Self-image problem

Tuesday evening I met Diane at the station. I asked her “how did the trip go?”

“Very well, except that yesterday was a little uncomfortable with the rather hard seats on the train.”

We got home and Diane quickly set about ensuring that she reached her target of bringing me off 12 times in a week. I must admit I was thankful that whilst she was away I was able to recover from the session on Sunday.

By Friday night she had succeeded in her task. However both of us were not looking forward to the next week as she had lost our little competition for the second week in a row. However there had only been 19 goals so she was not going to be as sore on the Monday morning. My worry was that I would not be able to cope with being brought to completion another 12 times in a week. We discussed this and agreed to change the rules slightly so that she had until the following Sunday night to complete her task. Also, the final week of our competition would end with the final match being held on the Sunday evening.

When we were having breakfast on the Sunday morning Diane commented “I noticed this week that I have lost some of my fitness since I started working in the office instead of the shop floor. I think I need to start some exercise regime.”

I asked “What has brought about this?”

“An article I read about self-image.”

“But I think you look as sexy as ever and you do not need to lose any weight.”


“No buts.” I interrupted. “You are still the same dress size as you were when we married 15 years ago, and in my eyes you look as good and sexy as ever.”

“I know about the dress size, but I am talking about general fitness. I had trouble keeping up with the people I met. The office building they are in is having the lift replaced, and I had to walk up four flights of stairs. By the time I got to the top I was definitely out of breath.”

The discussion went on for a while, with her bemoaning the lack of fitness. In the end we agreed that we both would start to make more effort to exercise regularly. We both agreed that we would try to include some fitness training in our sexy activities.

I rang John to ask for his advice about finding a suitable fitness trainer. He told me about George who lived very close to us and passed on his phone number. I rang George and explained what the problem was and he suggested he came round that afternoon with his wife who was also a fitness trainer.

I told Diane that we were expecting visitors that afternoon. She was not happy when she said “Damn, I was going to start on my task this afternoon and make you suffer for winning again last week.”

I laughed “we’ll see, you may still be able to something.”

George and his wife, Beth turned up exactly at the time we agreed. Diane opened the door to them wearing nothing more than a long T shirt that just covered her belt.

During the general chat over a cup of tea, we discovered that they were both working in fitness centres.

I commented “well, I hope we don’t have to think about membership of one of them.”

Beth replied “oh no, as you have been recommended by John, we will just advise you on how you can change your routines to make you fitter without having to waste money on a fitness centre. But to do this we must check you both over.”

She continued, “we will check Diane first and then you Charles. So, Diane please remove your T shirt and we can get started.”

She reached into the bag they had brought, passed a laptop over to George. She approached Diane, smiled when she saw her belt saying “so how long have you been in it and how much longer to go?”

Diane sheepishly replied “Since last Saturday morning and at least until Sunday night. If things don’t go right there will be another week of it.”

“How come?”

I nodded to indicate Diane should reply. Diane outlined the details of the competition between ourselves, but left out the tasks part and about the caning on a Monday morning.

When she had finished her explanation I added, “There are 2 bits she omitted. Firstly that on Monday before work the loser had to submit to a hard caning with the number of strokes being the number of goals scored in the week. Secondly the loser had to bring the winner to orgasm, in Diane’s case the number of goals scored, or in my case ejaculation the number of goals scored or 12 times in the week.”

Beth replied “wow, that is a lot of sexy fun. So who won the first week?”

Diane with a broad smile said “me, and I had 64 orgasms in a week. Unfortunately, the last two weeks he has won and I just managed the 12 last week and now I have another 12 to complete before Sunday night.”

“And if you don’t succeed?”

“One severe cane stroke for each one we fall short.”

Beth smiled and said to George “Shame we can’t have a competition like that. I don’t think our bosses would appreciate us having marks or a belt showing.”

“I know.” He replied.

Beth continued to measure Diane in all sorts of places and as she told George the measurements he put them into the laptop.

Finally Beth stopped and said “Your turn Charles.”

I stood there as Beth carefully carried out her tasks totally professionally, and although she had to take measurements around my groin, it was done in a clinical manner.”

It took about half an hour for both of us to be measured.

George finally said “Ok, we have some results. Diane, as you said earlier you feel that you are not as fit as you could be, and Charles feels OK, but doesn’t think it would do any harm you take more exercise. Well, you are both correct to a degree. More than anything else it is your self-image that you are worried about. In Diane’s case, a little more exercise is needed to increase stamina, but otherwise you are well within the general; fitness guidelines. Whilst in Charles case, he is fine, but extra exercise will do no harm.”

We discussed various ways of improving our fitness. Finally we agreed on using exercise bikes at home to top up the cycling we did around the area (which had been very limited because of the poor weather.)

Beth then asked “How do you feel about having a sexy reward and punishment scenario as part of your getting fitter regime?”

Diane had a curious look as she replied “What do you mean?”

George replied “There is a way to encourage you to take the proper amount of exercise. Failure means there is punishment, but the sexy rewards can be fantastic. I won’t say anymore, but be assured the punishments are not nice.”

“How can you make sure we don’t cheat?” Diane asked.

“That is easy. If you agree, then you will have to get a couple of special exercise bikes that cannot be tampered with. Trust me, they will work. Why not ring John and Kathy.”

I was curious and rang John and he put me on to Kathy as well. Her comment was, “I don’t know exactly how it works, but I can assure you they give great rewards if you follow the guidelines laid down by Beth and George.”

I finished the call and asked “OK, how much is it going to cost?”

“Before I say anymore, where will they be kept?”

We took them to the playroom. They both looked at it carefully and George said, “This will be fine. I suggest that they go over in that corner,” pointing to one of the corners of the room, as there is a suitable electrical socket close by.”

He then told us the cost.

The price quoted was not that much more than a couple of high end machines. Diane nodded at my unspoken question and we agreed. George then said go to this website, and put in this special code in the search box.

I did as he asked, and when the price came up exactly as they quoted, I entered my card details and completed the purchase.

George had a ping on his phone. He pressed a few keys and then said “Keep next Saturday morning free as I will be here to set the bikes up and run the two of you through them and supervise your first session.”

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Self-image problem

  1. Fitness is always a good thing… and I should practice what I preach…

    Rebel xox

  2. Oooh Love this. I want to know more about the rewards and punishment. Did they stick to the exercise??


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