Admission of Guilt

We follow on from last week’s episode Being watched.

After our discovery the previous evening, I rang James. When he and his wife, Petra, arrived Diane was still in her punishment underwear which caught Petra’s attention. Diane told Petra all about the bra and knickers and to my delight, and Diane’s horror, one of the programmed shock routines I had programmed in started. Petra was somewhat amused as Diane struggled to stay still.

Meanwhile James and I went to the garden and looked at the place where the unexpected observer was when I spotted him the previous evening. There we found a crumpled piece of paper which also had his name and telephone number on it, confirming who I thought it was.

James was not amused. He was really upset that one of the contractors he used on a regular basis had been watching the house.

James apologised profusely and said that he would be sorry to lose him as a contractor and that we should call the police.

My reaction was “all the police will do is tell him off, and possibly give him a caution. To us, that is a waste of their resources.”

When we returned to the house, we told Diane what we had found. James was again very apologetic.

We all discussed the situation and I suggested “let’s talk to Corrine for her advice.”

James raised an enquiring eyebrow, so I said “Corrine is a judge in a Swiss court, as well as being very involved in BDSM.”

I got hold of Corrine and explained the situation. She said “No problem, if the offender is willing to admit his guilt and agree to my sentencing him, we can deal with it next weekend. I will bring Patrice and see if Maria and Eva are free too, so he can really enjoy himself.”

I said to James “call him and let’s sort this out now.”

James rang him saying “I need to see you immediately. Where are you?”

The voice at the other end of the phone said “I’m at home. What is so urgent that you need to see me now?”

“I will explain when I see you. Come to this address.” James gave our address, and there was a long pause.

“Umm I am not so sure about that.”

“If you are not here in an hour, this will become a lot more serious.”

About forty minutes later we heard a vehicle on our drive and I opened the door. I was surprised to see that there was a young woman in the passenger seat.

James noticed this too asking. “Gerry, does the young woman know anything about why you are here?”

“Yes, I told Cheryl about it on the way over.”


I waved at the young lady to indicate that she was welcome to come in and join us. She nervously got out of the car and I said “Don’t be worried. You are welcome to join my and James’s wives while we talk to Gerry.”

We went into the house and all the appropriate introductions were made. James and I took Gerry to my office while we left the women to chat between themselves.

Gerry was very nervous as James explained what we had found. He immediately admitted everything. He explained his behaviour “I was extremely curious when I did the first wiring installation in the corner room. I could not understand why there were so many additional heavy duty ceiling joists and the extra wiring that was not lighting related in the ceiling.”

We talked for a short while later and it was clear it was just plain curiosity that made him watch us. He made no excuses for his behaviour.

James said “We could go to the police, but that could cause you a lot of problems in the future with your work, especially if you have to undergo a Criminal Records check. Also you do good work, and I don’t want to lose you as a contractor.”

He was clearly ashamed of his behaviour and in my opinion was contrite.

I looked at James who nodded before I asked “What do you know about BDSM?”

“Not a lot, although I have tried a little bondage in my love life before I met Cheryl.”

“Does she know?”


“Umm, I think I need to consult with the ladies outside for a moment.”

I left the office and indicated I needed to talk to Diane. She came over and we had a whispered conversation before I returned to the office.

James and I talked to Gerry for a few minutes before Diane came in and suggested we went to the living room where she had served some coffee.

Cheryl then surprised all of us men by saying “Gerry, I love you and you have told me what you have done. We three ladies have had a very interesting conversation. I personally suggest you take the punishment on offer and then we can get on with our lives together.”

Gerry was a looked alarmed before Diane said “Charles and I have a very good friend who is genuinely a Judge in Switzerland. She has in the past passed some very interesting sentences that have been life changing for those who have experienced them.”

She continued “I know, from what I have seen of your demeanour and also what Cheryl has said, you would benefit from seeing her.”

He asked nervously “What do you mean?”

Diane replied “Well this is what you need know to make a decision. Physically and mentally you will not be harmed. There will be no permanent marks, however you could be uncomfortable at times, painful at others and you will have experiences that you have never had before.”

Gerry was quiet for a moment before he said “is this to do with BDSM?”

“Yes, and I can assure you that with the exception of Cheryl, all those involved are well experienced. There will be James, Petra, Charles and myself, our friend and her husband and maybe two of our mutual friends.”

Cheryl then piped in “I’ve known for a long time that you have been interested in bondage, but were too worried to ask me. Well I am interested too. Diane and Petra have explained a lot to me, and I want to find out more.”

We stayed silent until finally Gerry said “I am between a rock and a hard place. I am leaving myself in the hands of people I don’t really know. How do I know that I won’t come to any harm?”

I replied “Simple, the law is on your side. Even if you agree to our proposal, should we cause any lasting injuries, or you needed medical attention, then we could, and probably, would be prosecuted for assault or worse. Further, we expect you to have someone you trust totally to have a sealed envelope, containing our address, only to be opened if you do not call them by a fixed time from your home.”

He paused before he said nervously “When will this happen?”

Diane replied, “Next weekend. You need to be here by 9.00pm on Friday and you will be here until 5.00pm Sunday.”

Petra then added “I expect you give Cheryl a budget of what she can spend on herself. Well, she will be doing some shopping for both of you, so I hope you can allow her some leeway this week.”

He nodded.

James then changed the subject so that the two of them could get to know us all better and vice versa. Before we knew it was getting late. James then said “Have you two got any plans for tonight?”

Gerry answered. “Just to go out for a meal.”

James looked at Diane, Petra and myself. We all smiled at him before he said “Why not join us at the pub for a meal?”

Cheryl immediately replied “That sounds great, but we need to get home to our pets tonight.”

“That’s fine, we won’t be late either.”

Wicked Wednesday

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