Sunbathing and more

Following on from the egg hunt last week, the three ladies had some sunbathing to do.

I picked up eight large stakes. Mike and James helped me hammer them into the ground so there were two lines, eight feet apart, of four stakes that were four feet apart. We suggested that the girls should visit the bathroom. To my delight, as Diane emerged from the house I was able to turn her bullet up one notch to the middle setting.

We soon had them stretched out in a spread eagle with little wriggle room. We men took delight in applying sunscreen to our wives, and we all made sure that we gave them plenty of attention on their erogenous zones, so they were very aroused.

We left them to enjoy the sun in their exposed positions and their stimulators kept them moaning and groaning. I saw Diane fight against the orgasm that was building inside her. Janet and Petra were also fighting against their stimulation and just before their time was up, I noticed their husbands turn the remotes to full power and they both seemed to come together. And once it had washed through them they slumped in their restraints. Mike and James turned off the stimulators and released them from their restraints.

Whilst this was going on, Diane followed them in having a shattering orgasm followed quickly by a second less powerful one. However much to her dismay, I did not turn off her bullet. She fought hard against a third orgasm to no avail, and she came very hard and squirting some of her juices over the grass.

When her time was up, a few minutes later I released her from the restraints and she rushed inside the house so as to get the bullet turned off.

The others and I joined her very soon afterwards. She looked at me before asking “How do I earn my next orgasm?”

Janet and Petra looked at her in astonishment. Diane explained “I have used up my allowance and need to get one in the bank to save my ass being very sore.”

I turned to Janet and Petra and said “You can set her task.”

They huddled together for a couple of minutes win a whispered conversation until Janet turned to Diane “the task is very simple, you need to make tea for us all with your hands  cuffed behind your back. Once it is ready, one of us will help you find a suitable tray and put the cups on it for you take out to the patio followed by the tea.

Diane weakly smiled until she realised the devilish nature of the task. The girls found a suitable tray that they could use a belt on the handles to secure it around the waist. They also added another around the back of her neck. To keep the tray level Diane needed to bend backwards slightly. However justy to make it more interesting they added a piece of string that ran from the tray handles to her nipples.

She somehow managed to make the tea. Petra and Janet helped by loading up the tray with the mugs and Diane carefully brought them out before going back inside to pick up the tea, milk and sugar. Each time she came out of the house her bullet went up a setting on the remote so when she finally sat down it was at full speed.

Diane struggled throughot to hold back from the impending orgasm. However the inevitable happened with all the stimulation and she came hard just as we all had finished our tea.

It was now getting late in the afternoon and the air temperature was cooling down, so we all went back inside the house. Diane was relieved that she was back inside and the bullet was now turned off.

I allowed her time to recover from her orgasm before I asked “Ready to earn another orgasm?”

“Nearly, can I have another few minutes?”

“Of course,” I replied before turning to Mike and James continuing, “your turn to devise a task for Diane.”

They talked quietkly for a few minutes before Mike asked “Can we use the playroom?”

“Certainly.” I replied as Diane looked at them nervously.

They took Janet and Petra along to the playroom and were in there for about ten minutes before they turned off the light, closed the door and returned with a chain and a couple of locks.

James said “OK, here is the task. Your ankle cuffs will be locked together, and your wrists will be secured in front of you to a chain around your waist. Once the second lock is secured, you have twenty minutes to get to the playroom, find the key to your locks before you then free Janet and Petra from the bed posts. Their wrists are secured behind them at about head height.”

They quickly locked up Diane in the way they described and she shuffled along to the playroom. She managed to open the door but struggled on tiptoes to reach the light switch. Finally the room lit up and there were Janet and Petra locked back to back to one of the posts of our four poster bed.

Diane frantically searched the room for the key which she spied on a shelf out of reach without the use of something to raise hger hands up. She manouvered a small bench into position and managed to sit on it and then stand up on the bench. She retrieved the key and unlocked her limbs. She approached Janet and Petra and was surprised to find that the key did not work. She frantically looked around for the key, finally found it and unlocked the girls from the bedpost.

Once they were free, Diane looked relieved as she heard James say “Only just in time, but you got there in the end.”

Shortly after this fun our guests decided it was time to leave. Once they had all departed Diane pleaded with me to be able to earn some more orgasms for her bank. I succumbed a little by saying “Fine, but you can only have three in the bank at any time until we go work on Tuesday. But you can not top up the bank again until you have used up your allowance.”

“Please can you set me another task then?”

“After supper I will set you a task that can earn two orgasms, however failure will result in the loss of the one you have just earned.”

She gulped and the sweetly said “as you so wish, Master.”

I nodded on hearing that word again.

Our supper was light and once we had cleared everything away, I asked “Ready for your task?”

“I’m as ready as I will ever be.”

“To save us a bit of time tomorrow, you have an hour to wash my car without using a hosepipe and then vacuum clean the interrior of it with your hands locked together behind your back.”

I locked her hands behind her back and she quickly set about washing the car thoroughly. As it was a soft top I added that she did not have to worry about the roof as she would not have been able to reach it properly and there was a risk it could get damaged.

I enjoyed the sight of Diane leaning over the bonnet of the car and letting her lovely body get covered in the soapy water. I left her alone to complete the task as I needed to work out some more tasks for the following day (a bank holiday).

When she thought she had finished, she called me out to look. I examined the car thoroughly and whilst the outside was clean, I found that she had missed out vacumming under the seats. She frowned, picked up the vacuum hose and finished the job to my satisfaction.

When I unlocked her I noticed that she was rather flushed in the face and asked “What’s up?”

“I’m horny and that bullet has been churning away for an hour and I nearly came twice while doing the car.”

We went back inside and I turned the bullet off. She then proceeded to unbutton and pull down my trousers and underwear. To my surprise she sat me down on one of the dining chairs then sat straddling me so that she could rub her clit against my now proud erect cock.

I asked “Don’t you want it inside.”

“Not yet, and I’ll remove the bullet when I am ready.”

Her movements in stimulating her clit soon had the desired effect on bothe of us, and whilst there was no penetration, she held back so we both came at the same time.

Next week find out how Diane managed on the bank holiday.

Wicked Wednesday


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