Cheryl’s pleasure

Last week we left with Gerry and Cheryl in one cage and Eva and Maria in another.

When I went to the playroom in the morning, I released Maria and Eva first as they were awake. I opened the cage that Cheryl and Gerry were in and released them from their bindings. About half an hour later they woke up and made their way to the kitchen.

After a few pleasantries, Maria said to Cheryl “I hope you enjoyed yourself last night. Your noises certainly made me horny and there was nothing I could do.”

Eva added “Me too, especially as I was unable to cuddle into Maria.”

Cheryl with a smile said “I lost count of the number of times I came.”

Gerry just gave a sheepish smile.

We finished breakfast before Corrine said “Now today is going to be fun. Cheryl has agreed that she needs to experience being on the receiving end, so that is what we are going to do, however unlike with Gerry she will not suffer much in the way of pain, and I hope she finds it totally pleasurable.”

I, Diane and Corrine escorted Gerry and Cheryl into the play room. Corrine then said “Cheryl, your safe words are Amber and Red. Amber signifies you are reaching the limit of what you can endure. This means that Gerry is to slow down what he is doing and make adjustments. Red means stop everything now, and Gerry you must release her from everything immediately. Do you both understand?”

Cheryl and Gerry both said “yes.”

“Good. Cheryl, if Gerry asks whether you are OK or anything similar and you are happy to continue, then just reply Green.”

Diane said “Now let’s get you up onto the table and then we can really make you feel vulnerable in the nicest possible way.”

I passed Gerry some lengths of rope while Diane instructed Gerry on how to tie her legs so that her feet touched her bum in a classic frog tie. There was sufficient rope left over for him to secure her wrists to her ankle to thigh ties on each side. Once everything was secured properly he asked “How is that?”

“Good, they are comfortable and I feel totally helpless.”

Diane then got Gerry to move her ankles apart, and with a short length of rope secured them so that her legs were held apart.

Gerry gently stroked Cheryl, and started to tickle her which had her squirming. He continued for a while before she shouted “amber.”

Gerry paused his stroking and quietly asked “what’s the problem?”

“I can’t stand much more of the tickling and I am getting a little worked up.”

Diane leant over to Cheryl’s ear whispered something and Cheryl replied with a nod.

Diane indicated that he should back away a moment. She whispered something in his ear before she indicated to Corrine and me that we should leave the playroom.

As we left she quietly said “after checking in with her, I told him to blindfold her and start giving her some oral attention.”

We will leave the door open a little just in case there is help needed, but I think he understands the rules.

We could hear a little of what was going on in the playroom. After a while we could hear a distinct shout of “Yessssssssssssssss” before everything went quiet.

Gerry called for one of us, and I went in to find Cheryl breathing a little raggedly, but not moving. I told Gerry to undo all the ropes, stay with her and let her rest.

Half an hour later, they emerged from the playroom, with Cheryl still a little unsteady on her feet, but with a smile of a totally satisfied woman.

Cheryl was sat down alongside Gerry who continued to hold while she still twitched a little.
When she was suitably recovered, she looked at Gerry lovingly before she said “that was incredible. I came so hard.”

“I know, I was worried when you actually fainted in there.”

“It is the first time that happened to me, and god was that a great orgasm. I hope you will give more like that in future.”

“I will try.”

Diane said “Gerry, have you cleared up the playroom yet?”


With a devilish smile she said “Well the three of you men can do that, while we ladies can chat a little.”

We cleared up the playroom and returned to the ladies. They all had smiles on their faces which made me worry.

After lunch a short rest, Corrine said “now time for the final session of the weekend. This involves all of us. So let’s get into the playroom.”

First of all she had Eva stand with her back to the large pole in the play room. She got Maria to stand facing her, secured Maria’s wrists behind Eva and around the pole so that they were secured to it. Eva’s hands were cuffed behind Maria’s back before Corrine added a blindfold to each of them.

At her urging James and Petra put on ankle and wrist cuffs. As they are roughly the same height they were made to stand with their feet apart, facing each other and a single spreader bar was secured to the four ankles so their feet were held wide apart. Then their hands were secured so that they were in a standing spread-eagle. They too were blindfolded.

Diane and I were then blindfolded. We were then made to stand on the base of what I felt was the strap cage. The top was secured properly with a larger ring before the top of the straps were attached to the winch that was the raised up.

I heard Corrine say to Cheryl “this last bit will not hurt at all. All you need to do is hold back as long as you can. Now it is time for lights out.”

I heard some movement and shuffling around.

I could not make out what Corrine said, but she then said “Now it is time for Cheryl to enjoy herself.”

I heard the swish of a flogger and the slap as the tails landed. No sounds came from the person on the receiving end.

Corrine let the gentle whish and slaps to continue for a while before saying “you can land harder strokes that that.”

The sounds of the flogger passing through air and landing got louder and I could hear distinctive female moans. I whispered to Diane “that must be the neoprene flogger being used on Cheryl.”

She quietly replied “yes.”

The moaning got louder and whilst we could not hear the whispers, I heard a different sound of plat as the flogger landed on Cheryl’s front. Her moans of arousal got greater as the flogger continued to land on her breasts and around her nipples.
Shortly after the different splat of the flogger landing on her groin had the moans get greater. The moans and groans of impending pleasure got louder and Cheryl was becoming very vocal. Finally she screamed in pleasure as she finally let go and orgasmed hard.

In no time I heard the sounds of her being released from her bindings.

Diane and I were the first to be released and once out of the cage, Corrine led us out of the playroom before she would let us take off our blindfolds. James and Petra were next to be released and again they were not allowed to take off their blindfolds until they had left the playroom. Shortly afterwards, Maria and Eva joined us.

Corrine came out and closed the playroom door. “I think they need to be alone for a while.”

It was over an hour later when they emerged from the playroom.

Cheryl again had the look of a very well satisfied woman.

As they were about to leave, Corrine said “Gerry, I hope you feel that you have been suitably punished. I notice that your ass is recovering well. Now all you have to do is complete the earning of your release from the chastity device.”

He with a smile said “Yes, although I hope I can earn my release in the next week. There is only another fifteen to go.”

Cheryl immediately retorted “no it is sixteen, as that last one was not with your mouth. What is more I will decide when you can work on earning your release.”

We all smiled as Gerry replied “well I hope you will feel generous on that part.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. what a sexy predicament they find themselves in!

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