Make me

This episode follows from last week’s post.

As I woke to the sun streaming through the curtains in our room, I started to think about how to torment Diane for her three one hour sessions that she had earned the previous night. I left her sleeping as I went about my morning business.

I was joined by Alex and Freya in the kitchen. I chatted with them, and together we worked out a plan. Freya was told that she must not tell Diane a thing on pain of no sex for at least a month.

Freya, who was now becoming more comfortable with displaying her bountiful assets in front of others, was clearly looking forward to the planned activities.

Diane appeared soon after we had finished our plans, and once she had eaten something I said “now for your first hour of torment. Go to the play room, put on your cuffs and wait for us there.”

She trotted off, wiggling her bum, as requested and was waiting patiently when we three walked in a few minutes later. I found the gag and hood that I wanted to use and made sure that they were properly placed so she was totally blind and unable to communicate. I joined the wrist cuffs behind her back before I led her around the room for a few minutes and when we got to the place I wanted her I said “stay there, completely still.”

She was obviously in a playful mood when she said “Make me.”

I laughed, saying “you really do want to play, well, don’t worry I can make you.”

Freya looked at me with enquiring eyes. I added for her sake, “Don’t worry, Diane will be rooted to the spot.”

I turned Diane around so she was facing the shelves. I secured her ankles together and I took down some implements. I then picked up a pair of double ended snap links. I attached one to each nipple ring and the other end to two of the hooks. Diane realised as soon as she moved any part of her body, her nipples would suffer.

She mumbled something before I said “Time starts now, you will know when time is up.”

While this was going on, Mike had got Freya’s cuffs on and he placed her on the bondage table.

I helped him secure her to the table. He blindfolded her before he started tickling. She started to buck around a bit, but was laughing hard. Mike had taken on board all my lessons about varying the sensations. It was clear from the sounds, erect nipples and moist pussy that she was really enjoying this. Using just fingers, dusters and other sensation implements, he brought her close to orgasm before letting her cool down a little. He never stopped stroking, massaging or touching her. Nearing the end of the hour she was begging “Make me….” Gasping for a moment “Please make…” gasp “me cum.”

He timed it just right so she had a powerful orgasm a few seconds before the timer went off to signal the end of the first hour. He quickly released Freya, as I released Diane from her restraints. He held Freya as she came down from her high whilst I soothed Diane. We had a break to allow Freya to recover, and both women stretched a little, had a drink and generally recovered from their respective ordeals.

It was nearly mid-day when we decided to start the second one hour torment. As it was a really sunny day, Alex and I had decided that some outdoor fun was to be had. This time I just blindfolded Diane, before leading her out on to the patio. It was here that I laid down a mat for her to lie on. I decided that this time, just a little extra sensation would be needed so sprinkled rice over it before having Diane lay down and secured into a spread eagle in a shaded spot. This time Alex had Freya join her on the ground in a less strict spread-eagle, but without the added torment.

Freya, being fair haired, was sensitive to the sun. Alex eagerly went to work massaging the sunscreen onto her front, taking plenty of time around her now sensitive nipples and damp groin area, thus ensuring that she was properly protected. He inserted the bullet vibrator that they had bought the previous day and played with the controls so that she was moaning and gasping in arousal. I could see Diane was being turned on by the sounds and with her very limited movement started squirming uncomfortable as the rice dug into her back and shoulders.

Again as the time was nearly up Alex turned the bullet up to full blast and using his fingers was able to get Freya to a crashing orgasm that left her twitching when she was released. Alex comforted her as she recovered. I let Diane loose from her restraints and we together prepared a salad for lunch. As we were playing and Alex driving later, we kept to soft drinks.

The recovery time was a bit longer before we went to the playroom for the final one hour of torment. As we had agreed earlier I placed Diane in a predicament situation. Freya watched on as I removed Diane’s chastity belt, had her straddle a chain that I brought up so that she was comfortable resting on her heels in the middle. I then attached the strings to her nipple rings, made her take a short pace forward so that she was on tiptoes and secured the weights so that they just touched the floor. I put them on a block so that Diane could return to the centre of the chain. I said quietly to Diane “Just for this hour you can have a safe word, ‘Banana’, but inappropriate use means you to wear your punishment bra and knickers for the whole of the month of July.”

Freya looked a little puzzled as I said this. I explained “Diane is in a real predicament now, on tip toes she will be fine, but she will not be able to stay on tiptoes for an hour, so either her pussy or nipples get tortured. The longest she has ridden this predicament before is forty five minutes, so it is really quite a torture.”

I moved a screen so that Diane could not see what was going to happen to Freya. Alex secured Freya to the spanking bench, blindfolded her, picked up a flogger and started gently warming up her nicely rounded bottom. I deliberately sat in a chair so I could see both ladies, firstly to ensure that Diane was safe and also so that I could watch Alex and advise where necessary. He looked to me for re-assurance after a having brought Freya’s bum to a suitable shade of red. I nodded when he started to increase the strength of the strokes.

Freya was clearly enjoying the flogging and I could see that Alex was watching her body language carefully. He spent plenty of time stroking her ass in between flurries of strokes from the flogger. He put down the flogger he had been using and picked up the paddle and he started to use that, starting gently and gradually increasing the intensity. After Freya had had quite a work out on her bum, he released her from the bench and secured her in a standing spread-eagle. He gave her back a thorough work out with the flogger before he looked at me again quizzically. I went to the wall, picked out the neoprene flogger, passed it to Alex and whispered in his ear, “use it as hard as you can, start on her back, then on her tits and finally on her pussy. I promise she will not be harmed and that she will enjoy it.”

He did as I told him, and soon after the first strikes hit Freya’s chest she was cooing with delight. She was soon repeatedly begging “Please make me cum.” Alex was clearly in his element as he carefully laid down strokes all over her. The begging became even more intense and just before he started on her pussy she was screaming out “Make me cum, Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase.”

When she was eventually allowed to cum, she screamed out her pleasure, tensed what seemed like every muscle and collapsed. Alex dropped the flogger, released her arms and held her tight while I removed the ankle restraints and he helped her to the sofa.

Diane was clearly in a little distress, and I let her down from her torture and hugged her as she too recovered from her ordeal. I soon had her chastity belt locked back into place.

Diane was the first to recover, and with my permission skipped off to the kitchen to make tea.

Alex helped a dreamy Freya into the living room and helped with her drink before having some of his own.

It was late afternoon when Freya had recovered from her ordeal. She was full of questions about the floating dream like state she entered and what happened at the end.

Diane and I answered all their questions.

After Freya and Alex had left, Diane snuggled into me saying “I love that you tormented me that way, although I hate that final predicament. What was horrid was I could hear Freya having her orgasms, but there was nothing I could do to have one myself.”

She finally asked “So is Freya’s skin as soft as it looks?”

“I don’t know as I did not touch her at all in the whole of the play session.”

“And there was me thinking you had been helping in the first session with the tickling.”

“No, I did nothing except pass the final flogger to Alex.”

In bed that night she used her skilled mouth to ensure that I too had a reward.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Great and sexy use of the prompt 🙂

    Rebel xox

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