Advent starts

Diane was away for many nights whilst getting ready to open the new chain of shops called “Spread the Love”. She and her team, with the board ‘s approval, had decided make a series of teaser advertisements culminating in 10 branches around the country opening the 6th of December.

The advertisements each featured models who were all wearing Venetian masks to hide the true identity. On one of the filming days I accompanied her to the rather remote location. This coincided with Celia being one of the models who had been booked. Unfortunately one of the booked models did not turn up. The model was critical for the advertisement. I could see Diane was very worried because some of the filming had to be completed in daylight.

Celia was a great help in calming her down. We chatted for a few minutes with Celia before she said “Look we need to get this done today. Diane your figure is good, why don’t you do it.”

Diane blushed and stuttered out, “but I am not a model and haven’t done anything like it before. Also my figure is not good enough.”

Celia giggled before saying “you did show nearly everything at that charity party earlier in the year. Anyway, you won’t be revealing nearly as much as you did then.”

Diane’s reluctance was evident, but the director interrupted saying “We need to get started.”

Diane eventually gave in and filled in for the missing model.

The shoot went well. Despite Diane not being a professional model she looked stunning after she had been made up. We agreed to keep quiet about what happened.

Zack was present when Dee was shown the advertisements. Dee and Zack were delighted with the results. I had let Zack in on the secret and he said to Dee “You need to identify which of the featured female models was not a professional. Getting it wrong will result in a very, very sore bum for you tonight.”

I whispered in Diane’s ear “If she gets it right it’s your bum on the line.”

Dee viewed each of the advertisements carefully for a second time. She said “How the f**k am I supposed to identify her, they are all gorgeous looking women. I really can’t work it out. I will guess the one wearing the red dressing gown which she slips off before walking to the bed.”

Zack smiled as he said “well apart from you’re swearing, you are let off the sore bum tonight.”

Diane nervously crossed her legs before adding “That was a lucky guess for you, but not for me.”

Zack raised an eyebrow before I said “Yes, I told her if Dee got it right it was her bum that would receive the attention.”

He then turned to Dee, saying “It is nice when we get senior management showing off.”

Dee looked puzzled before Diane explained what happened. Dee laughed before saying “Umm wouldn’t it be nice to make some instructional videos for our customers.”

Diane said “That’s interesting, that was something the director mentioned when he saw the flogger on one of the shoots.”

Dee hesitated a little. Zack with a grin said “What a great idea, even more so if I can torment my lovely wife for everyone to see.”

Dee said nothing.


When we got home that night, Diane immediately tried to distract me from giving her the promised sore bum by reminding me that advent started the next day. We discussed this briefly before we decided to have our own special advent calendar with each of us making up 12 “treats”.

It took an hour or so for us to make up the necessary treats with me making up the treats for even numbered days and Diane odd. Apart from the Saturday and Sunday ones, which we assigned the dates, we inserted them in envelopes and shuffled our respective selections before numbering them so that we did not know what was coming on which day. Unlike our previous advent calendar there are to be no “appeals” and for whatever reason (including Diane being away on business) any missed treat was to be doubled the following day.

Once that was done, Diane blanched when I said it was time for her bum to receive the attention it needed. I soon had her over my knee giving a warm up spanking as I wanted this to be a fun one. She was wriggling a little as the intensity of my hand spanking increased.

Once I was satisfied that her bum was ready, I picked up the flat back wooden hairbrush and gave her 24 nice hard strokes that brought tears to her eyes. Once I was happy she had a suitably red ass, I gently stroked and caressed it to have her moaning with desire. When I let her up, she quickly pulled me up and dragged me into the bedroom for an exquisite session of love making.

December 1st

In the morning at breakfast, she handed me the first day’s “treat”. I opened it and then showed it to her. She gulped a little before saying, “well my bum is still a little sore, I will have to ring Alex.”

I went to the playroom, picked up the specified implement and returned to find her bent over ready for me. I got into position, caressed her bum for a few minutes before landing the first stroke of the scorpion on her perfect round ass. She found it difficult to remain bent over as the implement has 20 tails each of a different length.

As stated on the card, she asked for hard strokes and I was only too happy to oblige her request. I ensured that each of the strokes landed well and her bum (and most importantly her sit spot) was covered with tiny welts as each of the 20 tails made its mark.

We went out to the car and as she sat in the passenger seat I could see her hide a wince as she sat. She was very quiet on the drive into work. Once inside the offices I went with her to her office and as we passed Alex I asked “have you got her an extra cushion?”

“No, unfortunately they have all disappeared, I expect they are in Dee’s Office as I heard some rather loud curses from there shortly after I got in.”

Diane smiled a little and disappeared to Dee’s office to try and retrieve a cushion. She returned looking a little forlorn as she said “There’s no cushions around.”

I smiled as I heard that before saying “Well, it’s your fault for asking for what you got this morning.”

Later in the day, Diane told me that she had found out that Zack together with the Health and Safety manager had removed all spare cushions on the pretext that they did not have the appropriate fire safety notices.

Wicked Wednesday

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