The End of Advent

20th December

We woke later than usual with Diane still aroused from her evening’s entertainment. We had to rush to get our breakfast before checking out of the hotel.

Shortly after we left the hotel gate I handed Diane the card that outlined her treat for the day. It read “a day of rest and relaxation is needed, so you will be restrained all the time we are alone. Any orders given must be obeyed as best as you can.”

I pulled over before I said “We start now. Jacket and skirt off.”

I pulled out of my bag the ankle and wrist cuffs, had her put them on and then with a short chain secured her ankles to the seat, her hands behind her back and then put her seat belt on. She was not too happy and said “we have to go to the supermarket to get the Christmas shop done.”

My reply was “no problem.”

We pulled into the supermarket close to home, with Diane stark naked and restrained in the car. I took off her cuffs, handed her a long coat and said “This is all you will wear apart from shoes. You may not button it up, but you can use the belt. Once you have secured the belt, if it comes loose, then you can only use your hands in your pocket to keep it closed. Failure will have dire consequences.”

Diane was about to complain but then a smile appeared to show that she liked the challenge.

The shopping was quicker than normal as Diane found that the belt did not stay in place for the whole of the shop and she had to use her hands to maintain her modesty especially as there were kids around.

Once back in the car, she stripped off again and I reapplied her restraints. She relaxed for the short drive home. Once home, I released her ankles from the seat, made a hobble just 6 inches long. She found it difficult to carry the shopping inside with her hands behind her back, but managed it.

When the car was unloaded, I added a 2 foot long chain to the hobble that was secured to a chair. I smiled as I said “now you can relax. Only if you need the loo can you ask for the restraining chain to be released.”

She spent the whole day chained to the furniture and when we finally made it to bed; she grabbed me and said “I need you now.”

21st December

I was handed the card by Diane and it said “you will insert a butt plug and keep it in for 2 hours at the office today.”

I commented “what a coincidence after last week.”

She grinned before replying “I wish it had been on Tuesday!”

As I sat down gingerly in Dee’s office for the Monday afternoon meeting she asked “What has happened this time?”

Diane replied “Oh it’s his turn for a butt plug.”

Dee smiled and we got down to business. Once it had all finished Zack had joined us when Dee said “I don’t wish to sound whining, but Saturday night was a bit unfair as Diane has had a lot more experience in orgasm control than me, and the bullet was so strong I could not help myself.”

Zack grinned “I know all that, however the remote had been adjusted so that it could not be run at full power to make it more even.”

Dee groaned, “But I put Diane’s up to full, and she still resisted.”

I said “and her remote was not tampered with, so it was a fair contest.”

22nd December

In the morning I gave Diane the card that read “Short skirt, white blouse and shoes is all you will wear at the office today.”

She looked a little put out until I handed her a skirt and blouse I felt would be appropriate.

The skirt was not as short as a mini skirt and not knee length and the blouse was thick enough that they both would not reveal too much.

She thanked me and once dressed she looked in the mirror and saw that they were perfectly suitable for a workday.

23rd December

She handed me the card saying “shame that this is your last treat, but I am sure you will enjoy it.”

I read “As soon as you leave your work you are to strip off, drive home and wait for me on your knees just inside the front door. Then you will be blindfolded until bed time.”

I laughed saying, “I thought we were going to go to the office together.”

“That’s right, so instead, as soon as you are in the car and stripped off, I will put the blindfold on.”

The day went well and as we got in the car I stripped as requested. She put the blindfold on and we drove home. As we pulled up at the house, she said now get yourself inside and kneel as requested.

I got out of the car with no problem and started walking in what I thought was the front door of our home before she said “Wrong way, turn right and you will soon be at the door.”

I turned as requested, nearly tripping over the step, before making my way inside and knelt as required.

The rest of the evening went quickly. Initially I kept knocking into things, but soon I was able to make my way around without any difficulty.

24th December

I had carefully ensured (in the mixing up at the start of the month) that the card for the day read “Diane this will be a fun day. No clothing until you get to the office where you and Dee are going to be dressed identically. When we get to the office I will give you your outfit that you will get into before you enter the office building. That is all you will wear today.”

She nervously said “I just hope it is fairly discreet.”

“You will find out soon enough.”

As we parked the car outside her offices, I handed her the outfit. It was a red leotard with2014-new-fashion-women-christmas-lingerie fluffy trimming around the leg openings and wrists. In addition there was a very wide black belt that looked a little like a corset.

As she got out of the car I had to say “God you look sexy, those great legs on full show and your figure looks fantastic.”

She blushed a little before entering the building and a rousing welcome from her colleagues. Soon Dee joined her in an identical outfit. They spent much of the morning going around the building delivering small gifts for everyone as well.

Finally they made their way to the “Bedroom Delights” team and the head buyer said, “I just wish I had you two on the posters.”

Both women blushed before Dee laughingly said “That might just be a step too far.”

After the office closed Diane revealed to me that she wanted to quickly visit one of the nearby stores and asked “Please can I have something a bit more discreet to wear?”

I laughed as I said “That is all the clothing you need, and I did not even bring a coat.”

She sighed “In that case you will just have to wait for one of your presents.”

“No, you will do your shopping like that. Refusal is classed as a failure to complete the treat so will mean January in the belt.”

She demurely agreed and once we were parked we walked to the shop. A lot of heads turned when they saw my sexy wife walking along the street in her rather fetching outfit.

Wicked Wednesday


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  1. Always such playful control

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