Our Holiday Continues

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here, here, and here.

Day 11

After last night’s experience and both of us being tired, Diane woke me up using her mouth, working hard to make me as hard as she could. She was in the classic 69 position so I started on her pussy with my own mouth. When I felt she was ready, I instructed her to ride me whilst I reached up and played with her nipples.

After she had an orgasm, I turned her over and worked my way to my completion, and we both came at the same time.

After we had showered, she asked, “I know it is not a beach day, please may I have some strokes to cover the two orgasms I have just had?”

“As you asked so nicely, I will give you twelve harder strokes before I get you ready for the day.”

She assumed the position and I got the metal cane, tapped her bottom a few times before I laid down the first stroke. The line was a vivid red, and would soon become a nicely tender welt. She stoically took all twelve and was squeaking as the last three landed.

After I had finished with the cane, I had her stand with her feet slightly apart, picked out 300px-Rope_pantiessome rope from my bag and started to weave a pair of rope knickers on to her. As I got to her pushy I added a little twist. I ran the rope through her clit hood ring, and managed to incorporate a rope through each of the rings on her lips into the design, with the back of her panties also being a nice tight weave, they would make her feel the 12 now angry looking welts.

Finally, I gave her a short skirt and a T shirt to wear.

Once on I made her walk around a little. Initially, each step produced a wince as the movement rubbed the rope against her bum and teased her pussy.

We got into the rental car and Diane winced when she sat down as her panties pressed against her welts. She frowned a little before I said “You asked for the stripes, and as it is not a beach day, I have given you harder strokes.”

“I seem to have unleashed a rather devious monster that has been lurking inside you.”

I smiled “I will take that as a compliment.”

We drove for about half an hour, parked up the car. I gave her a backpack, and I picked up the other. In hers there was two large bottles of water as well as our lunch, while mine just had a couple of towels and a few other lightweight supplies we would need for later.

We walked along the rough paths for about an hour until we reached a coastal path. A further half hour of walking took us above a small deserted beach. I said “This will do fine for us.”

We walked down the path that led to the beach. I opened my back pack and laid out our towels and started to undress. She dropped her back pack and removed her top and skirt. We ambled into the light surf and enjoyed cooling down a little in the warm sea that lapped around us.

Once had cooled down I picked out the nipple tether from my back pack, attached it to her nipple rings and un-ravelled her rope panties. I picked up the remote control vibrating bullet, inserted into moist vagina and locked her pussy lips together. I then said “The vibrator will stay in until we get back to the villa. If you come before then, you will have an even more tortuous evening ahead when we go out.”

I continued “as there are no more buttons left on your blouse, any more remarks that would have lost a button will earn you more discomfort or potential embarrassment when we go out.”

Wisely she held back a retort.

After a lunch, a snooze and a further swim, we dried off, replaced our clothes and walked back to the car. All the time I played with the remote control varying the intensity of the vibrations from none to the maximum. She was panting, partly from the exercise and partly arousal when we reached the car. As we started the drive back to the villa I turned the vibrator to maximum and hoped that she would come.

She held off until we had closed the door in the villa. As soon as it closed, she came hard.

When she recovered from the orgasm she smiled saying “That was close, I was struggling to hold back in the last few minutes of the drive.”

I smiled saying “Well done, nothing more than a pleasant evening out for you tonight.”

Day 12

We decided to have a stay in at the villa day, and as we knew that there would be no concierge visit, it was to be a naked day.

At breakfast she said “You have been a little tame so far this holiday, I thought the bondage would have been more severe at times.”

I thought for a minute, went to the balcony looked at it carefully before saying “well that remark has certainly earned you some more restrictive fun.”

I went to our bag, picked up what I needed and the bottle of sunscreen. I bade her join me on the balcony, which was in full sun, and applied some sunscreen. I then made her put her cuffs on and said “You asked for it. You will now be sunbathing with an hour on your back and an hour on your front.”

I had her stand with her feet wide apart and her arms outstretched with her facing the villa. I tied the cuffs to each of the uprights so her arms were an inch or two above her shoulder height. I then tied her ankles to the same uprights. I unlocked her pussy and ran a rope over the crossbeam above her, left it dangling before adding her nipple tethers and using a length of string I ran that over the cross beam and bade her stand on tip toe. I tied off the nipple tether to the railing behind her and then tied the rope to the railing so that it was comfortably settled between her pussy.

This predicament was going to be fun for me to watch as I knew that she would suffer as soon as she let her calf muscles rest. After an hour of whimpering, I released the tension in the pussy rope and nipple tethers and I released each of her limbs. I let her relax for an hour before turning her around so that now she was facing toward the sun. I got out the sunscreen and massaged more into her breast making sure that I played with her nipples, followed by more on her aching pussy. I applied the same arrangement of ropes and string so she could enjoy the view.

Whilst there were no villas or houses close by, there was a path that passed about 100 metres away, and anyone walking along and looked towards the villa would see Diane in all her glory. Her position prevented her from covering up and the earlier hour sunning her back had taken its toll on her calf muscles and she was soon struggling with the predicament. I made sure that she was safe and not in too much distress.

The hour passed slowly for her and when I finally released her and replaced the lock on her pussy she said “my pussy and nipples ache so badly.”

I laughed saying “be careful what you ask for. I could have made it much worse for you.”

She paused and said “Oooh, maybe it’s worth the risk.”

Day 13

At breakfast she asked “How many days have I got in the belt now as I’ve lost track.”

I replied “six at the moment, and with another 8 days of holiday to go, I’m sure you will earn more.”

“Before we go to the beach, can I have 18 strokes please?”

“These will be the same severity as the other day, but as there are no buttons left on your blouse the next time they will be harder and leave more vivid marks.”

“I think I can cope with that.”

I had her bend into position and she wiggled her sexy rounded bum before I gave her the requested number of strokes, the last one was not quite as I wanted and landed on a previous stroke and she yelped as it landed.

I gave her the same bikini to wear. Her rather red bum made a nice contrast to the bright colour of the g string bottom that ran through her bum crack.

During the day she made a rather smart ass remark and as soon as she saw my frown she giggled “I know, it was deliberate.”

I laughed “well, young lady, you have just earned a real fun evening.”

Back at the villa as we prepared to go out, I laid out her clothes for the evening. As soon as she looked at them there was a sign of trepidation as she picked up bratacksthe tack bra I had made for her some time ago and had hardly ever been used. The bra was the exact cup size, she normally wore, but the addition of the 100 pins to each cup would make it uncomfortable to wear. The tip where her nipple would rest was cut out.

She removed the nipple rings, put the bra on and then re-attached them. Once that was done she was soon dressed in high heels, a mini skirt with no knickers and a tight fitting top that clearly showed her nipples poking at the fabric.

I said as we left the villa I said, “Any sulking or request to be able to remove the bra means it stays on all night until the morning.”

The evening went well and she behaved well so she was able to remove the bra. She was startled to find that there were no spots of blood anywhere and said “wow, I thought that my skin had been pierced in many places.”

I laughed “I know, but it is very unlikely that the points would break your skin.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Ahhh, I’m thoroughly behind schedule now, but I couldn’t stop reading! Delicious. ~M

  2. I love when piercings are used with rope work 😉

    Rebel xox

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