Holiday preparations

This story picks up from our women’s world cup challenge, the first part of which can be found here.

A few days before we were due to go on holiday, when we were having a little fun, I reminded Diane that she had 45 hours of predicament bondage due during that time.

She surprised me by saying “Instead of 45 hours of predicament bondage, how about you finding a way for me to spend the whole time in some form of bondage?”

I replied “what do you mean?”

“At times I know we will be out, but I am sure with that inventive mind of yours you can find something that is discreet and yet is a form of bondage. I am basically offering you to put me in some form of bondage for the whole holiday instead of just the 45 hours of predicament bondage.”

“Let me ponder on that for a day and I will give you my decision.”

I considered her request carefully and the following morning in the car to her office I asked her to repeat her offer which she did.

I asked “Just to be clear you want be in some form of bondage for the whole three weeks of our holiday?”


“Are you sure that you could live with people potentially seeing rope marks while we are out and about?”

“I don’t see any problem as we are very unlikely to meet anyone we know there.”

“In that case, I agree subject to three conditions. Firstly you have 2 piercings of my choice instead of the one that you are still due. Secondly the day before we depart you give me your make up bag with everything you want to use in it. I will do all the packing of our suitcases. Finally, I will choose what clothing you will wear during the whole of the time we are away, starting when leave the house until we get back.”

She wiggled her bum in her seat and said “that sounds interesting and fun.”

We soon arrived at her office and we went in, as I was almost always there for my work. When I could I took a short break and rang Kathy on my mobile phone and said “I need a special bikini made. Have you got time to do that in a week?”

“I think so, what have you got in mind?”

I explained exactly what I wanted. She asked a few questions before she said “I’ll have it ready by Sunday. If it’s OK with you I will drop it in then.”


The rest of the working week passed in the usual manner. On Saturday morning I snuggled up to Diane and said “by the way, we have an appointment for you to get your piercings this morning.”

We left the house and found a parking space close to the piercing specialist we used. Diane was a little nervous as she had no idea what I had planned.

On entering the business we were greeted by the owner “Welcome back. I understand that Diane is to have a couple of piercings done.”

I replied “that’s right.”

We were ushered into the back where the piercings were actually done. She was handed the usual consent form. As is her normal way, she scanned the document before saying “It does not say what they are.”

I replied “I know. When you have signed it, Thomas will add in the detail of two piercings you have agreed to have.”

She signed it, and he then added in ‘two labial piercings with a mild local anaesthetic.’

She was invited to get on to the chair and place her ankles in the stirrups. He then secured them and under my direction carefully marked where the piercings were going to go.

I went to Diane’s head, held her hands as he placed a clamp on her left lip, and sprayed it with the disinfectant and local anaesthetic. He picked up his instruments and literally in a couple of minutes the ring was in place, the procedure was repeated on her right lip.

She was released from the stirrups and she stood up commenting that these ones hurt more than the two higher up. He smiled and showed her the form.

In the car to finish her chores, she sulked a little before saying “That was mean.”

I said “I will let that go, but you did agree to have two piercings of my choice. I was all for just the disinfectant being used but it was Thomas who insisted that there had should be a mild anaesthetic.”

“Thank goodness.”

The rest of the day was spent doing the shopping including getting important things like sunscreen for the holiday.


Sunday afternoon, John and Kathy turned up. While Diane was making the tea, Kathy passed over the bikini saying “Do you mind if make a few more as I think the design has quite a lot of potential?”

Just as Diane returned with the tea pot, I replied “of course not.”

Diane looked at me enquiringly with a raised eyebrow “What have you agreed to?”

“Nothing for you to worry about.” I replied.

After John and Kathy had left, she tried to elicit more information from me. I started to get a little fed up with the questioning, so I said resignedly said “It is just a little idea I had that John and Kathy have worked on and they asked for permission to take the project to the next stage. And that is all you need to know about it.”


After we finished work and driving home on Monday night, I said “I’ve booked us a room at a hotel tomorrow night to save having to get up at a stupid hour. So get your make up case prepared and leave it on the bed. I will do the packing after supper which I will prepare.”

I went to the playroom, selected some suitable items that we could use whilst on holiday and put them in a bag which I discretely hid.

Once supper was finished I went to our bedroom to pack the suitcases.


On Tuesday as Diane was about to leave the office, I handed her a bag and said “now go and change into what is in this bag.”

She did as she was told and returned from the ladies room wearing nothing more than a pair of shoes, a blouse and mini skirt. It was an old blouse and she was a little red in the face as the top three buttons had been removed so that as she moved there were tantalising views of her cleavage.

Once in the car I gently caressed her pussy to confirm that she had locked her pussy lips together.

Next week we start the holiday proper.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. I love the ending paragraph, the embarrassment, the lock, the tension that that creates.


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