At the lake

The weekend that Tamara and Sofia, together with their boyfriends, were due to stay with us soon arrived.

That same weekend Zack and Dee had invited us to stay with them. I explained the situation and after a couple of phone calls it was arranged that all of us would go to thier country house.

Diane was a little nervous about that because she would still be confined in her belt. I thought about it. I consulted Zack before asking Diane “Instead of you wearing your belt, how about some fishing on Saturday?”

“Sounds interesting, will the others be fishing too?”

“I don’t know, but we will find out.”

We arrived at Zack and Dee’s country house to find Tamara and Grant were already there. It was not long before we were all stripped for the no clothing weekend that had been arranged.

Dee explained “Sofia and Adam will be along later; apparently they have been delayed a little.”

We waited for about an hour before we sat down for our meal. About half way through the starter Sofia and Adam arrived. All Sofia was wearing an intriguing fine chain harness that whilst slightly restricted her movements also enhanced her already fine figure. The evening passed with good food, fine wine and a very genial discussion about many things.

Part of the discussion involved our enjoyment of BDSM and it was clear that although Adam and Grant were primarily tops, they on a couple of occasions had been subs.

The next morning was bright and sunny. At breakfast Zack said “Diane has some fishing to do today. Who else wants to join in?”

Dee mumbled something. Zack picked up on it immediately “You too can join Diane.”

Adam asked “I’m not sure; I can’t see the point of sitting around and watching a fishing rod.”

Zack laughed “There are no rods involved. I can assure you that it is much more entertaining than that.”

Tamara whispered something in Grant’s ear. He then said “come on say it loud, there is nothing to hide.”

Tamara lowered her eyes before saying “After my last fishing experience my tits were sore.”

Grant immediately said “well that is a good enough reason for us to join in.”

Adam too agreed that it sounded a good idea.

The four women were sent to prepare a large picnic hamper. While they were doing that, Zack and I got all the necessary items needed for our fishing. We also explained to Adam and Grant how the fishing worked. We also decided that we would have a little competition between the four couples.

Before we left the house, everyone applied sunscreen to ensure that that there was proper protection and we did not get sunburn.

When we got to the lake, Zack told the ladies “While you were getting the picnic ready, us four men have decided to spice the day up with a little competition. The reward for the winning couple is that they have a nice comfortable night’s sleep and decide the torments the other couples will face tonight in the playroom as well as the sleeping arrangements.”

He continued “Our competition is quite simple; we will be fishing for three hours. The girls will go first. Once they have caught a fish or half an hour has elapsed, their partner takes over. The couple with the heaviest catch wins. To be fair; because I know Diane has a particular challenge for today which is to catch at least 20 pounds of fish in a total of four hours. So for her, she will not get a rest whilst Charles is fishing. Instead any fish she catches whilst he takes his turn will not count towards the competition.”

He continued. “To allow Adam and Grant to see how it all works, we will get Diane set up first so she can get a head start on her four hour stint.”

Diane accepted this with good grace. I had previously prepared the line, once her hands were cuffed behind her back she sat down, I attached ran the line to her nipple rings before throwing the baited lines into the water.

Adam and Grant looked on fascinated as they saw the line attached to stake in the ground run through the ‘break away’ to the lake. It seemed that there were quite a few fish around and in just a few minutes she stood up. Her left nipple ring was pulled out a little, her breast started jiggling as the fish resisted her pull on the line as she walked back to bring a small fish to the bank.

That was put in one of the three keep nets for us, as Zack said “that does not count towards our competition. The left hand net is for her when she catches a fish which is not part of the competition, the middle is for those that are part of the competition and the right one for Charles’s catch.”

Dee was kitted out in the same way as Diane whilst Tamara and Sofia had clover clamps (without break aways) attached to make up for their lack of nipple rings. Because there was no break away they were only allowed one line that ran through rings attached to the clamps because they would be able to catch larger fish.

There was much squealing when nipples were pulled by fish tugging on lines. The men helped their partners and vice versa as each fish was brought to the bank. After an hour and a half Zack declared that it was time to have a break, have lunch and a swim to allow us to freshen up before the afternoon session.

There was a lot of splashing around when we all went into the lake. More sunscreen was applied with Adam and Grant seeming to spend more time than necessary when massaging it into the breasts and groins of their young ladies. The moans from Both Tamara and Sofia showed that they were enjoying the attention.

Soon after, we were ready to complete our competition, and fishing started again in earnest.

The next hour and a half passed more quickly than expected. Diane had still another half hour, so she continued whilst we men checked the weights of the catches that were part of the competition. The winners were Tamara and Grant by a long way. They talked quietly together before they quietly asked Zack something which had him look rather worried.

When Diane’s four hours was up, her catch was weighed and she had managed a respectable 14 pounds of fish. She let her head droop and Dee asked “What’s wrong?”

“I did not reach my target so I have six days in the punishment bra and knickers starting Monday after I have received my punishment caning on Monday for failing in my other task from our Women’s World Cup contest. What is worse Charles has had them reprogrammed and told me that I will be rather uncomfortable much of the time.”

Tamara and Sofia raised their eyebrows, as Tamara asked “are those the horrible ones that Corrine has made for some selected people?”


“Good luck, if it was me I would try to take a week off work.”

“I can’t and you know that.” Replied Diane with a sour face.

I just smiled saying “Enough of the sour face and moaning. You wanted out of the belt; you agreed the task and failed, so you have to accept the consequences.”

We made it back to the house. Tamara and Grant went to the play room and were there for a while. When they returned Sofia asked “So what were you two up to?”

“Getting everything ready for the rest of you tonight.” Grant replied.

Find out next week what Grant and Tamara have lined up for us.

Wicked Wednesday

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