Even More Holiday Fun

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here, here, here, here, and here.

Day 17

I woke up before Diane, looked out of the window to see a lot of cloud. Whilst she was still sleeping I attached her wrist and ankle cuffs. Her ankle cuffs were joined together with a short hobble whilst her wrists were locked together.

When she woke I heard a curse as she realised that she was restrained. I heard her shuffle to the bathroom, and then out to the kitchen area where I was preparing our breakfast.

She said “What plans have we got for the day?”

“A stay at home day as it is cloudy now and there is a forecast of rain later.”

“Ugh, I wanted to lose some more days from the belt before we went to the beach.”

“Too bad.”

We spent much of the morning reading and playing games on our tablets. Diane was kept in her cuffs all this time and when she needed to, she shuffled around the villa.

Late afternoon the rain started and there was a spectacular thunderstorm. We watched from the French doors before I said, “you wanted to get wet today by going to the beach.”

I unlocked her wrists before I picked up a length of rope, guided her outside and ran the rope over a beam before securing her wrists above her head. I left her out in the rain.

Half an hour later, I released her and she quickly shuffled inside where there was a towel waiting for her. She dried herself off before saying “God that was strange. The rain felt like a gentle flogging all over.”

Day 18

Overnight the storm had cleared and we were greeted with a bright sunny day. She asked for and received 18 cane strokes before we went to the beach. She was in her new bikini and certainly turned some heads as the patterns on the fabric highlighted her prominent nipples.

That evening I placed her button-less blouse, a medium length skirt and 3 lengths of ribbon on the bed. The skirt and blouse were not a problem for her. She asked “What are the ribbons for?”

“That is easy, let me show you.”

I picked up on of the two shorter ribbons, threaded it thorough the lower piercing on her left labia and tied it around her left leg gently pulling the lip open. I did the same for the right hand side. The longer ribbon was threaded through the upper piercing on the left hand side, both ends of the ribbon were pulled behind her bum and a longer length went around to her right hand piercing threaded through and finally I tied the two ends in a bow behind her bum.

As she moved around “F*** Every time I move my lips are pulled, and they will be spread open all evening.”

With a grin I added, “Do you want more?”

“It’s up to you Master.”

I thought for a moment before I picked up a little bell and attached it to her clit hood piercing and asked her to move.

The bell tinkled with even the slightest movement. I decided to remove it and replaced it with a small light weight padlock. I then added a chain between her nipples and locked it on so that they were gently pulled together.

I finished with “Now you are ready.”

The walk to the restaurant was slow as she took small steps so as not to pull on her piercings too much. After dinner we stopped at a bar. In the bar one couple, Dave and Debbie, came over and we started chatting. A while later Debbie said to Diane “I saw you the other night with a similar blouse without a chain. I like the idea of the chain holding the two sides together.”

Diane smiled before replying “It is the same blouse, just that the chain is attached to my nipples.”

Debbie was speechless whilst Diane looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I nodded my head and Diane then said “why don’t you come back with us for a drink at our villa and we will explain all.”

After a slow stroll back, as we unlocked the door, Dave said “we are almost neighbours, were just three doors away.”

I served the drinks, and Diane started to explain “we are a couple who love BDSM. I am primarily a submissive, and after losing a competition, based on the women’s football world cup in the summer, I have been in some form of bondage for the whole of our holiday starting when we left until we get home.”

Debbie was not expecting that reply, but then asked “how about when you are in a bikini at the beach?”

“That is easy, my pussy is locked up with either a bullet vibrator or some balls stuffed inside me. Also, Charles has had a bikini specially made for me that makes me very aroused.”

“What do you mean?”

Before Diane replied I said “We don’t want you to be embarrassed. If you are OK with nudity, it would be easier for us to show you Diane’s bondage for tonight as well as how her pussy gets locked up.”

Debbie replied “It’s OK with me.”

Dave smiled as he added his confirmation.

I told Diane to go and get the bikini and the pussy lock from the bedroom. She shuffled off to do as I asked. When she returned she had taken off her blouse, proudly showing the chain that was secured to her nipples.

Dave and Debbie were fascinated and Debbie said “I’ve heard of nipple piercing, but never seen them in the flesh.” Turning to Diane she continued “Do they hurt?”

“They don’t now, but they were sore for a few days after they were done.”

Diane showed Debbie the bikini and explained the special features. Debbie looked fascinated.

I then had Diane take off her skirt and both of our guests gasped as they saw her lips spread open with the ribbons and the padlock on her clit piercing. I said “Time to remove them.”

I untied the bows, gently removed the ribbons before inserting the bullet vibrator that Diane had thoughtfully brought into the room and then locked her pussy up. I then removed the chain from her nipples.

Diane then asked “Debbie, Have you ever had anything other fingers squeeze your nipples?”

“No, why?”

“Well I find the sensations are really great. Let me show you.”

Debbie nervously agreed and removed her top and bra whilst Diane got the cups of the bikini and gently put them over the buds of Debbie’s nipples.

“WOW, they don’t hurt, and it such a gentle pressure that it’s rather pleasant.”

“I know. However the real distraction is from the beads in the bottom half. Don’t worry it is clean. Why don’t you go to the bathroom, remove your knickers and put it on using these locks.”

Debbie glanced at Dave before saying “what the hell.”

She stood up, shimmered out of her jeans to show that she was not wearing any knickers. Diane picked up the bottoms, locked the side straps and reached between Debbie’s legs, tugged at the chain gently before securing at the back of her waist.

Debbie moved a little before saying “God, these sensations are really pleasant.”

I got Diane to add the bikini top, and handed a key to Dave saying “This unlocks all of them. I suggest you leave Debbie locked up until you get to the villa. You can drop it off in the morning.”

I then picked up the remote for the bullet and played with it. Dave and Debbie did not notice the change of Diane’s stance as the vibrator turned on.

Around midnight Dave and Debbie left us. As they went through the door I saw Dave give Debbie a playful swat on her backside.

We went to the bedroom and I cuffed her ankles and locked them to the bed with a short chain. We snuggled up in bed and Diane said “Please take me, I am so horny.”

“No, you can wait until the morning. And for that request I am going to leave the bullet going.”

She protested a little until I said “The cane strokes have just gone up a notch and I think some more fun torture is in order for tomorrow night.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Seems like you are enjoying a nice long holiday!

    Rebel xox

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