A night out

Author’s note:- This week celebrates the 200th weekly episode of adventures for Charles, Diane and friends.

The original intention was to write 10 or so episodes, but as time went on, the adventures took on a life of their own. As I start to write the next adventure, from a germ of an idea, I do not always know where that adventure ends until I have finished it. This week is no different, although I hope it wraps up the last little adventure that started here.

It is written from Liz’s perspective.

Charles has asked me to write this after I had spent two days with them at their house.

I was getting ready to go home after the last session where I got a sore bum. Diane asked if I was up to a little more fun, that would not be painful, on my way home. It took me about 15 minutes to walk to them the previous morning. I knew I had to leave home about 7.30, so I said “Provided I have time to get ready for the dinner, yes.”

Diane smiled saying “Don’t worry; you should have plenty of time to get ready.”

“Go on then, but remember I’ve got a sore bum.”

“Your bum is not as sore as mine, but it will be fine.”

Diane went to my bag, which by then bad been unlocked, and selected a pair of jeans and the tight fitting T-shirt. She picked up some other things that I could not see. She gave me the evil clit stimulator, my bullet vibrator and the pair of jeans. “I think you know what to do.”

I carefully inserted the bullet and made sure that the stimulator was properly placed and the straps did not bite into the welts on my bum. I then put on the jeans. She went behind me and ran a chain through the belt loops and used a padlock with four dials to secure it together at the front. “When you get home, ring me from your land line and I will give you the combination for the lock.”

I thought “this will be interesting, but manageable as I survived both the previous day without too much difficulty.”

I finished dressing and gave both of them a hug. Diane gave me a playful swat on my ass as I left. As soon as I was out of the door, both the bullet and stimulator were turned on at maximum.

I walked home get increasingly aroused. Initially my T-shirt did not display much in the way of nipple, but after just 200m I could see that they were now prominently on display and I was struggling to hold back as the stimulation was so great.

Somehow I managed to get home, taking about twice as long as it took to get to them. I sat down, picked up the phone and breathlessly confirmed I was home. I carefully wrote down the combination before I succumbed to the stimulation and had a very intense orgasm that had me shaking and twitching. I managed to unlock the padlock, took off my jeans, removed the stimulator and bullet before relaxing for a few minutes.

I looked at the clock and saw that I had about an hour to get ready to go out for dinner. I took my time, making sure that I was wearing a soft skirt. I tried wearing knickers, but decided against them.

After some general talk with my boss I was shown to the dining room and was horrified to see that the seats of the chairs around the table were solid wood with no padding. I gingerly sat down. Because they were so well made, they were not too uncomfortable. I managed not to squirm much during the meal, although I could feel the soreness of my bum.

The feeling was not too unpleasant as I could associate it with the pleasure that I had during the weekend.

When I got home I sent a quick email to Diane and Charles thanking them for the weekend and told them about the chairs with no padding. I also suggested an evening at the pub during the week.

Charles replied that Diane was away on business during the week so the visit to the pub would have to wait until Saturday.

I immediately replied that Saturday was fine. Diane replied with a big smiley.

An email from Diane pinged into my inbox on Saturday morning requesting my mobile number if I was game for sexy fun that evening.

I had to wait until about 10 minutes before I was about to leave when I heard my phone beep to say a text had arrived. It read:
Mata04Insert a butt plug, tie a rope around your waist as pictured making sure that there is a big knot nestling on your clit. Best to wear a skirt. No underwear of any sort and make sure you have a nice nearly see through top on. See you at the pub.

I saw the picture and thought “this looks interesting.” I inserted my small butt plug, tied the rope as in the picture and dressed in a suitable top, skirt and put on my 3″ heels.

Walking to the pub was not nearly as bad as walking back from Charles and Diane’s house the previous weekend. It felt strange having the plug in me, but the knot was certainly making me feel really good.

I found Charles was at the bar, I asked for a wine and we took the three drinks to the table where Diane was sitting. Charles asked me whether I had followed Diane’s suggestion. I confirmed I had and that it felt good.

He then said “I’m glad that you are feeling good. Diane being her usual mischievous self has spiced up tonight for both of you.”

He then passed me what looked like a key fob. “This is the remote for the bullet she has inside her. Her lips are locked up. It is up to you to play with the remote until we leave. She is not allowed to orgasm and later you can decide on her sleeping arrangements.”

I picked up the remote, turned to the setting just below the highest. She squirmed and looked alarmed as I took the battery out of the remote and put it in my purse.

Charles smiled asking “Why so high?”

“It’s simple, I really enjoyed last weekend, especially Sunday Morning. However I was still feeling the effects of the quirt until Thursday. Don’t get me wrong, the sensation was great, but still a reminder of how sore my bum was. Also I am starting to feel the itch from when you shaved me under her orders.”

“I’d forgotten how much of a sadist you were.”

I smiled before continuing “It is a long time since I had been in a play session, and the first time I had been on the receiving end. It has awakened my needs and now I will have to find a suitable partner who can satisfy my dominant streak and who will also occasionally take the lead.”

The three of us continued chatting as friends. I knew all along that the previous weekend was just a “one off”. However just as we were getting another round of drinks, the couple who I met the previous weekend walked in with a tall, slim good looking man around my age.

Charles beckoned them over and indicated that they should join us. The man was introduced as Andrew and before long the two of us were chatting away, hardly taking any notice of the others. Time passed very quickly and soon it was time for the pub to close.

Unusually for me, I gave Andrew my phone number and he promised to ring me soon.

I was invited to walk back to Charles and Diane’s house. Charles took pity on Diane and allowed her to release the pent up orgasm. As she came, she was very vocal and struggled to stay upright.

Once we were at their home Diane teased me a little about monopolising Andrew as the rest of them could hardly get to talk with him.

I blushed a little saying “We just clicked. I hope I’ll see him again.”

Charles asked me how I thought Diane’s punishment should continue. I considered it for a moment before saying “have you got a really tight sleep sack?”

Diane looked askance as Charles replied “Yes”.

“Good, put her in it and secure her tight down onto your bondage table. Leave any insertables inside her just as they are and let her enjoy them until the batteries run out.”

With a smile Charles said “I doubt the bullet will. It has very long battery life, as Diane well knows. It’s just a shame I didn’t make her insert the vibrating butt plug as well.”

I then said to Charles “how about an incentive not to wake you up?”

“Go on.”

“Six of that cane bundle for every time she wakes you during the night.”

“I think that is really nicely evil.”

I left them and walked home still nicely turned on by the crotch rope and the butt plug. I was however glad to get home, remove both distractions and enjoy some self-pleasuring, fantasising about Andrew doing it instead of my fingers.

I got two calls the next morning, the first from Charles to say that Diane was going to have a sore bum later as she earned 18 strokes of the cane bundle. The next was from Andrew inviting me for a drink that night.

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to A night out

  1. WOW, the 200th episode. Go you!

    Rebel xox

  2. zeldaobannon says:

    So naughty! And 200 episodes– wow, that’s incredible!

  3. Oohh . . . the rope, the rope . . . that has just so, so, SO got me going!!!
    Xxx – K

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