Women cause me trouble

Diane stayed in her chastity belt for a whole three weeks. During that time she pleaded in various ways to be released so that she could relieve her pent up sexual tension. To shut her up as we neared the end of the three week period I finally said “Any more pleas will result in the whole of July wearing your punishment knicker and bra set.”

She looked at me with her most sullen looks as she found that part of her lingerie collection extremely uncomfortable to wear on a long term basis.

Finally I was able to release her from the belt. The timing was such that she had to wait until late into the evening as we had a lot of vanilla activities during the day. When we got home after eating out and being unlocked she acted quickly, like a dog with a bone, to relieve herself of the built up frustrations. She came multiple times as she rode me hard. She also showed a little of her dominant streak by not letting me cum for over an hour, although she had made sure she was well satisfied.

Although neither of us are particularly interested in football, we decided that we would have some fun in trying to predict between ourselves the results of the Women’s World Cup. For the first section, the group games, we have predicted the scores for the matches to be played. Once the predictions have been made they can not be changed. Each Saturday morning we will work out the results of our previous week’s competition. The scoring method is a bit complicated, but there was a guarantee that there would always be a winner and loser each week.

We have agreed that each week’s loser is to be locked up for the week. Me in the device with the spikes, whilst Diane will be locked in her belt with a little nub that sits on her clit. In the group stages, the loser is also required to bring the winner to orgasm the same number of times as the number of goals scored during that week. (If I was the winner we agreed that the maximum would be 12 as it is probable that I would not be able to make many more!) Not only was there the horror of being locked up, Diane and I agreed that on the Monday morning the loser would be treated to a nice sore bum with a hard caning, of one stroke for each goal scored, before we left for work. In addition, if I failed to give Diane the required number of orgasms, I would get the shortfall as severe cane strokes on the Monday. For Diane, there was also the incentive of a severe caning if she did not get me to come the required number of times.

When it gets to the later rounds we will work on some extra incentives for each other, and the overall loser of the competition would have a new piercing of the winner’s choice. In addition, when we go on holiday in September the loser would spend 15 minutes in predicament bondage for each goal scored in the competition.

Unfortunately for me, I lost the first week’s competition as I failed to predict some of the results correctly. We totted up the total number of goals and Diane was delighted to hear that to find that in the next week I was expected to give her to a total of 64 orgasms (Yes that is the number of goals scored in the seven days of the competition!).

I set about my task for the week by ensuring on the Saturday I gave her as much attention as possible and at every opportunity I took it upon myself to get her to orgasm. She did not protest, as she really enjoys herself. But after the fourteenth one, she decided that she needed a break, so we would go out for a meal and a few drinks. We walked to the pub with Diane in a very thin, but relatively discreet sundress as her only clothing.

Unknown to me, Diane had arranged for our friends Tom and Suzy to be there. I realised as soon as I saw them there the reason she had worn that dress was to make me uncomfortable. Suzy also was in discreet but very sexy clothing that had many of the men in the pub drooling at the sight of two attractive women exuding their sexuality.

Diane, being the sexy adorable little minx that she is had set me up big time as she announced that they were staying with us for a few days whilst Tom was on business in the area.

Just before we were about to leave to walk to our home. Suzy, who knew all about our occasional fun on the way home whispered something in Diane’s ear which brought a big smile to her face. Suzy went to the landlord had a short conversation and then disappeared out the back for a few minutes before returning to the table carrying a rucksack.

Tom knowing her as well as he did realised that she was up to no good, and said “I hope you have not thought up something that will get you in trouble.”

Suzy smiled “well, maybe a little, but I am happy to accept the consequences.”

We left the pub and as soon as we had gone through the gate from the road onto the footpath home Suzy and Diane stopped. Suzy told Tom to turn around. He did as asked; she reached around him whispering in his ear as she took his T shirt off and quickly handcuffed his hands behind his back.

Diane instructed me in a tone that was definitively dominant to take off my top and put my hands behind my back. I too was quickly cuffed.

The girls then stripped off completely and the proceeded to remove the rest of Tom and my clothing so all four of us wear left wearing just our shoes. The clothing was bundled into the rucksack. They then hobbled our ankles and they themselves put wrist cuffs on and secured padlocked their wrists together.

Whilst it was dark, there was enough moonlight to see the outlines of two sexy women and was more than enough to make me very uncomfortable in my spiked chastity device.

We got home safely and as we entered Suzy immediately said “God the house reeks.” Turning to Diane she added “I suppose he has started on giving you your rewards for winning last week.”

Diane with a smile replied “Of course, only another 50 to come by Friday night.”

Suzy giggled, “And if he fails?”

“One very sore ass for him the following Monday morning.”

“Good, about time too.”

Tom smiled wryly on hearing this exchange.

We went to our rooms, and Diane snuggled up to me and allowed me to give her another two orgasms before she finally drifted off to sleep.

Sunday was relatively uneventful as Tom and Suzy were kind enough to go out for a while so I could work on my task for the week.

They returned to us late Sunday afternoon and they unloaded a couple of boxes and with our agreement took them to the playroom. They left the door open and we could clearly hear the smack of a paddle as it landed followed by some squeaks from Suzy as she was on the receiving end.

The next morning the alarm went off a few minutes earlier than usual. Diane ordered me to get showered and then go to the playroom.

As I entered Diane strapped me into the spanking bench. She then pulled out one of Tom’s notorious spanking machines as she said “This is the test prototype of the improved model. I agreed that you would be an ideal test subject. The cane looked ominous as she programmed it and the pressed start. I immediately felt the line of fire on my ass received its first stripe. The effect was amplified to confirm in my mind that after a shower, a bum is much more sensitive.

The machine was relentless as it laid down the 64 strokes accurately and all at the same level of intensity. Once it finished, Diane released me, anointed my sore bum with some cream and said with a grin, “Well that is out of the way. Just a further 40 orgasms to go for me this week.”

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to Women cause me trouble

  1. mmm the spanking machine again 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. I’ve always found football tournaments confusing . . . but this sounds like making things more interesting!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Velvet Rose says:

    Now that’s a great way to spice up a football tournament!

    Velvet x

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