Freya’s challenge

Author’s note:- Happy Birthday to Rebel’s Wicked Wednesday. With this site, she has provided me with an outlet for my saga during the last three years. I have tried to incorporate the theme of three in this week’s episode. Thank you, Rebel.

We continue where we left off last week.

When it was time to depart I asked Freya “Are you up for a challenge?”

Freya looked at Alex who just smiled. She then nervously said “Yes.”

“Great, don’t forget your safe word though.”

I continued. “That is great to hear. As you probably have realised, it is possible to play whilst in totally vanilla settings. This is what this evening is all about. The challenge is for you to walk to the pub wearing nothing but a pair of flip flops.”

“And what do I get if I do it?”

“When we get there, you get to give Diane three hours of torment with the bullet and clit stimulator. Your aim is to get Diane to have an orgasm whilst we are there. Diane on the other hand is not allowed to come.”

“Oh and by the way, Diane will join you on the walk only wearing her belt.”

As she heard this, Diane frowned before asking. “What happens if I succeed?”

“You are allowed out of your belt and Freya will have to walk back with her wrists cuffed behind her back and ankles connected by a one foot long chain.”

Freya blushed a little before Alex said “Don’t forget I will be with you all the way.”

Diane then asked “what if I fail on my challenge?”

“Then the three of us get to torture you together for three one hour sessions tomorrow. Oh and your belt will be back on for three weeks for each orgasm you have this evening.”

Freya brightened on hearing this. She immediately took off her top and skirt and handed them to Alex. Diane slipped out of her dress. We put them in a carrier bag along with Freya’s cuffs in case they were needed.

As we left the house Freya was visibly very nervous. She was very shy about showing off her superb figure as we crossed the road onto the footpath just a few feet away. Once we had lost sight of the road, she relaxed a little and started to enjoy her walk. Diane teased her “Just think what it will be like coming back with restricted movement.”

Freya just replied “I won’t be the one suffering, you will.”

The walk passed peacefully and we did not come across anybody on the way. When we got to the gate that connected the path to the road by the pub I had the girls stop and put on their clothing.

We went in the pub and before we had the opportunity to order our meals, in walked our friends John and Kathy. I noticed Diane stiffen slightly as we greeted them and introduced them to Alex and Freya.

Initially the conversation was totally vanilla, but Kathy noticed Diane squirming in her seat a little, especially when Freya played with the remote under the table.

Kathy asked “Charles, are you tormenting Diane this evening?”

“Not exactly me, Freya accepted my challenge on the walk here and her reward is to try and get Diane to have an orgasm whilst we are here using the bullet and clit stimulator. Diane on the other hand is not allowed to come.”

Freya raised an eyebrow as she heard this.

Diane started “We have known John and Kathy” she paused for a moment before continuing “for a few years now.” Diane stopped again as she was trying to control herself and mentally minimise the effects of the stimulations.

I continued “Both of them are, just like us, into BDSM. They run a very successful business and supply a number of fetish clothes to Bustards.”

It was Alex’s turn to be surprised on hearing this. He then admitted “We are just learning about this and we asked Charles and Diane for help in guiding us.”

John said “It is great that you have got some guidance. They will help you enormously at the start of your journey.”

Freya said “Well, that is good to hear. They started us on the journey recently and today, whilst I have not been restrained, I have done some things I have never done before.”

“Such as?” asked Kathy.

“We went shopping with me just wearing a skirt, T shirt and a pair of shoes. I was really nervous to begin with, but as the day went on I enjoyed it. Diane was then a little evil and made me insert a ball inside me whilst we continued shopping. And finally, I have never walked outside in just a pair of flip flops.”

Kathy added “and how did you feel?”

“At the start of each of these three episodes I was very very nervous. As time went by I started to relax and enjoy the feelings. And my reward for walking here naked is torment Diane.”

As Freya said this last bit she put the remote on the table and turned both stimulators up to full.

Diane felt the full effect of the increase in stimulation.

I then asked Freya “Have you ever seen a woman orgasm in public?”

“No never.”

With a smile I added “Well keep the settings as they are and you will.”

John and Kathy laughed as Diane struggled to resist the stimulators.

Diane breathlessly said “I am f***ed. I am struggling to hold back and I don’t want the three hours torture tomorrow, nor three weeks in the belt.”

Freya said “well I am not going to walk back with my wrists cuffed.”

I noticed Diane relax a little soon after Freya turned the control down a little as our food was served. Diane somehow managed to eat her meal, although she was a lot slower than the rest of us.

Much to the surprise and puzzlement of the server who asked “Is everything all right?” Diane replied “yes, but I am a little distracted at the moment.”

As the server left us, Freya turned the controls up to maximum again. Diane finally succumbed to the distraction and with a sigh and a gasp and big blush finally let her orgasm rush over her.

Freya turned off the stimulators as Diane recovered.

The conversation flowed freely and it was clear that Alex and Freya were enjoying the opportunity to talk to other knowledgeable people.

I noticed that Freya did not play with the controller again during the rest of the evening.

Alex also noticed this and asked “why have you stopped tormenting Diane?”

“Well I feel sympathetic as I don’t think I would like three weeks in a chastity belt with no sex, let alon any longer.”

John and Kathy knowingly smiled as they heard this.

It was getting late and as John and Kathy left, Freya whispered something in Alex’s ear.

He smiled “How can I resist the request?”

We soon left the pub and as soon as we were on the path Freya stopped, took off her clothes and held out her hands. Alex reached into the bag, applied the cuffs and secured them behind her back. Diane also stripped off her dress. She placed her arms behind her back, and said “I think I need some accessories too. I removed the cloth belt of her dress and carefully tied her elbows together so they were almost touching. Diane grunted as I finished, and smiled as she saw the effect that she and Freya were having on us men.

The walk back was uneventful and we enjoyed teasing the girls, me using the remote to play with the stimulators and Alex by stroking Freya in many of her sensitive places.

As we approached the road crossing, Freya was a little alarmed to see a car parked in the road where it met the path. Her nervousness increased when she made out that it had a couple inside having what looked like an argument. I recognised the car, but said nothing.

Alex and Freya also noticed the car and I heard a gentle slap of a hand against bare Flesh accompanied by “no need to stop, we are all here with you” being said by Alex in a low voice.

I smiled as I saw the couple get out of the car, he carrying a flogger as she reluctantly laid herself over the bonnet. He raised her skirt exposing her bare bottom before he swung the flogger. A sharp crack was heard and for a few minutes the flogger repeatedly landed on her bum.

Once he was satisfied with the flogging he had her stand up, and it was only then Freya and Alex realised that it was John and Kathy. They gave us a cheery wave, apologised for interrupting our walk and disappeared off into the night.

Wicked Wednesday

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3 Responses to Freya’s challenge

  1. Oh, how I wish we could live in a world where a flogging like that would be possible whenever and wherever you need it. Just perfect!

    Thanks for the Wicked Wednesday birthday wishes and thanks for being one of only three who haven’t missed a week!

    Rebel xox

  2. Velvet Rose says:

    Love the torment here.

    Velvet x

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