A chance meeting

The Wicked Wednesday prompt this week has brought forward a scenario that had I was thinking of writing about in a few weeks time.

Diane and I have been very happily married for sixteen years. We first met whilst I was at university a couple of years before we started going out together. Our courtship lasted four years before getting married.

Shortly after returning from holiday, Diane had to be away for a couple of nights on business and I went to the local pub on the Wednesday for an evening meal with Diane joining me later. Whilst there I sensed that there was someone watching me at times.

I went to the bar for a second pint of beer when a woman, I guessed to be in her late forties, approached saying “It is a long time since I saw you Charles. How are you doing?”

I was surprised to say the least as I did not recognise her. I paused a moment before saying with a quizzical frown “I am well, thank you.”

She replied “well you probably don’t remember me, I am Liz.”

I immediately remembered who she was. She was the person who set up Diane and my first proper date all that time ago. I said “Sorry, I didn’t recognise you. I do remember you well. Are you on your own this evening?”

“Yes, I’m on my own tonight.”

We chatted for a little at the bar before I went back to my seat. She asked if she could join me and at my bidding she sat opposite me. We chatted for a while until Diane arrived. She saw me and looked a little put out until I said “Surely you remember Liz?”

“Of course.” She replied before turning to Liz saying “Sorry, You have changed a lot and I didn’t recognise you.”

Liz replied “That is exactly the same reaction that Charles had.”

Diane got her drink and we chatted together catching up for the last 20 years.

We discovered that Liz was recently divorced and had moved into the local area just a few weeks ago. As the conversation progressed she commented “I remember you both were into some sexy kinky things. I hope that you have kept that up.”

Diane smiled saying “we do enjoy a bit of fun from time to time.”

Liz then startled us by saying “well, one of the reasons I got divorced was that my ex-husband and I grew apart as we were not really compatible, especially in the bedroom where he would not offer anything more than a very quick f*** in the missionary position. I was tempted to have affairs but out of respect for him I didn’t. Since we split I have had a couple of lovers, but I didn’t feel comfortable to tell them that I wanted a little spice in my sex life.”

This did not surprise either of us as before I met and fell in love with Diane, Liz and I had had a couple of intense sessions and Diane had seen us at clubs together.

I looked at Diane who had a smile on her face when she said to Liz, “Charles and I need to talk for a few minutes. Why don’t you go to the ladies and I will come out when we have finished our chat.”

She got up and slowly walked to the ladies.

Diane turned to me and quietly said “I am up for giving her a workout over the weekend and frustrate the hell out of her. What do you think?”

“Well it could be interesting especially as it could fulfil one of your fantasies.”

We chatted together for just a couple of minutes before Diane got up and went to the ladies. She came back with a smile on her face saying “I have just given her a test to see how serious she is.”

Moments after Diane had rejoined me Liz returned and handed me her bra and knickers. I nodded to Diane who then said “well you have passed the first test. What plans have you for the weekend?”

“No plans at the moment.”

“Good, we will walk back to our house when we have finished our drinks.”

When we left the pub, we turned on to the footpath and Diane said. “Your second test is to strip off all your clothing except your shoes.”

Liz quickly removed her dress and that was all she was wearing. Diane handed me the dress and said “My car is in the pub car park. Drive home and wait for us at the gate.”

I did as requested and waited at our gate with Diane and Liz joining us a few minutes later. Diane took Liz’s dress from me, gave it back and said “The main road is just up this lane. I have your email address and tonight one of us will send you a form that needs to be fully completed and returned tomorrow by six pm. On Saturday morning you will walk back here in just a dress and a jacket if it is cold. Later tomorrow, you will be given some instructions and anything you are asked to bring must be in a carrier bag. The gate will be locked and a small box will be waiting. On your arrival you will remove everything apart from your shoes and put everything except for the bag into the box and lock it closed. Once you have done that you will ring the bell at precisely 10 am and we will let you in and you will hand over the bag as you enter our house.”

Liz shivered a little and said “Thank you, I will do as instructed.”

Diane and I walked to the house hand in hand. After sending an email with a form to Liz, we rushed up to the bedroom. We were soon stripped and enjoying a romp before going to sleep.

Thursday evening I got home to find the email from Liz. I printed it and over supper we reviewed Liz’s responses. We were surprised at how few things were classed as hard limits. Most of her preferences and limits were the same as ours, so we knew it could be an interesting weekend.

Saturday morning came and I watched, using the security screen camera on the gate, as Liz stripped off, put her clothing in the box and locked it. She then rang the bell and I pressed the button for the gate to open.

As she walked to the house, Diane opened the door and we greeted Liz at the door. She immediately handed the bag to Diane and I went to retrieve the box from the gate.

When I returned I found that Diane had her remove her shoes and turn around facing away. Diane pointed at the watch on Liz’s wrist and I nodded my head. Diane in a stern voice said “You were given a specific instruction, what did you forget to take off?”

Liz replied “Nothing Miss.”

Diane said “wrong answer, what is on your left wrist.”

Liz apologised as she removed it and handed it over to Diane.

Diane then asked “What did we say would happen if you did not follow the very specific instructions?”

“I would be sent home wearing what I was in at the time or be punished.”

“Well, sending you home like this now might well get you arrested, so what punishment do you think would be appropriate?”

“What you think is appropriate Miss.”

“Good answer. We will decide on a suitable punishment later. Now before we go any further, we need to review the limits you sent us as well as the ground rules.”

Over coffee we went through her list in detail and after discussion some of the answers on the questionnaire were amended.

We then confirmed the agreed ground rules for the weekend that were:-

I will be sub to Diane, but Liz will be sub to both of us.
Liz will refer to Diane as Miss, and me Sir.
There will be no intercourse between me and Liz.
Liz will follow all orders given by either of us without question.
Whilst there will be marks, we will try not to break her skin.
Her safe words follow the Green Amber and Red system.
When gagged will hum “Happy birthday” as her safe word.
The session will last until 6pm Sunday.
Liz may not orgasm without permission.

Once we had gone over this I asked “do you still want to be put through your paces?”

“Definitely Sir, I need to do this for my own peace of mind as well as learn from it.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Sounds like some fun times are ahead 🙂

    Rebel xox

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