More from our holiday

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here, here, here, here

Day 14

“Good morning Sir” was the greeting I got from Diane as she started to suck on my cock. The tease that she is got me hard and well turned on before skipping out of bed to the bathroom.

Later, as we had another day of sightseeing. I inserted her little bullet vibrator before locking her pussy shut for the day.

I played with the remote and took her to the edge of an orgasm at least twice when there were plenty of people about. By the time we got back to the villa she was pleading for her release. I laughed a little as she squirmed and panted with her arousal.

I left her stewing for a while as I got the balcony ready for her. After removing her clothes, I helped her to the right position, had her stand facing out with her legs wide apart. I secured her ankles and then bound her wrists behind her and ran a rope over the beam and forced her into a strappado with her waist bent over the balcony railing.

I hang a small bell from each of her nipples that were hanging down and whispered in her ear. “Now you will come, but be aware too much movement will set the bells ringing. I unlocked her pussy, removed the bullet and with my now erect member entered her gently from behind. She immediately clenched her muscles around my erection and with just a gentle stroke of her clit I had her orgasming. She was fairly loud which drowned out the little tinkle of the bells.

I continued to gently pump in and out of her and with the additional stimulation of my hands on her clit, she came two more times before we both orgasmed together.

Once I had recovered I quickly released her from her restraints and took her inside to recover.

Day 15

Another day at the beach was planned so she asked for 12 stripes on her ass which were delivered a bit harder than on previous occasions.

I got out the special bikini that our friend Kathy had made for her. She looked at it and said “I don’t remember this one being in my wardrobe.”

“No it has been specially made by Kathy for you. First we need to sort out the cups,”

I picked up the bikini and took out the fine padding that was inside. There was a small hole in the middle of each cup which when stretched open was just the right size to be able to go over her nipple piercings. Once the cup was in place there was a slight squeeze on her nipples.

She smiled and said “That is not too bad.”

I then got the rest of the top half, and the discreet little plastic press studs held the inserts and bikini top in place. I reached around her joining the clasp in the middle of her back. I used a small lock to hold it in place.

She looked at her top in the mirror. On the front were embroidered lines that highlighted the prominence of her nipples. The slight compression, from the inside cup, of her nipples helped make them stand out and were clearly visible.

I picked up the magnetic eggs, inserted them in her already moist pussy and locked it up as on previous visits to the beach. I then gave her the bottom of the bikini and helped her put it on, making sure that I stroked her clit. Once it was settled in place, the side straps, which were made with a fine chain, and the fabric covered chain strap that ran up her ass were locked on using a small padlock.

The design on the front of the bikini bottom was a series of embroidered lines that met just above her pussy, inside the bikini bottom were a series of beads that would stimulate her whenever she moved. I had her walk to the mirror. She looked at me saying “God, this is going to be so hard. Every move brushes my sensitive areas and the top is as if there are very light rubber bands around my nipples. What is worse anyone who looks at it is drawn to both my nipples and pussy.”

I giggled, and said, “What is even more fun is that the material becomes see through when it gets wet, so you need to keep yourself under control today.”

She groaned. She wiggled her bum a little. I then got the rest of the day’s supplies ready and we walked the half mile to the nearest beach. We found some sunbeds and started to relax. The person who came to collect the money for the sunbeds had a good look at my sexy wife before moving on with a big smile on his face.

We went for a swim and when she got out of the water her nipples were clearly visible. Whilst the lock that held her pussy together was not actually visible, it was clear that there was something there.

She laid back on the sunbed saying “those bloody balls and the stimulation is making me so horny.”

As we had our picnic lunch, she asked me for the key to her bottom so she could use the toilet. I smiled when I replied “Oh its back in the villa. I didn’t think you would need it today.”

“Shit, you are rotten sod.”

I looked at her sternly saying, “The severity of the cane strokes has just been increased In addition to additional restriction tonight, and just to make it more interesting, we will stay here longer usual.”

She pouted a little before settling back down on the sunbed. We continued to sunbathe as well as getting into the warm sea occasionally.

We left the beach about half an hour later than we had on previous day with Diane trying to hurry me up. As we passed a supermarket I made her wait while I bought some necessities.

Back at the villa I gave her the key to the locks on her bikini and she rushed to the bathroom.

We had a short nap and when we got ready I gave her the clothing for the evening. I first locked a chain that ran over the back of her neck to her nipple rings. This time I locked the chain one link shorter than previously on each side so there was a more distinct pull on her nipples. I gave her the blouse that now had no buttons and a long skirt that had a wide waistband.

Just before we left I gave her a large metal butt plug with instructions to insert it.

She said nothing, but I could tell she was not totally enamoured with the idea of having to sit with the plug and her nipples being pulled on.

She did as she was told, and we enjoyed the walk to the restaurant with her ass full and those magnetic balls churning away inside her pussy. Unfortunately for her it was music night and the locals soon had her up and dancing with them.

When we got back to the villa she said “I am so turned on, please can you f*** me hard now.”

I released her pussy from its lock and had her ride me that gave her a series of powerful orgasms. Once I had erupted, I locked her pussy up again and released the chain from her nipples.

Day 16

In the morning we discussed what we would do, and eventually agreed a day at the villa was appropriate.

Once the concierge had left (as it was a cleaning day) she asked “how many days have I got in the belt now?”

“After last night it is now sixteen.”

“Other than the cane strokes is there anything else I can do to reduce the number?”

I thought for a minute before replying “I have an idea, which you may or may not like.”

“Go on.”

“OK, whilst you undergo a little torture, you are free to cum as often as you want without earning any extra days. For every full hour you endure it I will reduce your total by two days.”

“This sounds intriguing.”

“First you need to get your wrist cuffs, the blindfold and your rabbit vibrator. Wait for me on the balcony; put your wrist cuffs on followed by the blindfold whilst I get the torture ready.”

I went to the kitchen area and carefully peeled a stem of ginger. I put it on a plate and covered it. I picked up some rope and went onto the balcony to find her sat on one of the chairs waiting for me.

I had her stand with her arms outstretched to the two uprights. I removed the blindfold and put on an old pair of sunglasses that had the lenses painted black. I then added a rope around her waist. I inserted the rabbit vibrator and the stem of ginger in her ass hole before completing her predicament with a crotch rope to hold the vibrator and ginger in place.

I turned the vibrator both inside her and the clit stimulator on full. I said when you have had enough call mercy and I will immediately release you.

I watched her as she reacted to the stimulation of the vibrator and within minutes she was riding out her first orgasm. Whilst she could move her feet around, she could do nothing to stop the relentless assault on her pussy and the burning sensation of the ginger in her bum.

Just as she reached another orgasm I whispered “someone is on the path, so you better not be too loud.”

She tensed up, rode the waves of the orgasm without making too much noise. I continued to watch her as she continued have a series of orgasms. She never called out the stop word and when a particularly powerful orgasm swept through her, I could see her knees buckling, so I immediately released her and removed the stimulation. I laid her down on the couch and she was a total wreck twitching as much as I had ever seen her before.

When she was able to speak coherently she asked “what the hell was that in my ass?”

“Just a stem of ginger.”

“Oh god, it burned a lot and was not nice.”

Later in the day she asked “how long did I last out your torture?”

“Just fifty four minutes before I had to release you for your own safety. But I am proud of your endurance so I will give you two day’s relief from the belt.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. kikamystik says:

    Sounds like you guys are having fun on your holiday.

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