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We continue from where I finished last week.

Diane looked at Freya and smiled before asking “Have you ever been in bondage?”

“Not really, only having my hands held down whilst in bed.” She replied.

“Well would you like to try something that is fun as well as stimulating?”

“What do you mean by stimulating?”

“Something that might make you rather damp.”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“Then it comes off.”

Alex’s eyes widened at this exchange.

Diane continued “This is all about consent and the person tied should enjoy what is happening as much as the person who does the tying.”

Freya paused a moment before replying “OK, I will go for it.”

Diane got up and said “The best place for this is in our playroom where we have everything that will be needed.”

We all got up, Freya a little nervously, and as I followed Diane into the playroom I added to my mental list that she needed a top up to her red bottom.

As we walked to the playroom Diane said “Freya and Alex, this is where Charles and I play. You will see various bits of equipment. Don’t be frightened Freya as we will not use any with you unless you specifically ask us to.”

Once we were in the room they looked around and I could see the curiosity creeping into the expressions on Alex and Freya’s faces.

I took the lead by getting some rope from one of the shelves and asking “Freya, Are you sure you want to continue?”

“Yes. I know Alex is interested, but I am still nervous about it.”

“Freya, to answer your last comment, If you say the word ‘amber’, Alex will pause what he is doing to find out what he needs to do to make you comfortable with what is being done. If you say ‘Red’, everything stops and you are released. Alex, do you understand the meaning of ‘amber’ and ‘red’?”

“Yes, ‘amber’ is pause and find out how to correct things and ‘red’ is stop and release Freya completely.”

“Good, now Alex is going to do all the touching and tying whilst Diane and watch and guide him on what to do. Are you happy Freya?”

She replied nervously yes.

I handed Alex the first length of rope and got him to find the centre, make a small loop and then drape it over Freya’s shoulders. I then told him where to put a series of knots in the rope including one he was a little surprised about.

Once all the knots were in place, he followed my instructions and ran the tails of the rope through the loop at the back of her neck. I whispered in his ear the next instruction which he followed by asking Freya “do you mind if I take your bra off?”

Her eyes opened wide at this before answering “is it really necessary?”

Diane replied “No, it isn’t necessary, but you will find it extremely liberating when Alex has finished.”

Freya hesitated a little before nodding her head. Alex kissed her as he undid the clip at the back and slid the straps down her shoulders. She then said “Amber” he immediately paused and went in close and asked quietly “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really. I’m just nervous about flashing my tits around.”

No problem, do you want to put your bra back on?”

“No, just let me relax a moment.”

About ten seconds later Freya removed her bra completely herself and threw so it landed on the spanking bench to one side.

She then said “apart when I am with a boyfriend in private, I have never been topless before.”

Alex said “well, you are absolutely gorgeous, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.” He paused before saying “ready to carry on?”

“Yes, let’s get this done.”

He followed my instructions and weaved the ropes through the loops and we finished up with what looked like a web over her upper half. Alex under my instruction had made sure that the knot that he had made was nestled in exactly the right place in her crotch.karada

He finished tying off the last knot asking “How does that feel?”

“Tight, but not that uncomfortable.”

I encouraged her to move and as she took her first step she gasped as she felt the effect of the crupper knot that I had been so careful in instructing Alex to get in exactly the right position. She said “That knot down there is really interesting.”

Diane smiled and said “Freya, to demonstrate how nice this tie is, go and get your T shirt from the living room.”

She walked out of the room and both Diane and I gave Alex a thumb’s up sign before Freya walked back carrying her T shirt. She looked a little red in the face. I then suggested she put it on and then look at herself in the mirror.

She did as asked and Diane said “As you can see, there is no visible sign that you are in bondage.”

Freya looked again at herself in the mirror and said “Umm, I see what you mean.”

Alex told her to take off her T shirt and asked “are you still comfortable?”

“Yes, and a little, what can I say, excited. That walk was interesting.”

I then said, “As we mentioned earlier, Diane’s bottom needs to be red, so let’s demonstrate how I can do this. Diane, choose carefully which implement.”

Diane went to the wall and selected a suede flogger that is nice and soft when used gently, but that can pack quite a sting when used hard. She voluntarily placed herself over the back of a chair and held the seat.

I then said to Alex and Freya, “As Diane enjoys a bit of pain, don’t be too alarmed.”

I then proceeded to start using the flogger at a medium intensity as I did not want to alarm either of our guests. After the 24th stroke Diane with a mischievous grin on her face got out of position. She wiggled her bum before she smiled at Freya and Alex saying “for this weekend, we have a rule that if I get out of position the count starts over again. In case you are wondering I am enjoying myself.”

She then got back into position and I applied the necessary twenty five lashes of the flogger, this time a little harder. As each stroke landed, Diane squealed in delight until the last when she let out a particularly loan groan. She got up, and the sign of pleasure was written all over her face.

Freya was surprised and said “How can that be pleasurable?”

“That is very difficult to answer, but pain can easily be turned into pleasure. Now have you ever had your nipples pinched, and if so do you like it.”

Freya nervously said “Umm, yes. As Alex has found out, I love having my nipples pinched and pulled out.”

“Good, then you will understand how pain can be pleasurable. It is no different for me when I am being hit with an implement.”

Diane then took them over to the wall to our collection of implements. She had Alex try them out on his arm and hand as appropriate and Freya also did the same. Alex playfully swatted her bum on a couple of occasions and she got into it by wiggling it too.

Freya then asked “But how does this happen?”

Diane replied “Everybody is different. Some people can’t stand the use of implements, whilst others can take a lot of punishment and enjoy it. Now before I go any further, how are you feeling in your harness?”

“It’s difficult to put into words, but certainly snug, comfortable, light headed in a nice way and certainly that knot is feeling rather nice in a devilish way.”

I motioned to Alex that we should leave the girls alone. We left the room to stand outside the doorway.

Once Diane had finished the tour of our toys, it was clear that Freya was intrigued as well as becoming somewhat more relaxed about talking about BDSM. With a whisper I suggested to Alex another little distraction.

He went back into the playroom and said to Freya “You mentioned how you like your nipples being pinched. Diane do you have something I can use on her nipples?”

“Of course.” She picked up a set of clamps before continuing “These are adjustable so that they can be gentle or rather nasty.”

She twiddled the screw so that they would be of medium intensity and handed them to Alex. He put one on Freya’s left nipple. She winced before calling “amber”.

He immediately took it off. Freya said “That hurts.”

Diane said, it will for a short while and then become a dull ache. However theepain is more intense when it comes off, but the necessary aftercare makes the whole experience very pleasurable.”

Freya nervously said “OK I will try them again,”

She winced as each was applied and it did not take long before she said “I see what you mean about the ache, which is rather enticing.”

They were left on for about five minutes before Diane told Alex to take them off one at a time and make sure he used his tongue to give each of her nipples the necessary aftercare.

As each clamp came off, Alex lavished plenty of attention and Freya was soon moaning with pleasure and her arousal was plain to see.

I whispered something in Alex’s ear. He nodded as I motioned for Diane to leave the playroom with me. After I quietly closed the door she said “what did you say to Alex?”

“Nothing much. Just to release her slowly and make sure that he gave her crotch plenty of oral after care.”

She smiled. “You wicked sexy man. I am feeling horny too.”

“No time for that. We need to get a list of websites for them to visit to learn more.”

We sat down together and quickly prepared the list.

About 40 minutes later Alex and Freya emerged from the playroom with Freya now completely nude wearing the smile of a well satisfied woman.

I said “If I am right, I think you both enjoyed your introduction.” Freya blushed a little before I continued “We have prepared each of you a little homework. You each get a list of web pages that are very informative. I suggest you take time over the next few days to read them. Once you have done that. If you want to explore the sensuous world of BDSM further, I suggest that you each prepare a shopping list of toys and equipment with the first item on your being a good quality set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs.”

They both nodded and as Freya put on her T shirt and jeans, she giggled, “about time I tried going without underwear.”

After they left, Diane snuggled into me saying “I think they will explore a lot more, don’t You?

“Yes, but that implement you gave me was not severe enough, so you better tell Alex he will need to have that soft cushion ready on Wednesday morning.”

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Leading to Lists

  1. A great introduction to BDSM and a way to experience things in a safe environment.

    Rebel xox

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