The bikes arrive

Monday morning was started with Diane receiving her 19 hard strokes of the cane. The week progressed as normal with me being on the receiving end of her talented mouth every day. By the Saturday morning she still had to bring me to completion five more times.

She was about to start on her task when I reminded her that George was coming over this morning.

“I suppose I will have to wait until later to start on you again.” She said with a sigh.

George arrived with Beth at the exact time we had agreed. They set up the bikes in the playroom and quickly got everything in the right position so we each had our own bike. He then ran through the controls of them. When we had a look, there were specific modifications to each saddle. On Diane’s bike there was a dildo with two little metal stripes running down it. Mine had an opening that allowed my ball sac to be comfortably encircled. In addition there were some Tens pads and a couple of wrist straps on each bike. There were also some specific shoes attached to the pedals that we could slip our feet into.

I removed Diane’s belt so that she would be able to get on the bike.

Beth explained “Firstly, each control box has been programmed to specifically enhance your fitness levels. The control box can recognise when you are ready to start, and this will only happen when you are comfortably seated on the saddle, with the wrist straps attached, the pads placed on your chest and most importantly your feet in the shoes.”

She then continued “now both of you need to mount your bikes and get comfortable. When you are ready, we will start today’s exercise session.”

I mounted the bike and got comfortable, especially as I was not used to my balls hanging down through the hole in the saddle.

Diane mounted her bike, got the dildo comfortably settled inside her.

Once we had attached the pads, and placed our feet in the shoes and attached the wrist straps, George said “now press the start button”

A few moments later I felt the ankle straps on the shoes tighten a little so I would not be able to remove them until allowed. I felt the top of my ball sack being gently, but firmly, constricted so I would not be able to rise off the saddle.

I looked at him and he said “I know it feels funny, but this is all part of the regime.”

A few moments later the screen in front of me came to life with the message start pedalling gently to warm you up. Diane obviously had the same message as we started to pedal the bike gently.

A few minutes later the screen instructed us on what we had to do. I was required to start pedalling faster and there was a green light flashing to show I was within the range that was required by the programme.

I was concentrating on my screen when I heard a little “yelp” from Diane.

Beth giggled “that was a very mild punishment as you are so close to the required level set by the program.”

Diane said nothing and concentrated on maintaining the correct speed.

I felt that more effort was needed to keep up my required speed and looked at George with a look of surprise.

“You’re now on a simulated uphill section. The amount of effort needed will vary so that you are kept focussed on following the instructions. I had lost concentration and saw an amber warning too late and received a shock to my ball sack. This soon had me pedalling harder and I was rewarded by a pleasant tingling from the TENS pads across each nipple.

Diane also was smiling with the gentle stimulation of her TENS pads.

The session continued for a while until I felt my saddle start to rise. Diane’s did too. We were soon effectively pedalling in a standing position. Diane for some reason removed one of her hands from the handle bars and soon replaced it as she felt a rather intense shock from the dildo in her pussy that made her squeal.

The saddles soon retracted to allow us to sit back down. Diane, however did not sit right down and soon felt another shock in her pussy as well as an intense set of shocks across her nipples.

Our exercise continued for a whole half hour before the screen said that we now in the warm down section.

Once we finished, the straps holding our shoes on our feet released and the constriction around my balls eased.

Once we had dismounted the bikes I replaced Diane’s belt before we all went to the kitchen for some coffee. Diane asked “Now we have had a session, how often do we need to exercise?”

Beth answered “As often as you like. We have programmed it for two sessions per week, no more than 5 days apart. You can of course do more, but it will not make it any easier on you if you fail to follow the instructions on your screens. If you do not exercise twice in a week, or exceed the five days, the next few sessions are much harder and there will be more punishment involved.”

Diane asked “what do you mean?”

“We only programmed this first session to give you a flavour of what will happen. There are plenty more features built into the bikes that have not been demonstrated to you yet. Further, once a month you need to insert a USB stick into the port provided and it will automatically copy a file of the exercises that you have undertaken. You will need to email them to us. On occasions we will send you a file that will need to be copied on to the machines.”

Diane stuttered “but… how do you earn money from this?”

George replied “Normally we charge a small monthly fee. But as our very good friends, John and Kathy referred you we will do yours free of charge.”

I added “Well, I am certainly looking forward to getting a little more exercise. I am just wondering what my rewards will be.”

Beth answered “That is easy, you will find out over the next few weeks if you don’t earn too many punishments.”

George and Beth left us a bit later. Once they were out of the door Diane said “I still need to complete my task, so come with me. She ushered me into our bedroom and she soon started with her mouth before finishing me off with her hands. As I recovered she said “four more to go and I think I know how I will complete my task.”

On the Sunday Diane had a smile on her face and I knew she was up to no good, but nothing would make her reveal what she planned.

After lunch she said “now it’s time for some dessert. Into the playroom with you.”

She strapped me down as she did recently and got out the same toys she had used on me previously. The effect of those machines is quite remarkable and the sequence was the same, except after the third time I had ejaculated, they continued for nearly another whole hour before I came with just a tiny dribble for the fourth time.

I was completely spent after this session and once released and sat on the sofa I fell asleep for a full hour.

We got up early on the Monday morning. I checked the result of the women’s football world cup and found that Diane had lost again, and she had lost the overall competition by just a small margin. If she had predicted the final result correctly, she would have won.

With a smile I said. “Another sore bum for you today, another week in the belt and you will have your work cut out in the next week. Oh and don’t forget nearly 45 hours opf predicament bondage when we are on holiday.”

“Damn, I should have followed my gut instinct, then it would have been you!”

About half an hour before we left for work, Diane was ready and waiting for her session with the cane. I set it up to deliver the required 13 strokes. The final strokes of this contest between us were at the agreed ‘punishment’ level. Each strike of the cane was preceded by a whoosh, a bright red line appearing and a squeal emanating from Diane.

After the final stroke landed Diane was in tears, and I hugged her and held her tight. It did not take long for her to recover. She found sitting, as a passenger, in the car somewhat uncomfortable. On the way in to work she rang her assistant Alex and said “Please make sure I have an extra soft cushion today.”

I laughed as I heard his reply “Sorry, you must have forgotten, I have a day off.”

She playfully hit me on the arm “Damn, I should have remembered. Oh well, I hope it is not too distracting later.”

Wicked Wednesday

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