Liz’s first day

We follow on from last week‘s episode

Diane ordered me to strip and for Liz to put on the choker that she had been instructed to bring in her bag. We did as we were told. Diane then said to Liz, “while you are wearing the choker you are our sub.”

Liz saw that I was wearing my cage and raised an eyebrow. Diane saw this smiled as she said “Don’t worry about him, he is used to it. It is especially nasty as it has little nubs inside that make it extremely uncomfortable when he gets aroused. I intend that he has as an uncomfortable day like you.”

We went to the playroom where Diane also stripped off. The sight of my gorgeous wife and another attractive woman in their birthday suits soon had me uncomfortable around the groin.

Diane ordered Liz onto the bondage table. Liz hopped up onto it and I was instructed to help secure her so her legs were apart with her arms and torso securely tied to the table.

Diane asked “I see that you aren’t clean shaven, Have you ever shaved completely down there.”

“No Miss. I’ve thought about it, but never done it.”

“Well, you may as well experience it now.” Turning to me she ordered “Go get the shaving kit and a bowl of warm water.”

I disappeared for a couple of minutes as I retrieved the necessary items.

When I got back, Diane ordered “Charles, you are to shave her pussy so it is as smooth as it was when she was born.”

I carefully clipped Liz’s hair before applying plenty of shaving cream. While I was doing this Diane was gently caressing Liz all over her torso and I could hear the arousal build. I gently started to shave her above her pussy before gently stretching her pussy lips so that I could remove all the hair. Whilst I was shaving Liz, Diane started on Liz’s nipples and was certainly make her horny.

Diane warned “Remember no cumming until you are given permission.”

After I had ensured Liz’s pussy lips were clean shaven I turned my attention to the area around and above her clit. Diane smiled as I gently held Liz’ clit whilst shaving her. Diane with a nod indicated that she wanted me to start stroking Liz’s clit to increase her arousal and torture.

Liz was squirming, finding it difficult whilst she was bound so tightly. I finished the shaving and continued to stroke Liz’s pussy area until I was ordered to stop.

Liz was panting hard and moaning that she wanted to come. Diane with an evil grin said “Absolutely no orgasms.”

We left Liz for a while to calm down before she was released from the table and had her wrists lightly secured behind her back.

We left the playroom with Diane removing Liz’s choker, to have a coffee before the next play session.

Diane then said. “Although you are lightly restrained you may now talk freely until your collar is back on. Tell us how you felt in that session.”

“I was nervous initially as I have never been shaved there before. The attention the two of you gave me was very stimulating. If I was not under orders not to cum, I would have done so hard.”

“That is exactly what I expected to hear. What I can tell you is that when the hair grows back you will find it somewhat itchy to remind of the time you spent with us.”

We continued chatting until Diane said, “Time for your choker to be put back on.”

Liz and I walked quietly to the playroom where she ordered me to prepare the strap cage and asked Liz. “I know you like to be in confinement, have you ever experienced one of these?”

“No Miss. I’ve only read about them.”

“Good. Now insert your bullet vibrator.”

Liz followed the order and Diane picked out the clit stimulator and put it on Liz.

Liz stepped onto the platform, I raised the strap cage, ensured that the neck ring was in place before Securing it to the hook on the winch. The winch was activated and the cage rose until it was no longer touching the floor.

Diane smiled evilly as she said to Liz “This will test you even more.”

Diane turned both the bullet and clit stimulator on low. Liz was moaning and groaning with her arousal when Diane ordered me onto the spanking bench. I was properly secured when she turned to Liz saying “If you orgasm without permission, this is what you can expect on what will be an already sore bum.”

She picked up our most evil implement, the four canes bundled into one. She laid down six moderately hard strokes that had me howling as each landed.

Liz’s eyes widened as she saw the effect of the cane.

Diane then went to Liz, turned up the bullet by one notch and the clit stimulator by two. “You will endure this for fifteen minutes, and it will be six strokes of that nice cane bundle each time you come.”

The constant stimulation really took its toll on Liz as she fought against the arousal that was building inside her. She was quite vocal and Diane went to her, played with her nipples as she whispered in her ear.

After the fifteen minutes were up, Diane said “You may come once in the next minute.”

Liz needed no encouragement to let the orgasm crash through her. As soon as the orgasm finished, Diane turned off the bullet and clit stimulation. Liz was lowered down and released from the strap cage and Diane helped her walk unsteadily to the sofa where Liz was allowed to recover.

Diane removed her choker and held her for about half an hour before they both joined me in the dining room where there was a salad I had prepared waiting.

Liz enjoyed her meal and afterwards said “That was pure evil, I was desperate and I have never come so hard before.”

Diane smiled as she replied “I know, it is devilish, but when the release comes, it is so intense.”

We lounged around for a while before Diane said “Time for some more fun.”

We took Liz back to the playroom where she was placed in a standing spread-eagle and then blindfolded.

Diane said “Now for a nice long flogging. Remember, you are not allowed to cum at all.”

Liz said nothing as Diane gave me the famous neoprene flogger. Liz was sighing and enjoyed about fifteen minutes of the flogger on her back. Before Diane took over. Diane continued to flog the whole of Liz’s back before the starting on her front. Liz’s breasts felt the full force of the flogger and although they bounced as each strike landed, there were no marks. Diane carefully continued over the whole of Liz’s front for quite a while but avoided her pussy. Finally Diane landed her last stroke on Liz’s pussy, leaving her trembling with desire.

We let Liz calm down for a while before releasing her and let her regain the use of her arms and legs.

That was all we did in the afternoon. Liz was allowed to relax and we enjoyed her company before Diane said “Choker on.”

Liz put her choker on before Diane continued, “Got to the loo now and when you get back, insert your butt pug and medium sized dildo.”

Liz picked her butt plug from the bag, lubricated it before inserting it. She then picked up the dildo. Diane looked at it saying “we told you to bring a medium sized dildo, that it is way more than that.”

Liz sheepishly said “sorry Miss that is the only one I own. I did not have time to get another one as I don’t work in town.”

Diane looked at me and said “I will let that go. Charles go and get the right sized one from the playroom and plenty of rope.”

I went to the playroom and retrieved the right dildo as well as plenty of rope.

Once the dildo was in Diane ordered me to place a rope corset on Liz, ensuring that her nipples were clearly visible.

I did as I was told and using the rope carefully placed a rope corset and panties on Liz. The ropes around her breasts made them stand out a bit and her nipples were like bullet points. In addition I added an extra knot to rub against her clit.

Diane then told Liz to put on her blouse and skirt.

Diane and I quickly dressed before I said to Liz, “we are going out to the pub for a meal. Your corset stays as it is and will be removed when we get back.”

We enjoyed the walk to the pub across the fields, although Liz did find it rather awkward as both of her holes were filled and the extra knot did its work. When we got to the pub, by chance, we found that our friends James and Petra were there. They invited the three of us to join them. Liz was a bit nervous about this, but I gently ushered her to a chair and whispered, “Don’t worry; they are good friends who are also very discreet.”

We enjoyed a very good meal and when Diane sent Liz to get a round of Drinks James said to me “does she need someone to look after her kinky needs?”

“Quite probably.” I replied.

“In that case I think I know someone who she might be interested in meeting.”

“OK, but don’t say anything to her.”

Liz returned with our drinks winced slightly as she sat down. Petra asked Liz “So I suppose they have you a little full this evening.”

Liz looked at Diane nervously before Diane said “You can tell them.”

“I have my two holes plugged and am in a rope corset.”

Petra smiled as she said. “Don’t be nervous, James put me in a set of rope panties using a rough rope which is very itchy.”

Later we walked back and Liz politely asked about James and Petra. We explained that James was the architect for the house and together with another friend had constructed and furnished the playroom.

On arrival at our home, Diane said “Time for you to get yourself ready for a good night’s rest. Go to the bathroom, remove your corset and inserts and join us in the playroom.”

A few minutes later Liz joined us in the playroom to find that there was a cage in the middle of the room.

She nervously stepped inside, laid down. We cuffed her arms and legs and with a two foot long chain joined her wrists and ankles together with the chain outside one of the upright bars. We placed a blanket over her before shutting the lid.

Diane and I got onto the four poster bed. She cuffed my wrists and ankles before she turned off the lights.

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to Liz’s first day

  1. Sounds like a nice first experience 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. i just love how you go in every week, wow!

  3. thelongbean says:

    Not just me- You have been at for quite a while too.

    I am thinking that there is enough for a book or two already (nearly 200 episodes)….

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