Advent Calendar Part 2

Our advent calendar started here

2nd December

The envelope Diane opened just read “A quiet night for Diane”.

She asked “What does that mean?”

“Just what it says, all will be revealed tonight when you get home.”

The day passed rapidly and I had plenty of work to keep me occupied until it was time to make my way home. Diane got home a bit later than me. As soon as she was in the front door, I gave her a hug and said “The quiet night in starts now. You are not allowed to talk or make any noise unless you are asked a direct question that needs an answer. If you do, you will be gagged until it is time to go to bed. If you make a noise when gagged, you will then be losing both your ability to see and hear.”

She shuddered on hearing this but wisely made no protest. She managed to sit quietly through the meal. Unfortunately for her, she did quietly squeal when I gave her a playful smack on her still moderately tender bum. I picked up the 2 inch red ball gag and this was applied. She hates the gag as she has difficulty in controlling the drool.

I was pleased that she managed to stay quiet for the rest of the evening so I could watch my favourite TV programme without interruption.

3rd December

The card read “12 hard cane strokes on a bum this evening. After supper, deal the cards until the first ace. The loser receives the strokes.”

Diane smiled as she said, “well that will have to wait until tomorrow as I am away tonight.”

4th December

I had to wait until Diane got home from her trip before we opened the envelope. The treat was a simple hour in predicament bondage for her.

We agreed that this would be after the cane strokes that were postponed from the previous day. I got a pack of cards, shuffled them well. I allowed Diane to cut and then deal them alternately between us. Unfortunately for me the second card assigned to her was an ace, so I had to face 24 strokes of the cane.

With a hint of a smirk I was instructed to go to the playroom, get the spanking machine out, and get myself ready on the bench. She took her time getting to the playroom, but when she did arrive she was wearing a very enticing set of lingerie and nothing else. She secured me to the bench, went to the cupboard that held the canes, select one of the nastier ones, inserted into the machine, and set the controls. Just before she pressed start she said with a smile, “Your 24 strokes start now and it will take 24 minutes for them to be administered.”

As usual with the machine, the only noises were the swish of the cane, the THWACK on impact any sounds emanating from the receiver of the stroke. The first one landed and I squealed as the line of fire was felt. The stroke felt much harder than normal since it has been a while since my ass had been the subject of any abuse. The second stroke landed very quickly after the first before a long pause before the third landed. After the last one landed, Diane quickly released me and hugged me tightly.

It took quite a while for me to recover before I put her in her hour of bondage. I decided that it would be very simple with just her arms tied behind her back. However the predicament was a little more interesting. I had her bend her knees a little and then attached a string to her pussy rings and a weight that was on the floor. If she stood up her lips would be pulled. I also attached a string from her nipple piercings so that when she relieved the pull on her lips, her nipples would be pulled up.

I stayed with her all through the session, and she really found it quite a challenge.

I quickly released her at the end of the hour and gave her abused nipples some tender care with my mouth and her sore lips some attention with my hand. The aftercare I gave excited her to a strong orgasm that left a very sexy happy smile on her face.

5th December

Being the first weekend in Advent, I was the one that had selected the two treats. We opened the card and Diane looked at me with a wry smile after she read, “Diane is to wear a hobble until Monday morning. If it is not raining, then she will have a chilly walk tonight to the pub and back as that is all she will wear. If it is raining, then other arrangements will be made.”

I picked up two wider than normal cuffs, placed them just above her knees, locked them on and then attached them together with just a 4 inch long chain.

She practiced walking a little and I enjoyed watching her shuffle around the kitchen. When it was time to go shopping I took a little mercy on her and replaced the short chain with one 9 inches long.

She found it rather slow going when we went shopping. When we got home she slumped into an arm chair and had a nap. When it was time to go to the pub, I put her clothes in a bag and we walked along the country path. Her nipples reacted as I expected with the chill in the air and were hard by the time we arrived at the gate on the road leading to the pub.

The same happened when we went home. As we got into bed, she said “I need you close as I need warming up.”

I was delighted that her nipples were still hard so I was able to get her really begging for me “Give it to me. Hard.”

6th December

I gave her the card that read “Your task for the day is put up the Christmas decorations. It won’t be as easy as you think. Anything you wear stays on until morning.”

She looked at me with a puzzled expression when I placed ankle cuffs on her with a generous 15 inch chain. I then placed her wrist cuffs on and a belt. I attached the left wrist to her right ankle with a chain and vice versa. The twist was that each chain ran through the ring on the belt and she was not able to raise her hand much above her breasts without lifting a leg.

I left her to do the decorations while I did some chores outside.

As she clinked her way to bed that night with a sexy voice she said “Now to finish off a fun day properly.”

7th December

Diane had made up the day’s treat that read “Charles, your nice device with the spikes is to be worn until you have given me 7 orgasms.”

I gulped, but followed the instruction to wear the device. Once locked on, with a smirk she said “this will be fun as I’m away for a couple of nights.”

That night we had a skype conversation where she was happily prancing around the hotel room in her birthday suit before teasing me whilst she brought herself to orgasm. She was being totally evil as I suffered from the spikes digging into my now engorged member.

8th December

I rang Diane as I opened the envelope for the day. “No underwear day at work today. (If it is not a work day it waits until the next one)”

She promptly told me that she had not got suitable clothes with her and it would have to wait until she got back. I laughed a little before saying “well it will be double tomorrow and that will be doubled again the day after until you start the treat.”

Wicked Wednesday

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