My turn to win

Diane and I have contest that is based around the FIFA Womens Football World Cup. We continue from last week.

After last week’s start on the penalty for my failure to predict the results in the first week of the Women’s world Cup football tournament, I had a very sore ass on the Monday at work. What made it even worse was that Dee, Diane’s boss, was fully aware of it as I sat down with her and Diane for our regular Monday meeting. Also present were Tamara and Sofia, who were working for Bustards on a short term contract. Diane and the two girls were in the process of starting up a new business which was an “offshoot” of the Bedroom Delights departments in the main stores.

Dee was obviously in a mischievous mood as she kept teasing me during the meeting. Amongst the many comments was that she expected that I might need to test out some of the new vibrators that were in the stores.

The meeting went well and all the necessary decisions were made. However, the worst part was that Diane would have to spend a couple of nights away from home the following week.

After the meeting Tamara and Sofia asked politely whether the could come to stay with their boyfriends on the Saturday after the final of the tournament. We both agreed as they are good company and we could have some kinky fun.

That night (Monday) Tom and Suzy were out and I was able to work on Diane’s orgasm diet. She had another 40 to go, or else I would have a severe caning to come on the Monday, together with a possible hard set of cane strokes if the results of the week’s football matches did not go my way.

I started slowly and gave her 9 orgasms that were not that powerful, but at the end I was careful to ensure that I built her up close to orgasm, stopping, giving her a minute or two to calm down before bringing her to the edge again. This happened a number of times before I let her come with her most powerful orgasm of the evening. What also surprised me was just a light caress of her nipples could set her into the delights of yet more orgasms. I finally stopped when she had had 15 orgasms. The next morning she had a wry smile on her face and said “I lost count last night; I was just in an orgasmic bliss. How many was it?”

“Only 15, as I thought that it might affect your day if I continued too long.”

“Ummm, I would have liked more, but you’re right I do have a busy day ahead.”

The week was relatively quiet, with us enjoying Tom and Suzy’s company until they left on the Wednesday evening. Somehow, I was able to complete my task, of giving Diane another 25 orgasms, before midnight on Friday, therefore avoiding any penalty caning.

Saturday morning was a bit of a revelation when I had somehow managed to win that week’s competition with a very narrow margin. I was released from my device while Diane was to be confined to her her belt for the week with the added distraction of the nub that nestled nicely on her clit. She, on the other hand was not so enamoured to find that she faced 43 strokes of the cane on the Monday morning as well as having to make me cum 12 times during the week.

We worked out our selections for the following week which sees just 8 matches. Because of the way the tournament had been set up, we agreed that on Thursday we would do our forecasts for the following weekend.

As we were alone at home on the Saturday she set about her task by using her talented mouth to give me one of her special blow jobs that made me weak at the knees when I finally came in her mouth.

In the late afternoon, she decided that I was to be treated to some light bondage. I was instructed to lie on the bondage table while she strapped my arms and upper body down so I had very little wriggle room but was comfortable for what she said will be “about two hours of my torments.”

When she had got me into her desired position, she came over to me in the play room with indexa fleshlight massaging masturbator and a prostrate vibrator. With an evil smile, she said “You are really going to enjoy this session. I will be using both machines and won’t turn them off until you have come three times. “

I groaned as I knew that this would be a complete torture because once I have come I find any touching to be very uncomfortable for about the next half an hour.

She set about getting me hard and soon turned on the fleshlight. It did its work well and when she started with the prostrate massager I came very quickly. Surprisingly to me, I did not soften much.

The relentless work of the two sets of stimulation had me squirming a little until I came for the second time about half an hour later. My balls were starting to ache a little, but she showed no mercy and let the machines continue. This time she added to my torment by using her hands to caress me all over, with special attention being given to my most erogenous areas. The machines continued the stimulation. I took another hour before I felt myself come for the third time. I was delighted when she turned off the machines, and let me rest before removing the restraints.

I was totally exhausted, and she helped me to the sofa in the playroom to allow me to recover my strength.

She took pity on me that night and we just cuddled up together in bed as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Diane tied my legs to the chair whilst I was having breakfast. She got on her knees and under the table began to suck me off. Despite my protests about my balls aching, she continued until I spurted in her mouth.

Once I was untied, she hugged me and kissed me hard. She still sat on my lap when she said “only one more today and I am half way to my target.”

I groaned a little when she said “I won’t be going to sleep until you have come again tonight.”

That night she fulfilled her promise and said “well you have until Tuesday to recover as I am away tomorrow night.” I smiled and said “yes and you have to travel with a sore bum.”

Monday morning it was her turn to be in the playroom after her morning shower. I decided that she was to mount the spanking bench. I secured her, got the spanking machine out (still with the cane attached that she used on me the previous week). I programmed it to give her the required 43 strokes. As the first stroke landed she protested as she thought I had not used the right setting. As each stroke landed the squeals increased in volume. The final stroke landed on her sit spot and this produced the loudest squeal. I released her from the bench and with me holding her I showed her that I had not cheated with the settings. It did not take too long for her to recover. When I dropped her at the station she, with a smile, said “I hope you enjoy your night alone.”

Wicked Wednesday

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