Tamara and Grant went to the play room and were there for a while. When they returned Sofia asked “So what were you two up to?”

“Getting everything ready for the rest of you tonight.” Grant replied.

The conversation over dinner was congenial. There was some banter between us all, as well as some questioning of what was planned, however, Grant and Tamara were very tight lipped. Diane and I exchanged nervous glances, just as the others did.

When dinner was over they escorted us to the playroom.

Tamara announced. “We have decided the four of us ladies will have a sore bum tonight. As Grant and I were winners, I will just receive 22 strokes, which represents one for each fish we caught, of an implement of my choice from those laid out on the table over there. Sofia being second gets 40 strokes, the 18 she caught and our 22, Diane gets 59 strokes and Dee gets 89 strokes which is the total that we all caught. To ensure an even application of strokes, we will be using that nice spanking machine, with me getting the lightest strokes, going up a level of severity each time so Dee gets the hardest ones.”

Grant then said, “Us men will not get away that easily. The four of us will spend time in a rather devious predicament situation; we will spend as many minutes in the predicament as our partner gets strokes.”

Tamara then took the ladies to one side and explained quietly what needed to be done. On a louder voice she added “if I am not satisfied about the predicament, your number of strokes is doubled, so get it right.”

Diane came over to me, and told me to sit on the mat with my hands behind my back. She used cuffs to restrain my wrists and elbows behind my back. She then told me to move my feet so that they were about one foot from my ass before she tied a string from each of my big toes to my nipple rings. The others had clover clamps to contend with as they did not have pierced nipples.

Tamara inspected Diane’s work and was satisfied. However she looked at Sofia’s handiwork and said “That is just not right, his feet are not close enough to his bum, redo it.”

She did as instructed and Tamara was satisfied. Zack was in a slightly different situation due to his wheel chair, so his back was bent a bit forward to provide his torment. This was inspected and to Dee’s relief was considered acceptable.

I realised the devilishness of this situation because after just 10 minutes I was wanting to stretch out, but that was impossible because of the connection between my feet and nipples. Each little movement pulled on them and produced a sharp tug which I felt.

When Grant had suffered his 22 minutes, Tamara released him and quickly suckled each of his nipples as part of the aftercare. He then sugessted that Tamara to pick out which instrument she wanted used on her bum.

He placed her on the spanking bench and inserted the tawse into the handle, pressed start, letting the machine deliver her 22 strokes. The first stroke landed with a loud thwack and as we could not see the machine, each of us men jerked a little in reaction that produced a shooting pain as our nipples suffered. Each of her allocated strokes landed with a loud thwack that resulted in a sigh or moan. At the end of her session she was released and showed us that her bum was a nice shade of red whilst she had a big smile on her face.

Sofia released Adam from his predicament and was escorted over to the table to choose her implement. She chose the paddle and was soon secured to the bench. As she had failed to get the predicament right, she was reminded that she would get 80 strokes.

Zack and I could hear each strike of the paddle land as well as the groans from Sofia as each strike made its presence felt.

When it was over, she was escorted to the sofa whilst Adam comforted her.

I was eventually released and Diane had the choice of the naughty stick or the thin steel cane. To Dee’s great relief, Diane chose the naughty stick and I helped her onto the spanking bench. 59 strokes landed with a nice crack resounding around the room. She was panting towards the end as well as tears welling up in her eyes. I was able to cuddle into her, holding her as I let her come down from the happy place that she had entered because of all the endorphins floating around her body.

Zack was very relieved when he was finally released from his predicament and Dee helped him recover from the torture to his nipples. Once he had recovered, Dee was helped into position and the cane inserted into the handle of the spanking machine. The machine delivered its first strike with a whoosh and a cry of pain came from Dee. Each strike was accompanied by a cry, including a few choice words of complaint that had Zack’s eyebrows raised and a wry smile appeared.

I saw that and whispered to Diane “I think Dee is trouble, her language is getting a bit ripe for Zack’s taste.”

Diane nodded as the assault on Dee’s bum continued. There were plenty of clearly defined thin welts as well as many that had merged into one wide stripe. The final stroke was delivered to a gasp and Dee took a while to realise her ordeal was over.

She was helped off the bench and onto Zack’s lap so he could hold her as she recovered.

Near midnight, Tamara suggested we all went to the bathroom, whilst she and Grant sorted out our sleeping arrangements. We did as instructed. Diane and I were first back into the playroom and were escorted to one of the three cages in view. We were both given a pillow and told to put our hand through the bars at the end and wrist cuffs were applied and locked together. We were both on our side facing each other and a blanket was put over us and the top was placed and secured into position. There was very little wriggle room and certainly not enough to allow either of us to lie on our backs.

Zack and Dee were next and they had both hands and ankles cuffed and secured so that they had even less movement than Diane and myself.

Adam and Sofia were the last to return and they were just locked into a cage with no restraints.

Tamara and Grant then bid us all goodnight, turned the light off, leaving us to enjoy our night’s sleeping arrangements.

Despite their best efforts at keeping quiet, it was clear that Adam and Sofia were enjoying themselves. The sounds of Sofia having an orgasm, although muted, were clearly evident.

Diane and I were both turned on by the sounds, but because of restraints were unable to anything about it.

Somehow Diane and I were able to get a reasonable night’s rest. We were all released from our cages at around nine o’clock and from Zack and Dee’s expressions it was clear that they did not sleep much during their night of restraint.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Oooh very naughty . . . and so many strokes!!!
    Xxx – K

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