A taste for orgasms

This week we continue where we left off last week.

Bank holiday morning was a bright sunny day. I was looking forward to the fun day ahead for both of us, especially the torment that I would be inflicting on Diane. She had her shower in the full knowledge that she would not be wearing any clothing during the day.

I offered. “You can have a choice of the bullet, or alternatively some underwear of my choosing.”

She quickly replied “the underwear.”

As she walked back into the bedroom I pointed at the “C” string that I had left on the bed. C stringHowever it was only when she settled it in place that she realised what was slightly different. Built into the back was a small butt plug that made it easier for her to wear, but the most fun would be had from a series of beads that were incorporated in the fabric that nestled gently and comfortably against her pussy lips and clitoris.

Once she had put it on and moved a little, she glared at me with a look of disgust. She said “This is plain mean; I am going to have trouble controlling myself.”

“Just what I wanted to hear. I am changing the rules slightly, today if you fail to complete a task, you lose all that you have in hand and are not allowed to earn any more. You currently have two in your bank.” I replied.

Diane pouted before getting down on her knees to attend to my usual morning stiffness. Her talented mouth soon had me erupting in her mouth and she took great delight in swallowing it before looking at me with a smug look on her face.

As she walked to the kitchen she felt the rubbing on her clit and her nipples started to stand out clearly showing that the C string was as devilish as the maker claimed.

After breakfast we started working in the garden and Diane struggled to contain herself as any movement produced some form of stimulation. I could see that all morning she was kept aroused by the stimulation to her crotch from the C string. Nearing lunchtime I ran my finger along the surface of the fabric with her juices clearly visible and enjoyed the taste. This gentle action stroking meant Diane was unable to fight the stimulation and exploded in a powerful orgasm.

I let her rest as I prepared lunch. As we talked, Diane admitted that not only did she have the orgasm that I knew about, she had also had a small one earlier which I had not noticed.

I said “well thank you for your honesty. I suppose you want to learn how you can earn another.”

“Or more please.”

“For completing this task you can earn two more orgasms. You have half an hour in which to get me to cum, however you may not use your mouth or hands, and you still have to wear your underwear.”

She thought for a minute before asking “Can I use toys?”

“Any you like, however you may not manipulate them with your hands or mouth once they are in place.”

She thought for a moment before asking me to join her in the playroom where she quickly had me secured to a bed post standing up. She went to the toy box and retrieved the fleshlight and prostrate massagers. She quickly put the fleshlight vibrating masturbator in place and indexapplied lube the prostrate massager, inserted it and turned them both on full blast. She stepped back with a smirk on her face as she knew that I would soon be having difficulty controlling myself. After just a few minutes, she had me erupting, collecting all of my emission, licking it from the saucer before politely asking for permission to use her mouth to clean me up.

I agreed and she and I enjoyed the sensations of her cleaning me up. I was released, hugged her and we both rested for a while before going back out into the garden.

We went back out into the garden to continue the work. I saw her kneeling down as she planted some flowers and her ass was such an inviting target that I could not resist giving it a good hard slap. This slap took her by surprise, however as she turned round to me I could see how red she was in the face and the effort she was making to contain herself. I did not help her as I quickly picked up the sunscreen and started to massage a generous amount onto her ripe breasts paying special attention to her nipples. I had her stand up, place a leg between hers as I massaged her now proudly erect nipples and she took great pleasure in rubbing my thigh to provide that little extra stimulation that brought her to orgasm.

Once she had recovered we were able to quickly finish in the garden.

We carried on the day as we would normally and after our meal was finished; I asked “ready to earn some more orgasms?”

With a smile she replied “yes.”

“This one is simple, but also tricky. You have about thirty minutes to tie yourself up so that you are unable to move around, however you need to make it so you can remain tied up for quite some time. You will also wear the ring gag and put on the blindfold. Then the task will begin.”

I left her to complete her task as I gathered together some special extras for her.

Once I had entered the playroom I could see that she had secured herself so that her arms were stretched out as if on a crucifix, and her feet were secured about three feet apart to a spreader bar.

She sensed my arrival in the room and through the gag asked me to tighten the ropes to her wrists so that she had even less wriggle room.

I did as was asked and checked she was comfortable once we were both happy I said “here is how this game is going to be played. I will give you a small amount of a number of different edible items; all you have to do is tell me what they are. You get just one guess each time. Each one you get right earns you an orgasm. Each one you get wrong means you lose two orgasms from the total. If you end up in a negative position, then I will add 20 strokes from each implement next weekend for each negative one, so that being three down earns 60 extra strokes.”

With a smile I added “And I want to really enjoy myself making you come hard and often, so you better do well or else your ass will be very sore next weekend as the unauthorised orgasm penalty is still in force four a few more hours yet.”

I got her to stick her tongue out and put a pea on it. I told her to try to identify the food. I heard her say something like bean so I asked “did you say bean?”

She replied in her gag speak “Yes”.

“Sorry, it was a pea.”

I then placed a red mush on her tongue. In no time she said in a rather distorted way “Tomato” which pleased me as I confirmed her guess as being right.

She was also able to identify the dollop of cream, mashed potato, mashed apple and the strawberry ice cream.

“You’re doing well, only one wrong and five right. Let’s try you on the next one.”

I placed some crushed ice on her tongue and the cold surprised her. She correctly identified it.

“Final one, and at the moment you are allowed four orgasms.”

I placed a spoonful of grape juice on her tongue which she identified as non-alcoholic wine.

“Umm, not quite right, but I suppose I ought to give it to you as it was actually grape juice.”

She smiled in thanks.

So you are allowed five orgasms. This will be fun as I am going to work hard to make you come as often as I can until I deem that you are too exhausted to take any more.”

Diane smiled nervously as I removed her gag and kissed her hard. As I leant in to her I could feel her nipples already as hard as I had ever known.

I taunted “so you want me to f*** you hard?”

“Of course, do your worst.”

I started to tickle her all over, and the way she was spread out left her extremely vulnerable to my torments. She was soon screaming and squirming as she tried to avoid my fingers without success. I could see her descend into that happy place where she was ready for anything. I paused for a moment as I picked out the neoprene flogger and start to stroke her with it. I then started to rain down blows wherever I felt and as soon as I started on her pussy she was screaming in delight as her first orgasm coursed through her. I did not stop and it was shortly after that she had a second orgasm.

I kept going until she had a third hard orgasm and was totally breathless. I let her rest and held her tight. Once she had gained control of her breathing I slowly entered her. She moaned and urged me to start pumping in and out as hard as I could. I teased her for a while until she had another less intense orgasm. I let her rest for a moment before renewing my actions and kept on going through two more orgasms until I reached my climax in her by now highly sensitive body. The final thrust and feeling of me coming sent her over the edge for a final intense orgasm that resulted in her slumping in her bonds leaning into me. Luckily I was holding tight so she did not injure herself. I carefully reached out to undo the knot to her left wrist followed by her right one. I helped down to the floor, released her ankles and placed a blanket over her as she recovered.

Wicked Wednesday

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8 Responses to A taste for orgasms

  1. I love the way she had to earn orgasms: by tasting food. Great idea!

    Rebel xox

  2. You write the naughtiest stories!!! . . . and I LOVE them!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Haha, what a fun game to play, and great way to earn orgasms 😀

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