Gerry’s Punishment

During the week after Gerry’s admission of his ‘Peeping Tom’ activities there was a lot of email traffic between everyone except Gerry.

Early on Friday evening Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva arrived for the weekend, followed shortly after by James and Petra. Gerry and Cheryl arrived a couple of minutes before the 9pm requirement.

We sat around the dining table with Corrine sat at one end and Gerry at the other. Once the formal introductions were out of the way, she started proceedings by asking Gerry to “Tell me why we are gathered here.”

Looking meek, he replied “I was stupid enough to let my curiosity get the better of me and on two evenings I sat in the hedge watching the small window that is in the corner room. I was intrigued about the reason for certain unusual requirements in the electrical circuits and the construction of the ceiling with extra strong joists.”

“You have admitted that you are guilty. Are you prepared to accept whatever punishment I decree is appropriate to be carried out over the weekend?”

Gerry dropped his head and quietly replied “Yes.”

“Are you aware that there may be some discomfort and pain involved, but there will be no permanent mental or physical harm?”


“Thank you. I have decided in consultation with the affected parties and your wife the punishment that you will suffer is to start now. Tomorrow will be the main day of your punishment. There will be a lot for you to experience, and you will have a few minutes after each one to reccover and talk to Cheryl about it in private. You have a safety word “Red” that is only to be used in the case of extreme discomfort because of things like cramp. If you use the word we will find out what is wrong and make adjustments accordingly. As everyone, except the two of you, are extremely experienced in BDSM you will be in very safe hands.”

Corrine continued “Cheryl, have you brought the required accessories?”

Cheryl replied with a smile “Yes.”

“Good, you and Gerry will be shown your room for the weekend. You know what to do, and when you are finished, re-join us in the living room.”

Diane showed them the spare room that contained just a single bed.

Whilst they were getting ready in their room the rest of us undressed. Gerry preceded Cheryl when joining us in the living room. He blushed when he saw all of us were naked. Cheryl joined us just a moment later also naked.

Corrine then said “this is all the clothing we will be wearing over the weekend. You need to be aware that the only sexual contact will be between husband and wife. I understand that you have not been a great giver of oral sex. This cage you are wearing will stay on until you have given Cheryl the required number of orgasms, which is one for each year of her age, using only your mouth. When you have done that she will let me know and I will give her the combination to this lock.”

She passed the lock to Cheryl who quickly secured it. Mike winced as the locked clicked shut.

Corrine continued. “You have probably noticed that the bed is a single one. Well, tonight you will be sleeping alongside Cheryl on the floor, lightly restrained. Tomorrow’s sleeping arrangements will be different, and I am sure you will find them more interesting. We will start the main punishment in earnest tomorrow at 9 in the morning.”

Petra then teased Gerry by asking “Is this the first time you have been in the company of so many naked people?”

He sheepishly said “Yes.”

Cheryl then added. “You’ve known about some of my fantasies, but you have always been rather shy about being naked.”

They evening carried along quietly as if we were just a group of friends having a convivial time together.

As it was getting late Maria stretched and said “I think it is time I went to bed.”

Corrine then said “Gerry and Cheryl, come with me so we can put Maria and Eva to bed.”

She escorted them to one of the spare rooms. A few minutes later the three of them came back into the living room. We then sent Gerry and Cheryl off to their room with Corrine supervising Gerry’s restraints for the night. I heard a giggle from Cheryl as Corrine suggested Gerry got started on his task of earning release from the cage.

The rest of us made our way to our rooms. Diane snuggled up to me and with a smile said “I think Gerry found the sight of us women rather uncomfortable.”

Saturday morning we had all had breakfast and by 9 we were ready for the day ahead. Corrine said “Gerry, as you were so curious about the corner room that is where you will be spending most of the day. So come with us and enjoy your first experience of the day.

I had prepared our play room so that it was ready for each of the things we had planned to do.

He was first taken to the Cross and was soon securely restrained so that he had very little movement. Cheryl was handed a feather duster which she soon used to devastating effect having him wriggle and scream from the tickling sensations. She carried on for about fifteen minutes before she put down the feather duster and just used her fingers. Corrine was careful to watch them and occasionally she added the odd suggestion. At the end Cheryl was handed a pinwheel that she used lightly all over his erogenous zones that soon had him wince as he felt the restrictions of the chastity cage he was locked into.

When that was put down, he was released from his bindings and we left them together.

They re-joined us a while later and Cheryl had that special look of having just had an orgasm on her face.

We had coffee before it was Maria who said, now for a bit more fun. We went back into the playroom and Mike was put into the strap cage. He was raised up so that he was tightly confined in it. Cheryl had great fun fondling him and making him suffer whilst swinging around from the joist. When he was finally released he had to be helped to the sofa to rest and cuddle his wife.

As we had lunch we got the two of them to talk about the morning’s activities. Gerry was very meek initially, but the rest of us were delighted when he said “I was surprised that at times, I was in a dreamy state, totally aware what was being done to me, but also slightly light headed.”

Diane said “That is very important. You were in a stage of sub space that Charles, our friends and I call floating. There is another stage which we hope you experience which is full subspace. When that happens, we will make sure Cheryl knows so she can fully understand what is happening.”

Lunch was finished and a short rest followed before Corrine said time for something more intense.

Corrine placed Gerry in a standing spread-eagle with a small amount of slack under each foot she put a small pad which had a pressure sensor. She attached a pair of pads on each side of his groin and a pair of clover clamps on his nipples. These were then attached by a piece of string to a hook above his head.

She then said “You have a half hour of this predicament. When your heels are lifted off the pads you will not suffer. However each time either heel touches the pad, your groin will receive some pulses for ten seconds. Also every time you let your heels down there will be a tug on the clamps that will pull on your nipples. To make it more fun, each time a pulse is triggered it will increase in intensity to the highest setting which I can assure you is uncomfortable.”

Turning to Cheryl she said “Don’t touch him or do anything that makes him drop his heels.”

I was left to supervise him and Cheryl who just sat back on the sofa and watched him struggle to keep his heels up. The first time they dropped he moaned at the tug on the clamps and the pulses in his groin area.

I was surprised at how long he managed before he dropped his heels agaiun. The time passed steadily with him, towards the end, hardly able to stand without his heels dropping to the pads. I got up turned off the tens machine and helped Cheryl release him and carry him over to the sofa for a hug and allow him to recover.

We will continue with more next week.

Wicked Wednesday

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