Being watched

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On our way home from Zack and Dee’s country home Diane reminded me that we needed to do one of our regular sessions on the special exercise bikes we had bought and had installed a few weeks ago.

Once home, we quickly got ourselves ready for the session. We followed the instructions as we were put through our paces. I managed to keep up with what was asked of me so was rewarded with very pleasurable sensations throughout the session. Diane, on the other hand, seemed to find it difficult to keep up with the requirements and was emitting squeaks and squeals every time she fell behind.

After the session, I copied the necessary files and sent them to George. I also added “Diane is going to be in her punishment bra and knickers for the next week. I have programmed them so we can do the exercises on one evening (but she does not know this). Can you send me a special ‘one off’ session that basically makes it impossible for her to be rewarded?”

It did not take long for the phone to ring. George asked for some information which I gladly gave him.

As we went to bed on the Sunday night, I reminded Diane about her underwear requirements for the rest of the week. She was not amused when she heard that she had to have the knickers on by 7.30 am meaning she would have to get out of bed as soon as our alarm clock went off, have a quick shower before putting them on.

At breakfast I told her “your knickers allow you to go to the loo at 11, 2.30 and 6 before you can remove them at night at 10.30. You will be subjected to various sensations during the day. These will have been programmed so that you will still be able to work, but you will have to concentrate a bit harder than usual at times.”

She pouted a little, but said nothing.

The drive to her office was full of various squeaks and squeals as she felt some fairly intense shocks from her knickers and bra. As we parked up, she was a little red in the face.

Nothing much happened to her until she had her regular weekly meeting with Dee. I had been invited to it as well so I could observe the torment Diane went through. All through the meeting the pads near her clitoris did their work, with a few shocks to her bum cheeks thrown in for good measure. She tried to hide her squirming, but Dee noticed saying “I see the bra and knickers are hard at work.”

Diane blushed when she continued “Charles that is really mean as we are at work and have some important matters to resolve.”

I laughed saying “I see no reason why Diane can’t concentrate on the matters at hand. She just needs to focus.”

Dee giggled “I just hope Zack hasn’t programmed mine to be so nasty today. He has actually given me a rest from being distracted this afternoon.”

I smiled but said nothing.

Diane asked “Why are you wearing yours then?”

“I was warned by Zack that if we did not win on Saturday, I would suffer the same fate as you, wearing them for the same number of days. He spent most of yesterday afternoon programming these damned things. What is worse, if I am caught swearing an extra day is added each time.”

I could see Diane relax half an hour into the meeting, as the program stopped to give her a break. The meeting continued with a number of major decisions being made.

About an hour into the meeting, Zack appeared as he often did. He joined in the discussion when Dee started squirming. Suddenly she squeaked “F***.”

Zack laughed, “Oh well that is another day in them for you.”

Dee glared at him but managed to keep herself from getting into more trouble as it was her turn to feel the distractions.

As we drove home after work Diane asked “Did you know that Dee was in the same punishment mode as me?”

“Yes, Zack told me yesterday. We collaborated on the settings for this afternoon.” I replied with a smile.

Diane giggled when she heard this.

The next three days progressed with Diane being subjected to some minor distractions during the day, but the intensity was increased in the evenings so that when we went to bed she extremely turned on. She could hardly wait until it was time to remove the knickers so that she could bring herself to orgasm. I was certainly not neglected in this as she rode me hard each night to completion before we both collapsed exhausted.

On the Thursday evening I said to Diane, “Time for our exercise. You can undo the panel for this session.”

She mounted her bike and settled into position. I did the same. I pressed my start button and was horrified to read “You requested that Diane has a real work out today with little or no reward. Well, George and I have decided that you need to work especially hard this session. Beth XXX”

I followed the instructions as best as I could and before long I felt the squeeze around my ball sack increase as I failed to keep up with the required effort. This squeezing continued with some nasty shocks to my bum and nipples.

By the end of the session I was sweating copiously and was totally worn out. Diane on the other hand managed to do a lot better at keeping up with her requirements, and although she was exhausted, she had not suffered nearly as many punishments as me.

As we settled in for a quiet Friday evening in, the phone rang. Diane answered and it was clear that she was partly amused, but also slightly disturbed about their knowing all about our exercise session the previous night.

Once the call had finished Diane said “It sounds to me that George and Beth had rigged up some hidden cameras so they could get their kicks by watching us.”

I giggled “What you mean like peeping Toms?”


“I doubt that, especially as we were with them all the time they set up the bikes. I just sent them the data from last night’s session this morning.”

“Umm I’m not so sure. I had a feeling that I was being watched.”

We went to the playroom and carefully examined everything and there was absolutely no sign of any hidden devices.

I looked out of the window at the side of the playroom and I too had a strange feeling. I ushered Diane out of the room, picked up our binoculars and went to another room. I scanned the back of our garden and suddenly saw a young lad hidden in the hedge.

“You may be right.” I said to Diane. I explained what I had seen.

“Well, what do we do? I know I am a bit of an exhibitionist. When I know who is watching, I am fine. But I am slightly concerned about this.”

“I know who it is.” I told her the name. She looked puzzled for a minute.

I then said “He worked on the renovations. He was obviously curious about the ‘unfinished room’ that had strengthened ceiling joists and special materials on the walls, let’s talk to James tomorrow and see what he suggests.”

Wicked Wednesday

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3 Responses to Being watched

  1. Great installment. The special underwear sounds terrifying. HGG. xx

  2. mmm the idea of being watched… scary and exciting at the same time 🙂

    Rebel xox

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