More Holiday Fun

We continue form last week’s post.

Day 4

Diane woke to find that her hands were still cuffed together and pleaded with me to release them.

“No, you will stay like that until we are ready to go out.”

As today was another day at the beach, I laid out one of the skimpiest of her bikinis. I carefully inserted her bullet vibrator and locked her pussy up again. I released her wrists and let her put the bikini on. She looked in the mirror aghast and said “That is terrible; the lock is clearly visible,”

“Well you will just have to be very careful,” I replied.

During the day I played with the remote never letting her achieve an orgasm. By the time we got back to the villa she was a very horny woman. Once inside she immediately took off her bikini bottom and used her fingers to bring herself to her much wanted climax.

During dinner I played with the vibrator that was still inside her and as soon as we got home I restrained her wrists behind her back and make slow passionate love to her, making sure she had plenty of satisfaction.

Day 5

This was a relax at home day and after we had done some shopping, I had her strip before I led her to the sun lounger outside and with some short chains secured her wrists and ankles to it. I left enough slack in the wrist restraints for her to be able to read so she did not get bored.

All through the day I massaged plenty of sun lotion on her. Every time I did that I would make her excited and begging for relief.

In the afternoon after a particularly lengthy massage, I used my fingers to make her come.

As we got ready to go out I teased her by saying “You’ve already cum twenty times, so only one more is available before you start to earn days in your lovely chastity belt.”

“Oh god, I didn’t realise I have had that many.”

“Oh yes, and I will make sure you have some more before the holiday is over.”

Day 6

I woke up to the most pleasurable sensation of Diane using her talented mouth on my erect member. She soon finished me off and with a smile said. “That’s a start on my protein intake for the day.”

We went to some of the less visited sights around the island with Diane wearing the same thong as on Day 3. It. Had exactly the same effect as before and after a particularly long set of steps she leant back against the wall, shivered and suppressed a moan as she came. I held her as she recovered.

When we got to the top of the steps she said “That was nice, but I am not looking forward to our return.”

I smiled, saying nothing.

We got back to the villa later than normal. After we had a quick shower, I selected the clothes she was to wear that night. I deliberately selected one which had been altered slightly. The strap that went behind her neck ran through a discreet loop at the apex of the triangle above each breast and was secured to each nipple ring with a small lock that gave a gentle pull on her nipples.

Once the strap had been secured, I let the dress fall, adjusted the triangles to give the appearance that it was a normal dress. Diane looked at it and said, “Wow, this is interesting. I suppose I have to be very careful to make sure that the top stays put.”

“Yes. You need to take great care as if it slips, you are not allowed to make adjustments unless I grant you permission to go to the ladies room.”

Somehow we managed the short walk to the restaurant without the patches of cloth slipping. As soon as we sat down and she leaned forward I noticed that one side slipped a little. She was about to straighten it when I reminded her with a stern “No.”

“Oh God, this is going to be so challenging.”

As she leant forward again I was treated to a superb view of her delightful cleavage. When she sat back up I said “About time you went to the ladies.”

Once back at the table she took great care not to lean forward again.

The excellent meal passed uneventfully and afterwards a space was made for Dancing. In just a few minutes of the music starting one of the Greek ladies pulled her up and made her join in. Although the dance was not that energetic, the positioning of her arms exaggerated the pull on her nipples and when it finished and she sat down, there was a definite blush visible on her face.

We stayed for quite a while and she was pulled up two or three more times before I decided it was time for us to leave.

As we walked back she said “I’m horny, please f*** me when we get in.”

Inside the villa, I just raised her dress and did as she had asked.

Day 7

Another day at the beach saw Diane in a different bikini. This time the briefs were even smaller and the lock that I placed on her pussy would be even more visible. I smiled when I picked up the nipple stretchers. She looked at me and said “Please not them.”

“It’s either them or a full pussy, tormenting you all day, and even worse for tonight.” I replied before continuing “and that is another button off your blouse that you will be wearing tonight.”

She resignedly agreed to the nipple stretchers and they were not particularly harsh ones, just enough to make her nipples clearly visible poking at the top. I handed her the bikini and she put it on.451-334

We relaxed for a while before we went into the warm sea for a swim and cool down. As we left she was blushing as she realised how the bikini had almost become see through.

The day soon passed and once we were back at the villa I immediately snipped off the button on the blouse she wore on the flight. After showering I handed it to her and gave her a long skirt with a wide waistband.

We walked through the village near where we were staying. The effect of her braless breasts gently bouncing around and the lack of buttons on her blouse soon had the desired effect of showing plenty of cleavage without us getting into trouble for indecency.

As we talked over dinner she admitted that the walk and the potential for exposing more of her top half was making her excited. I added that she would find out how I felt when we got back to the villa.

As soon as we walked in I told her to strip and stand with her back to the bed. I applied her cuffs and using the exposed beams I soon had her in a standing spread eagle. I got to work with my tongue and soon had her pleading for release. I unlocked her pussy and slowly entered her and gently eased myself back out. I continued this way before finally I sped up and we both came together.

The picture is from Wicked Weasel and clicking on it will take you to their website.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time!

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