A game

We continue from the last two weeks (here and here) with Liz and Diane suffering torments and an experience with another woman..

We took a long break that included lunch. During this break Liz revealed that she was due to have dinner with her new boss and his partner that evening, after we had finished.

I said to Liz and Diane. “Now time for a little game. Back to the playroom with both of you.”

We all went to the play room. I then said to Diane. “Guide Liz through the implements. Liz, you are to choose 10 implements and lay them out on the table here, placing them, from left to right, in the order you think they should be used. They went through the implements with Liz asking suitable questions. It took a while before Liz made her final choice of what was to be used and in which order.

I said “The game is simple. The rules are:-

  • Liz, there will be 20 strokes of each implement that you have chosen.
  • After you have received five strokes of an implement you can call out Diane’s name and she will then be on the receiving end of the implement.
  • When Diane calls out your name you will receive more strokes. This will continue back and forth until I have delivered the 20 strokes with each of the implements.
  • You can only call out when you have received at least five strokes. If you call out before you have received the five strokes, you will receive the remainder of the 20 without being able to call out again.
  • Diane has the more tolerant bum, so she will not get a warm up, and her strokes will be harder than yours.
  • If either of you take all 20 strokes with an implement, then the other has to take 10 with the next one until she can call out your name.
  • The final twist is that you may only call out once for each implement.”

“Diane prepare Liz on the spanking bench. And give her a nice warm up spanking.”

Diane did as she was told and at the end Liz was sporting a nice pink bottom. Meanwhile, I had moved the spanking horse to the centre of the room. I then ordered Diane to bend over the horse while I secured her wrists and ankles to the legs.

I picked up the first implement that Liz had chosen which was a nice supple suede flogger. It swished loudly before a gentle thud rang out as I delivered each lash to Liz’s well warmed up bum. She gasped initially and as the count increased her grunts turned into moans. She took all 20. After the last one landed, which was followed by a pause, she wiggled her bum to encourage me to deliver more.

The next implement that Liz had selected was the riding crop. I delivered 5 strokes on each cheek just at Diane’s sit spot. I was careful to ensure that only the loose leather slapper at the end made contact with her skin whilst she gasped as each one landed. After fourteen had landed, she shouted Liz, so I moved to Liz and landed three slaps on each of her cheeks. The next implement was the ping pong bat, which Liz endured for eight strokes before calling out “Diane”.

Diane hates the ping pong bat and after just five strokes she called out “Liz”. Liz struggled to endure the remaining 7 strokes with the ping pong bat.

The next implement Liz had chosen was the leather paddle. Earlier, I was a little surprised when I saw this next in line, but she endured fifteen strokes before calling out for Diane to receive the last five which had her gasping with the effect on her bum.

The next implement I knew was going to be interesting as Diane received the first five strokes of the Scorpion before she called out “Liz”.

The first stroke landed on Liz’s now reddened bum and this had her cursing as she felt the effect of the 20 little tails each delivering its sting. She endured 10 strokes before calling out “Diane.”

I saw a distinctive shudder as Diane heard this and I landed her extra five strokes. I picked up the Naughty stick and started to land the bands of fire it produces on Diane’s now reddened bum. She squealed as each landed. After eight strokes she called out for Liz to be on the receiving end. The first three landed and Liz hollered out Diane’s name. I smiled at Diane before saying “That was only three, so now you get the other 9 to come.

Diane smiled with relief as it is another implement she does not like. Liz hollered as all her remaining strokes landed.

I picked up the Dragon’s tail which I know always brings tears to Diane’s eyes as it produces a very intense sting. Diane shivered and was soon crying as the first 10 strokes landed. She continued for three more before she decided that Liz should sample it intense bite. Liz, too was soon crying, but continued for the remainder of the strokes.

I caressed Liz’s bum before I picked up the cane that she had selected. This was a medium one that combines thud with sting, and Liz was soon enjoying each of the lines of fire that it produced. After twelve strokes she decided that Diane should be on the receiving end, so I turned my attention to laying down the remaining stripes across Diane’s bum. Diane decided after the sixth one landed that she had had enough and Liz received the last two.

Liz looked in trepidation as I picked up the wooden paddle that had three rows of five holes along its surface. I laid the first stroke on her rosy cheeks to bring out a shrill squeal. She continued with the shrill shrieks as another nine strokes landed on her bum bring out a lot of nice round welts. She called out “Diane”. I moved over to Diane and landed eight more strokes before it was Liz’s turn to receive the final two.

I am not particularly proficient with the final implement that she had chosen. I turned to Liz and whispered, “If it is alright with you, Diane is much better using this than I am. Will you take all twenty and then I will teach you how to give Diane a five bar gate on each bum cheek later when you cane her.”

Liz behind her tears nodded before I asked her is that a “Yes.”

She nodded again.

I went to Diane, released her and said, “Liz has agreed to you delivering all twenty of the last implement.”

Diane took a couple of minutes to compose herself. She picked up the quirt. She carefully let the intense spots of fire land on each side directly on Liz’s sit spot.

We released Liz who was tearful. We helped off the spanking bench, held her for a while before she said “My ass is on fire.” She found a mirror and to her great surprise all she could see was a very red bum with lots of welts from the various implements and the quirt.

We went to the living room and had coffee.

It was nearly five o’clock when I said to Liz “Just one punishment for you from the weekend. And I will get Diane to give you it.”

Diane escorted Liz to the playroom and when I entered I was surprised to see her bent over clutching her ankles. I raised an eyebrow before Diane said “I offered restraints, but she refused them.”

I went to the cupboard where we hang our canes and passed the metal cane to Diane. I calmly said “Six of these at medium to severe, as I don’t think she is ready for the bundle.”
Diane carefully tapped Liz’s bum before letting the first stroke down. Liz squealed loudly but grimly held on to her ankles. The next stroke elicited the same response as the line of fire landed. The next four all produced thin angry red welts on her now tender sit spot.
We let her get up, gingerly feel the welts and when she looked at her fingers she was surprised to find that there was no blood as we had not broken her skin throughout the whole afternoon.

I turned to Diane, “Now your turn for your punishment. As Liz agreed to you using the quirt for all twenty strokes, I have agreed to teach her how to place a five bar gate on each of your lovely cheeks. Time to get on the bench.”

Diane was soon strapped onto the bench and after using a wipe to clean the business end of the cane, I explained to Liz that she needed to produce five distinct lines across each of Diane’s cheeks. Liz took her time practicing with the cane before a whistle, followed by a crack and finally a squeal, emanated from Diane and a distinct red line appeared on her left cheek. Four more well-spaced lines appeared on her left cheek. The right cheek also got five lines. I indicated to Liz where the next stroke should land, but with a little grin she added her own twist by adding a vertical line on each cheek before repositioning herself to add the agony of a diagonal line that crossed all others on each cheek. Diane was hollering as these final strokes landed.

We released Diane from the bench. There was a little time before Liz had to leave, and we took the time to discuss the weekend’s events.

The next evening I checked my email to find a note from Liz thanking us for the weekend. She added that she had an interesting dinner as there was no padding on the dining chairs. Also she requested a meeting at the pub later in the week……

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to A game

  1. I can only imagine the squirming during the boss’s dinner… ouchie!

    Rebel xox

  2. oh my! i love the end the best…without padding!

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