Advent- Part 4

16th December

We opened the card for the day. Diane looked at the contents before saying “Bloody hell, a knicker less day at work, locked up with ben wa balls inside me. That is pure evil.”

I smiled before I added, “That will make you nice and horny when you get home.”

She dutifully went to the bedroom, collected the balls and long padlock we use to lock her lips together. She lifted her skirt in front of me inserted the balls and then passed me the key to lock her up.

Although I was working at her office that day, I did not see her. When it was time to leave she was flushed around her neck. I opened the car door for her saying “someone looks ready. Unfortunately for you we have to go and see Kathy on our way home.”

As we entered John and Kathy’s shop we were greeted warmly before Kathy said to Diane, “Strip and then put on this blindfold.”

Diane complied and when she was ready Kathy picked up the dress and draped the top around Diane’s neck and quickly marked the necessary alterations. She then put the dress away and said “All is done, you can get dressed again.”

We chatted for a while with Diane trying to wheedle, without success, out of Kathy what was going on.

When we finally got home, Diane pushed me to the bedroom. I gave her the key to the lock on her pussy. She unlocked it, pushed me onto the bed, pulled my trousers down and quickly removed the balls before mounting my now hard member and rode me hard, enjoying three orgasms before I finally erupted in her moist sex.

17th December

I picked up the envelope for the day to read “patience is a virtue, and tonight we will play.”

The thought of playtime in the evening kept we aroused much of the day. I had to wait until after supper until Diane eagerly pulled me into the playroom, gently stripped me, and tied my hands to the stretcher bar hanging from the ceiling before securing my ankles so they were about 3 feet apart. She then stripped and was soon kissing me hard. When she broke the kiss she said “I hope you enjoy this.” As she picked up the quirt.

She then said “I don’t get to set another challenge until Monday so it is one stroke on your back and front for each hour until you get you next treat. My reckoning is it is 84 hours.”

I love the sensation of the quirt on my back and arse, but not so much on my front. She started on my front and I was soon sporting 84 tiny welts from where each stroke landed. She was extremely careful to avoid my manhood. She waited for a short while before landing a further 84 strokes on my back. By the time she finished I was in my happy state of bliss.

18th December

The card said “I hope this is opened on the eighteenth, as it is my company’s office party. Tonight, I will accessorize you.”

She looked at me saying “what does accessorize mean?”

“Simple, wait until we are getting ready in the hotel. Just pack your cosmetics bag; I have packed everything else you will need until we get home.”

When we left her work, we got to the hotel and we relaxed for a while before we had a shower. I waited while she dried her hair before I handed her a little box containing a pair of earrings. She looked at them before saying “Thank you, they are gorgeous.”

I picked up the next pieces, removed her nipple rings, placed the nipple shields over her sns146now prominent buds and secured them in place using a barbell on each. I let her put on her figure hugging black dress before adding the final touch of a necklace. All her accessories were of the same design. She looked at me quizzically saying “They look dazzling and must have cost a fortune, Thank you my love.”

“My pleasure, you look sensational, and our secret is hidden under the dress. And they were not that expensive.”

Diane blushed a little when she looked in the mirror. The evening passed pleasantly and as soon as we got back to our room, she hugged me and said “I need you now.”

I needed no encouragement and we were soon enjoying our coupling in the large bed.

19th December

Before we had breakfast I handed her the card for the day. It read “This weekend is going to be interesting for you. From now until Sunday bedtime, you will only wear what I choose for you.”

She was a little disgruntled until I said “Don’t worry; you will look perfectly respectable when outside our home.”

When we got home I went to the bedroom to selected a pair of 4” heels and handed them to her saying, “here is what you will wear until we are ready to leave for the hotel.”

She quickly stripped and put on the shoes. As we are often naked around the house, this was not much of problem. However at about midday the front door bell rang. Diane asked me to go to it. I replied “Sorry, I can’t put down what I’m doing for a while, so you better go. She was about to say something tart until she saw my stern look and quickly opened the door to find it was Kathy.

She put down the box she was carrying hugged Diane saying “sorry, I can’t stop.”

Diane picked up the box and before she could start to open it I said “Leave it. You will see what is inside later.”

As we were about to leave for the hotel I handed her a skirt and a coat, “That is all you need until we are safely in our room.”

In the hotel room, Diane relaxed before we showered. Once she was ready for her dress, I said “I suggest you go to the loo now as you won’t be able go again without me being with you.”

She rushed to the loo, came back looking a little nervous when I handed her the remote controlled bullet vibrator which she carefully inserted. I then helped her into her dress. She lifted each leg into the relevant opening of the inside lining. This lining was the bottom half of a leotard which had been sown into the dress. Once it was properly settled she looked at the flowing skirt realising that it would hide our little secret. From theamy adams americanhustle dress waist band two lengths of fabric hung down. I raised them up, hooked each of her nipple rings to the hooks sown in to the strips. As I secured the two straps behind her neck with a padlock Diane realised that the dress would be gently pulling her nipples up.

I handed her the pair of matching high heel shoes and I had difficulty in controlling the urge to stroke and caress her all over as she looked so sexy.

We made our way down to the party and as I returned with our drinks I saw her stiffen slightly. She asked “Who has got the bloody remote?”

I smiled as I replied “Dee.”

A moment later Zack and Dee, with a similar style of dress, came to us and Zack handed Diane a remote quietly saying “Dee doesn’t know you have it yet.”

He continued, “Charles and I have devised a little game for you both tonight. If neither, or both of you, has an orgasm before midnight you each get a new special caning design that Kathy has devised on both of your bum cheeks. I have been told by John that it is extremely painful and uncomfortable. If one of you has an orgasm and the other does not, then the one who orgasms will suffer the treat. This will be delivered just after the new year has started at our party.”

They left us and Diane said “That is plain devious, and I am going to make sure Dee is the only one to get the design.”

During dinner and the start of the dancing I could see that Diane feel the effects of the bullet, but she was nowhere near orgasm. Dee, on the other hand, was definitely struggling to contain herself. In the last half hour I noticed a distinct change in both of their demeanor as they struggled to contain themselves. However, Diane in the last ten minutes was mean and turned Dee’s bullet to the maximum. Dee was beside herself and I noticed that she was holding Zack tight as she finally succumbed to the stimulation just before midnight.

I retrieved the remote for Diane’s bullet from Dee once midnight had passed and turned it down much to Diane’s relief.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Wishing you and your loved ones a merry Christmas!

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