It is not just Roses that are Red

After a hard week at work, Diane flopped down on the sofa after our evening meal and chores were out of the way. She passed me the two shopping lists that had been prepared by Alex and Freya. We discussed them and between us we drew up a single list that would be appropriate for beginners of BDSM.

In the middle of the morning on Saturday I heard them arrive and warmly greeted them. I smiled when I saw that Freya was wearing a T shirt with a picture of a red rose on the front. I commented “well that matches Diane’s dress perfectly.”

Diane appeared wearing a simple dress with a pattern of roses.

While enjoying a coffee, the chatter was fairly innocuous until Diane said to Freya “I know you have not worn so little clothing outside of your home. Just relax and enjoy the sensations. It may be embarrassing to begin with, but I can assure you that after a short while you will think nothing of it.”

Freya nodded before Diane continued “In addition to your wearing so little clothing, you will be given a little bit of a challenge during our shopping trip. It is meant to be enjoyable, and I can assure you that you will not be put at risk anywhere along the way.”

Freya said “I hope that it is not going to embarrass me.”

Diane just replied “It should not, and if you follow my lead, you will enjoy it.”

We left our house in our car and I could see Diane and Freya in a whispered conversation on the back seat. I said “No whispering in the back. Anything said must be audible for all of us.”

Diane meekly said “I was just reminding Freya of the proper use of her safe words.”

“Good.” I replied then to Alex said “what is the purpose of her safe words and what are they?”

Alex quickly replied “They are there to ensure we do not go too far. Amber is to slow down or stop what is being done so we can find out what is wrong and change it. Red means everything stops immediately. Freya also knows that the use of safe words is a protection for her, but that they should not be used just because she does not like something.”

Diane answered “That is quite right. Now Freya, remember you need to have fun today, so just enjoy what happens.”

We entered Bedroom Delights department of the Bustards store and immediately I sensed see Freya’s nervousness as she started to blush. I reassured her “Don’t worry, they see us quite frequently. Further, Alex, don’t be afraid to use your staff discount. The staff in the department are very discreet.”

He was about to say something when Diane added “Don’t forget, it was me that set up the department. I have been in frequently with friends and they know us all well.”

In spite of his nervousness, we continued to look around. Diane and I explained the merits of various items, and Freya was beginning to look really comfortable, especially when we had her model the cuffs that they liked. Alex lost his nervousness and when we got to the section with various impact implements he tested them as we had shown him a few weeks previously. Freya got into the spirit and from time to time bent a little at the waist so he could give her bum a playful smack over the short skirt she was wearing.

It was clear that they were both enjoying the experience. Diane and I watched a little before I quietly asked, “Do you think that she could cope with something more entertaining?”

Diane smiled and said “leave that to me.”

When I went back to join Alex and Freya they noticed that Diane had disappeared. She asked “Where’s Diane?”

“Just at the counter talking to the staff. She is very proud of her achievements in the company, and part of that is down to the fact that she talks to the staff without the store manager being there. It allows them to be open and honest about things that concern them.”

Alex added “This helps explain why staff complaints about the attitude of Head Office are so rare compared to where I worked before.”

When they got to the till for their purchases to be rung up, Alex handed over his staff discount card and the assistant just swiped it before handing it back and completing the transaction.

We had been in the store for over an hour and it was time for Diane to re-join us. Diane suggested to Freya that she joined her in going to the Ladies room. Freya was a little hesitant before I said “Go on, we can wait here for a few minutes.”

Alex and I chatted whilst Diane and Freya were in the ladies. When they exited Freya was slightly red in the cheeks. She walked over to Alex and squeezed his hand. He said nothing until we started walking out of the store. He noticed Freya was not walking in her normal way and asked “What’s up?”

She giggled “That is a very appropriate question. Diane suggested I put some balls up my pussy and enjoy the sensations. Walking is certainly making them move around and it is a very interesting experience.”

I then said to Freya “Yes, I know from what Diane has said they make walking fun. Would you like to get your own back on Diane?”


I handed her a remote with a sticky label showing what the various buttons did and said “Locked inside Diane is a bullet vibrator and under her steel panties is a clit vibrator. This remote controls them both.”

Freya had a wicked grin on her as she started playing with the controls. Diane stiffened a little as she felt the vibrators start up.

Diane looked at me with daggers.

I suggested we had lunch to which the three agreed.

Once we had placed the orders Diane turned to me “Please could you change the intensity?”

“I haven’t got the controls.” I replied.

Freya with a playful look put the controller on the table and turned the clit vibrator up a notch and the bullet down two. Saying “Well as you asked so nicely, I have done as requested.”

Diane said nothing as it was clear that Freya was enjoying herself. Freya then asked me “what did you mean about Diane’s steel panties?”

I replied “as you know, we have a lot of experience, and part of it is the sub giving up control to the top. Well since the last bank holiday weekend, Diane has been in a chastity belt. I have not decided when she should be released. This allows me to help control the number of times she orgasms.”

Diane then added “I don’t like being denied that much, however when I do finally orgasm it is much more powerful and satisfying.”

The conversation drifted away from the subject and I noticed Freya move the controls so that both vibrators were at their lowest setting.

We finished lunch and went to our home. Freya asked “Could Alex and I use the playroom and test out some of our purchases?”

I smiled at Diane and said “Of course you can. However it may be a little too much for you to take at once and Alex needs to practice using the implements you bought before he actually uses them on you.”

“I hadn’t thought that it was necessary.”

“Oh it is very important especially as some of them can break the skin, and that is something that should not happen because it verges on becoming an assault.”

“Umm, we still have a lot to learn haven’t we?”

“Yes and more importantly you never stop learning.”

Diane then said “Why don’t you put your cuffs on and then you can help me make the tea.”

Freya nodded and picked up her wrist cuffs and put them on. Diane motioned her into the kitchen, handed her the ankle cuffs and the adjustable spreader bar. They moved out of sight.

Alex and I could hear the girls talking in the kitchen and the noises that came with the making of tea.

Alex’s eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped as Freya walked out of the kitchen with a tray. She had removed her clothes, her ankles were secured about a foot apart and she shuffled over to the coffee table. She deliberately went to the side where Alex was sat, bent over and wiggled her bum as she put the tray down.

He smiled and when she stood up she turned to him, handed over a snap link and presented her wrists to him. He took the initiative, told her to turn around and clipped her wrists together behind her back.

I remarked “Well you both seem to be learning fast.”

Once tea was finished I said to Diane, “Why don’t you two lovely ladies go and pick some roses while I teach Alex on the proper use of the implements?”

Freya blushed before Diane said “Don’t worry; No one will see us as there are no neighbours for quite a distance.”

I helped Alex learn how to use the implements properly. I had almost finished when Diane and Freya returned. Freya was carrying a huge bunch of red roses behind her back before Diane found a suitable vase.

Part of the weekend arrangements was that we would go to the pub for the evening meal. When it was time to depart I asked Freya “Are you up for a challenge?”

Freya looked at Alex who just smiled. She then nervously said “Yes.”

“Great, don’t forget your safe word though.”

Wicked Wednesday

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7 Responses to It is not just Roses that are Red

  1. I look forward to read about the challenge. Once again I love how you’ve used the prompt this week 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh and I’m desperate to see where the challenge leads too . . . not sure about the Chastity belt though! LOL!!!

  3. Patience is not a virtue of mine *laughs* but sometimes it IS fun to be made to wait 😀

    Flip x

  4. this is so reagesque, i suspect this challenge is going to be *something!*

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