Satisfying a Desire

Last week we continued the story of our bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May. We had introduced Diane’s assistant, Alex, and his partner, Freya, to the delights of bondage. They also witnessed Diane’s top up bottom reddening as part of her Red Bottom weekend.

Monday was a bank holiday so we had plenty of time to ensure the red bottom weekend continued. Diane selected five implements and brought them to me so we could refresh the redness on her bum. I looked at her selection and said “There is one implement there that is for tomorrow morning, so you better select another quickly.”

She trotted off to the playroom before she brought back the wicked steel wire cane.

“There you are master; my main desire of the day is to have a really sore bum!”

“So you want me to be really hard on you today?”


“How hard should I go then?”

“Well, my dreams have been rather intense the last few days, and I think I can take five sets of punishment level strokes.”

“What about tomorrow’s morning appointment with the four cane bundle?”

“Well, I think I can handle that too.”

“What if I don’t think you can?”

“That is your call. I have this overwhelming desire to have a really heavily bruised and sore ass, so much so that I will need to have that soft cushion Alex keeps offering.”

I thought for a moment before saying “I can meet your desires, but if I feel that you cannot cope with the cane bundle tomorrow morning, then over the next bank holiday you have to submit to one of my desires.”

“What might that be” she asked cheekily.

“You will find out as and when necessary.”

She agreed to this.

I had her bend over the footboard of our bed and her sexy rounded cheeks were upturned ready for the continuation of the red bottom weekend. I spent some time caressing them and checking that she was capable of taking the desired level of punishment.

I picked up the wooden paddle she had brought and laid down twenty five hard strokes that had her gasping at the end. She had tears in her eyes and smiled at me when I had finished. She asked “is my bum really red?”

“Oh yes, a nice deep shade of red.”

Just before lunch I took the opportunity to continue to satisfy her desire of a day of severe treatment with twenty five strokes of a heavy flogger.

She prepared a quick meal and once it was over the phone rang. I answered it to find it was Freya. She told me that the two of them had both looked at the websites and had prepared some lists, but were a little nervous about going shopping without some experienced people to guide them initially and were we free the bank holiday weekend to help.

I looked at my lovely wife who could hear my end of the conversation which was very little. I replied to Freya, “I am sure we can help, but there is a catch. When we help with your shopping, you will just wear a T shirt, short skirt and some shoes with a heel of at least 2 ½ inches. Alex will wear what he wants.”

“What no bra or knickers?”

“Yes, no bra or knickers. I am sure you have done that before.”

“Umm, actually I haven’t ever been without them except at home.”

“Well that will be the first of many firsts. In addition, Diane and I would like you to stay with us for the night.”

Diane raised her eyebrow on hearing this but said nothing.

I could hear Alex in the background and in no time Freya had agreed to my request.

I then asked whether she could put Alex on the line. When he took over I said “I don’t want Freya to hear the next bit, so I trust that she is far enough away.”

I waited until he confirmed that Freya would not overhear us before continuing “Remember what we said about consent. Well the shopping trip will push boundaries well away from her usual comfort zone. Obviously asking for our help has been out of her previous comfort zone. I want you to think of what we could do in public that she would go for and you can talk with Diane about it in the next few days.”

He agreed to my suggestion, and just before we finished I added “Diane has requested an extra soft cushion tomorrow morning and maybe the next day too. If you can, if she has some meetings, I suggest you make them outside of her office.”

Once I put the phone down, Diane looked at me with some trepidation before saying “That last remark makes me a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh I’m sure you will manage, you will just have to be careful when you sit down on some of the harder seats. Now turn around and let me see that sweet bum of yours.”

She did as she was told and although it was still a warm red, I decided that it could be deeper, so picked up the riding crop and used it to provide twenty five extra red marks to complement her redness.

Once I had finished, she wiggled her bum enticingly and invited me to feel how wet she was. I could not help noticing the prominent erect nipples and cupping her groin it was clear that she was really damp. I could not help myself from inserting a finger, and playing with her clitoris. I continued teasing for a while until I could see she was almost at her peak when I stopped. She was not amused and immediately started to used her hands to finish herself off. I commanded “No cumming.”

She continued as her sexual desires overtook her senses and she took herself to orgasm.

I sighed before saying “I think we need to deal with you failure to obey orders. Obviously pain is not the solution. I will find a way to punish you appropriately.”

She gave me a wry smile and said wisely said nothing.

The day continued peacefully and we enjoyed the quality relaxation time. Just before supper, I was able to add to her redness with the application of twenty five strokes of the strap. It seemed no time passed before it was bed time and I had her bend over the chair in the bedroom for me to finish off her weekend with twenty five searing strokes of the thin steel cane that not only is very painful, it also leaves thin vivid welts that last longer than a normal cane. We both took pleasure from the aftercare that involved us both coming together, although she was very careful not to bounce too hard whilst she did all the work on top of me.

After she had showered in the morning, I inspected her ass. There were still clear marks from the steel cane and a certain amount of bruising. I said “I will make sure that the cane bundle is felt, but it will not be too severe.”

She looked at me and quickly got into position and as each of the twenty five strokes landed she squealed. She stayed in position and was in tears as I finished.

She hugged me close and showed her appreciation with a deep kiss. I patted her backside gently before I reached behind me handing her the chastity belt and said “Now for your punishment for disobedience yesterday. Put this on.”

She pouted and as she got the belt into position, wincing as the chains crossing her ass cheeks were manoeuvred into place.

With a look of remorse she asked “how long am I in this then?”

“As long as I feel necessary.”

Wicked Wednesday

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7 Responses to Satisfying a Desire

  1. Oooooh my desire definitely is a sore bum too, and lots more 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. And does Diane know it’s another Bank Holiday this weekend coming???
    I’m looking forward to hearing about it!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. I love the calmness of the dominance in this piece, so often(and I will admit in my own writings & fantasies) the dominance is exacted by force…’s really refreshing to read somehting that doesn;t follow that pattern 🙂

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