Red Bottom Date

The theme of this episode is again inspired by posts from Craig and Lizzie.

After our Easter weekend, Diane had still to make me come another three times to avoid earning any more strokes with five implements on her ass at the weekend.

Unfortunately for her, she went down with some infection on the Wednesday that meant she was not able to fill that task. Although by Saturday she was better, I told her that I did not think that she was well enough for her to enjoy the sore ass she was due so we postponed it.

The following two weekends were very busy for both of us and we had little time to enjoy any play time. Diane was very disappointed and proposed that each weekend we delayed it meant that she earned an extra set of strokes.

I did not disagree with her thoughts as I knew that she was becoming a bit of a painslut and I also enjoyed giving her ass a workout.

As we reached the beginning of May, we managed to get a weekend free for Diane to receive her three days of five sets of twenty five strokes. We decided to call it a Red Bottom Date.

As we drove home from her office on the Friday evening after work she said “I know I have five sets of twenty five strokes to enjoy on each of the three days. I seem to remember that I did not fulfil my task of making you come seven times during that week. By my reckoning I was three short and thus have another sixty strokes each time.”

I was surprised that she had remembered this so I said “You were not well and that is sufficient reason not to enforce any punishment for failure.”

She pouted before saying “That is wrong, I did not achieve my goal and I expect to suffer for it.”

Without wanting an argument I said “I appreciate your offer, but I am not that sadistic to make you suffer for something that is beyond your control.”

She slouched back in her seat and stayed quiet for the rest of the drive home.

She prepared our evening meal and there was an awkward silence whilst we ate. I, not wanting to have a row that would spoil the weekend, asked “what is wrong as I want an enjoyable weekend, not one that is ruined by our not being able to resolve our problem.”

“It is simple,” she replied “I did not achieve my goals over Easter. I understand that you do not feel that it was my problem, but I could have made you come seven times over that weekend. I rationed it out so we could have sexy fun over the rest of the week. So in a way it is my fault.”

I nodded before she continued “I know five sets of eighty five strokes on each of the three days is a bit much, but I feel I deserve them for failing you.”

I thought for a moment.

I then said “Thank you for that. I appreciate your reasoning, however I am not going to give you the extra sixty each time. I will however agree to hold those in reserve so you can have a nice red bottom weekend. You will be totally nude all weekend, whilst we are at home, and apart from when you are asleep I will ensure that you will sport a red bum all that time.”

She wiggled her bum at me and said “That is a fair compromise. But can I select the five implements to be used each day?”

“Provided you select one that you do not like and another that you really do each day. You may not choose the neoprene flogger as that is too gentle. If I am not happy with your selections, then in addition you get twenty five hard strokes with that really nasty four cane combination.”

“Ugh I hate that thing, so I will be careful.”

On Saturday morning, Diane was awake before me and as I stirred she lay over my lap and placed five implements on the bed for me to choose from.

I was impressed with her selection, and chose the ping pong bat to start her weekend of having a red bottom.

I did not give her a warm up, so the effect of the twenty five strokes was felt and by the end her bottom was serious shade of red.

When I finished she raised herself off my lap, hugged me and kissed me hard. After breaking the kiss she then said “I hope you keep that up all weekend.”

That to me sounded like a challenge but my only reply was “I hope you enjoy having a really sore bum all weekend. Shall I ring Alex to tell him to have a really soft cushion ready on Monday?”

She laughed saying “If you want.”

I was surprised with that answer and asked her to expand on it a little.

She told me all about the fact that Alex knew that she was now primarily a submissive. She also said that Alex was interested, but his partner was not so keen.

I was intrigued with the reply and as we discussed it more, I realised that Diane wanted to introduce him and the partner into the world of BDSM.

Diane then surprised me by asking “Do you think that we should invite them over for lunch or dinner and they can witness my red bottom weekend and any top up that might occur?”

I pondered for a moment, before saying “OK, but I want to make sure his partner understands what they might witness.”

Diane made the call and after talking to Alex I was handed the phone and his partner Freya was passed the phone. We talked innocently for a few minutes before I changed the topic to that of BDSM. In the conversation I said “You need to realise that Diane will be nude and her ass will be a shade of red all the time. You may witness her having a top up to the redness as she has agreed to have a red bum all weekend.”

Freya said “I knew that she was interested in BDSM from what Alex has told me. I know Alex has wanted me to try it out, but I am a little nervous about being hurt.”

I replied “I fully understand your nervousness. I can assure you that everything Diane and I do is consensual, and I would never want to hurt her. The two of us would welcome the opportunity to explain anything and answer any questions you may have.”

They agreed to join us for lunch on the Sunday afternoon. As I put the phone down, I noticed that Diane’s bum needed some more attention, so I went to the bedroom and selected the flogger and gave her the twenty five stinging strokes that soon had her bum the required bright shade of red.

I did not let go without having a red ass all day. The next time I told her that her bum needed colouring; she gave me a sexy wiggle and asked what position to take. I instructed her to bend over the back of the armchair and picked up the naughty stick which I knew she did not like. I showed it to her and she looked a little alarmed when I said “if you get out of position, we will start the count again.”

She sighed and after the first stroke landed she squealed. This continued until the fifteenth stroke which landed just at the most sensitive part where her bum and thighs met. She shot up and quickly resumed the position.

I smiled and said “we start again.”

This time she managed to hold her position and by the time the last stroke landed she was in the happy place where I could have continued if I had so desired.

I hugged her and gave her a chance to recover whilst holding her tightly.

The next session occurred just after we had eaten supper. This time it was one of her favourites, the quirt which left her with twenty five clearly defined welts.

As we went to bed, I gave her the final set of twenty five strokes using the riding crop. Once these had landed on her ass, she cuddled into me and I could feel her rock hard nipples as I kissed her neck. This was followed by a prolonged bout of love making that had her screaming as her final shattering orgasm coursed through her.

After a good night’s sleep I woke before her and brought her a coffee. As she surfaced from her sleep she asked me to get the scorpion to start her day with another red bottom. This vicious little implement gave the equivalent of 400 flogger strokes as each of its twenty tails is of a different length.

The day progressed quietly with my using the wooden paddle and belt before our guests arrived for a late lunch.

Once I had been properly introduced to Freya and we had all chatted generally, we got onto the subject of BDSM which was the point of their joining us that afternoon and evening. Both Diane and I explained the importance of safe words, and the over-riding principle of consent. The discussions suggested that Alex was the more dominant of the two of them. He also expressed his concern that he did not want to hurt Freya, just as she was concerned about how to handle pain. The discussion went on for quite a while before Freya said “Seeing Diane nude has me feel a little over dressed. Would you object if I also removed some clothes?”

Alex was surprised at this but agreed, whilst Diane said, “it is your choice, do what you feel is comfortable.”

Freya then proceeded to remove her T shirt and skirt to reveal some rather sexy, sheer white, lacy underwear.

Alex’s eyebrow shot up at the sight of his partner’s choice of underwear. She saw it and said “I got them yesterday whilst we were out shopping. And I do love the naughty clothes in the ‘Bedroom delights’ department of Bustards.”

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to Red Bottom Date

  1. I love it when my bottom is red, love to feel it burn and glow 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Now *that* is one very hot appointment. Jane xxx

  3. Velvet Rose says:

    Red bottoms and appointments what a lovely combination!

    Velvet x

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