The holiday continues

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here and here.

Day 8

After Diane had spent the night with her hands cuffed behind her back, she was relieved when I changed it so they were in front of her whilst she prepared our breakfast which she served me in bed.

Once I was up, I asked her. “Nipple or pussy fun today?”

She gave me an impish smile before replying “how about both?”

“Are you sure as we will be out and about today?”

“Yes, please.”

I am not a person to deny my lovely wife some extra challenges. I got out the magnetic balls and a short nipple tether. I locked the balls in her pussy, and applied the nipple tether, that gently tugged them together, before handing her the close fitting top made of cheese cloth and a pair of very tight white shorts.

As she put on her clothes I warned “You need to be very careful, as the shorts will easily show any dampness around your crotch.”

She said nothing but carried on putting on the shorts. When they were buttoned up she said “God these are tight. Are you sure they are the right size?”

“They came out of your wardrobe and I suspect the exercise you have been taking has made them feel tighter.”

“OK. It looks like I need to get some bigger ones around my ass.”

“No, they frame your lovely bum perfectly. If you had panties on they would be clearly visible.”

It took us about an hour to reach the town of Pefkos, with Diane carefully kept relatively still in the car so as not to set the balls off on their teasing.

We left the car and started walking around the picturesque town. After a while she commented “These balls are driving me mad, they keep hitting all the right spots, and I am feeling a little damp down there.”

I looked at her crotch and there was no visible evidence of any dampness. “You’re doing fine so far.”

After a leisurely lunch we made our way to the nearby town of Lindos and parked the car. I handed her the bikini from yesterday and said “We will be going for a swim soon, so you better put it on now.”

As she looked at me I could see that she was not best pleased at the idea before saying “Where is a towel.”

“No towels, I left them at the villa.”

She said nothing and quickly put the bikini on before replacing her shorts and blouse.

We wandered around for a while before we headed for the beach and we went for a swim. I was close to her all the time as I expected that the movement from swimming would soon stimulate her. As soon as she got to a sandy part where she could stand, she pulled me tight to her with her left arm and whispered “I need to come.”

Her right hand was soon rubbing the tight bikini bottom and as she came she pulled me into a hard kiss. This suppressed the noise and she came fairly hard.

As we sat on some sun loungers to dry off I commented “That is now four days in the belt.”

“Ugh, and we have only just completed a week of our holiday. Is there a way I can reduce the number of days?”

“I will think about it” is all that I replied.

The rest of the day and dinner passed peacefully and when we were ready to go to bed Diane asked “Please f*** me hard and fast.”

“No. However I will remove your nipple tether and no touching yourself during the night as the balls are staying in your nicely locked up pussy.”

“With respect, I think you need to do something to prevent that.”

“I could, but it will be very challenging for you.”

“If I’m not to touch myself, then I need something to stop me.”

I reached out, gathered a small chain about three feet long, ran it through her nipple rings and then using cuffs locked it to a wrist at each end.

Day 9

On looking out of the window, seeing an overcast day we decided to stay in the villa. Apart from keeping her pussy nicely locked up I removed the rest of her overnight restraints.

As we sat reading, I said “Last night I dreamt about your request from yesterday. If you want to reduce the number of days in the belt when we get home, you will have to suffer some pain and possible embarrassment.”

“And what have you in mind?”

“I will tell you tomorrow morning.”

She pouted as she said “I hate waiting.”

I just replied “That was very close to losing the only button left on the blouse.”

The day of relaxation was great and as I handed the blouse with just one button left to her, she put it on but left the button undone. Once the skirt was in place I watched as she tested what it would be like if there were no buttons.

I watched carefully as she walked around and was highly delighted at the sight of her breasts being almost visible, whilst keeping her modesty while they swayed about without any form of support. The rubbing of the blouse soon had her nipples hardening with the stimulation.

She wiggled her bum at me sexily before doing up the button.

After dinner and a couple of drinks we went to bed. As we lay in each other’s arms I asked “Did you see one of the locals eyeing you up?”

“Oh yes, it was more than one!”

Day 10

I had left her pussy locked up during the night.

The sun was out and we had planned on having another day at the beach. As I laid out the almost see through when wet bikini I said “You asked about losing days from your belt. For every 6 clearly visible stripes on your bum before we go out for a day at the beach, you can lose a day from the belt. How many stripes is it to be?”

“You’re asking me to sport clearly visible stripes on my bum whilst wearing this thong 455_green_back_w260bikini bottom whilst we are on the beach.”

“Yes, the stripes will be visible as we leave the villa, and your rather hardened butt may recover so they are not visible by the time we reach the beach.”

“I don’t like the idea but I need to reduce my tally of days in the belt. So let’s try 12.”

I went to my bag, picked out the short thin metal cane I had hidden in it and said “Bend over and touch hold on to your ankles. I will give you twelve strokes. If you let go of your ankles then your caning stops and you do not earn the days out of the belt.”

“That is downright nasty, I am damned if I do, and also If I don’t.”

“Any more complaints?”

“Yes, I want more coverage on my bum than just the thong.”

“No choice in that respect, and your request means you lose the remaining button.”

She bent over. I let her have the first stroke which produced a little whelp before she stoically took the rest with a little yelp after each landed. She got up, looked in the mirror and saw 12 red lines that were clearly visible, but would fade fairly quickly.

“Thank you, at least you have not given me hard strokes that could leave welts.”

She put on the bikini bottom and then the thin overdress for our walk to the beach.

Once we had found a relatively quiet spot, she took off the dress and asked “How bad does my bum look?”

“Not too bad, the lines have faded to light pink.”

An hour of sunbathing soon reduced the visibility of the lines so that only on very close examination would they be visible. I told her that and she soon ran down to the sea, pulling me with her.

In the evening I said, “Now for tonight. I think you want your pussy to be free of those lovely teasers.”

I picked up the thin chain, draped it over the back of her neck, had her rest her chin on her upper chest and secured the chain to each nipple with a lock that did not pull on her. When she raised her head, her nipples were gently pulled up. I released her pussy from its lock and removed the balls that were soaked in her juices.

The blouse, now with no buttons, was put on and secured at the bottom by a long skirt and a belt. Under the belt I had a chain locked around her waist.

She attracted a lot of attention from many men, and a few women were glaring as Diane, oozing her sexiness, as she walked with me. Her sexiness was clearly visible with the blouse with no buttons and her shapely legs visible from the slits on each side of her that went to within a couple of inches of her belt.

The picture is from Wicked Weasel and clicking on it will take you to their website.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Looks like you’re still having fun 🙂

  2. oooh, this week was especially hot!

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