared at him. When the ladies had disappeared for a few minutes, I invited James and Petra over to join us the following day.

The evening passed peacefully and Diane managed to earn herself a third orgasm on the walk home.

After a good night’s rest I told Diane that we had guests coming for lunch. I offered her either a pair of shoes or a single item of clothing. She chose the shoes. I selected a well-worn pair of shoes with four inch heels for her to wear. Diane did not look amused. She reluctantly put them on and we started our preparations for the day. I helped her prepare lunch, but made sure that she was in and out of the house a few times, but as they were very brief, she did not get to much stimulation.

Mike and Janet were the first to arrive, and on seeing Diane, Janet immediately removed her top and skirt to reveal that she was also wearing a clit stimulator. She went to take it off when Mike said “No that stays on.”

James and Petra arrived shortly after; Petra was a little unhappy when James ordered her to strip off too. I realised why when it was clear that she was wearing a butt plug with a short fluffy tail.

Lunch went down really well, and as we relaxed over coffee, Diane cleared up. Janet and Petra helped her in clearing way everything and by the time they sat back down, the girls started wriggling and squirming a little.

Mike then asked “Shall we start the fun?”

Petra looked on quizzically when James elaborated “We know how you ladies love chocolate. So Charles has organised a little egg hunt.”

I then said “There are three sets of 6 little eggs in foil packages hidden around the garden. Each set of eggs is a separate colour. We will be putting you in a short hobble and cuffing your hands behind your back, and your task is to recover six eggs each. You can only pick up one egg at a time. Each egg has to be delivered here before you can pick up another.

“As soon as you have collected and delivered six eggs, you will choose another from the three here, and that will determine what colour egg you are allocated. Each wrong colour egg will earn you a half hour of special sunbathing.”

We applied the restraints and the girls soon started to shuffle around the garden. Each of them had their own distractions as they were stimulated by their own devices.

Diane was the first to collect her six eggs and chose her colour. I did not open it until the other two had completed their task.

Petra was next and as soon as she sat down, she stiffened and blushed furiously as she succumbed to the orgasm that had building up inside her. Once she had recovered she had a satisfied smile on her face.

Janet finished her task eventually and as she sat on Mike’s lap she quietly said “Oh that was fun, and I enjoyed my little rest.”

He teased by saying, “well for that you can enjoy an extra hour of Charles sunbathing.”

We unclipped the cuffs on the girls and allowed them to reveal how they had done. Diane only managed two of the right colour, and Petra and Janet managed three right each.

Wicked Wednesday

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