A New Year

We had a quiet Christmas with John and Kathy joining us for our lunch.

During the meal Kathy asked “Diane how was the dress?”

“That was great; the tug on my nipples was just right and stimulating in a nice way. However the added distractions were not as nice, especially as I nearly came during the evening.”

“I heard that there is only one arse that will get my attention on New Year’s Eve, so Dee must have lost.”

“Yes, but it was a close run thing as she nearly took me over the point of no return.”

“What do you mean she?”

I interrupted saying “Dee had the remote for Diane’s bullet whilst Diane controlled Dee’s!”

“Oooh delicious torment.” Added Kathy.


When we got up on the first morning back at work I reminded Diane that she had to wear the tack bra from our advent calendar. She was not amused, but did wear it. When she got home she was very relieved to be able to remove it. She spent the rest of the evening teasing me with her unrestrained breasts wiggling around under her T shirt.


On New Year’s Eve, before we left for work, I ensured that all the toys we needed were packed in the car as we were going directly to Zack and Dee’s home that evening.

We arrived at the house to find that we were the last of the guest to arrive. We greeted everyone warmly and settled down to enjoy the evening. Corrine with a twinkle in her eye whispered to me “everything is set for later.”

As usual, we were all expecting to play so there was very little wine consumed, mainly water and soft drinks.

It was nearing 10 when we made our way to the playroom. Diane and I enjoyed watching some scenes before she said to me “I want to enjoy some sensation play.”

I replied, “Don’t worry, after Dee has had her caning we will play, and I am sure that you will find it fun.”

She fidgeted a little and it seemed that she was itching for something to happen.

Everyone stopped playing just before midnight and we saw 2016 in with the traditional toast (with a very low alcohol sparkling wine) and the joining of hands to sing “Auld Lang Syne”.

A few minutes after midnight, Zack announced to everyone that Dee was now to get her special caning from Kathy.

Dee was told “Bend over, and hands to touch the floor. If you raise up, we will add an incentive for you to stay in position.”

Kathy picked out a very whippy rattan cane that had Dee’s eyes widen when she was shown it with Kathy saying “This nice little one is going to make a nice pattern on each of your cheeks.”

Kathy took up her position and carefully laid down two horizontal lines on each of Dee’s lower bum cheeks. After each of these lines appeared she was cropgasping. There were thin, bright red lines on either side of her bum. Dee managed to stay bent over without moving.

Kathy paused a moment before repositioning herself and laid down two parallel diagonal lines across each  cheek. These two pairs of lines had Dee gasping even harder. Kathy then changed her position carefully before laying down two more diagonal strokes on each of Dee’s cheeks. The final result was six bright red welts on each cheek to produce a bright red Star of David.rcjGgxy5i

Dee was told she could stand up and as she did, she felt her bum wincing as she touched the lines. As she felt where the lines crossed she winced even more. She was given a hug by Kathy and later Zack who held her tight. She gingerly sat down saying “Those lines hurt, and I’m going to feel them for days.”

I turned to Diane “I think it is time we had some fun. I hope you enjoy it as I have arranged for Corrine and Patrice to help me fulfil one of my fantasies. But first you need to help get me really hard.”

We retreated so that we had a little privacy as Diane first put a cock ring on me before using her talented mouth to ge578crosst me hard. Once I was ready I stood up, Held her tight and said now to start the preparations. I carefully entered her and when I was fully in, I indicated to Corrine that we were ready. My legs were positioned inside hers and with her high heels we were at just the right height. Corrine came over and with a lot of zip ties secured our legs together so my left leg was tightly secured to her right and vice versa. Our nipples were then locked together before we were required to put our wrists behind each other and put into the cross over hand cuffs. Then our shoulders were and upper arms were secured with more zip ties. Finally our mouths were secured together with the double ball gag that we rarely used.Picture by Captivekink.com

Corrine then retrieved her Dragon Tail whip, passed another to Patrice before saying, “Diane and Charles, your fun starts now. On the landing of the first floor is a key. You are not allowed to use the lift. When you have retrieved it, bring it back here, we will add a little more restriction before we tell you where to look for the next item. After you have retrieved it, we add another level of restriction and tell you where the clippers are. When all three items have been retrieved, I will we release you. Just to give you a bit of an incentive, if we think you are not trying hard enough, Patrice will use the Dragon Tail on Diane and I will use mine on Charles.”

Diane looked in my eyes with alarm, but we soon found that shuffling about was not as easy as we thought, and the movement made for interesting sensations, especially for Diane who found that I was forever hitting the sweet spot inside her.

Half way back down the stairs Diane moaned around her gag as she surrendered to an orgasm. We were allowed a very short rest before being encouraged to continue with a few strikes of the dragon tail on each of our bums. We got back to the play room to be told that the second key was in the sitting room. Corrine then used zip ties between the ones around our thighs and above our knees. We shuffled down the passageway and Diane came for a second time. We made it back to the playroom to be told the clippers were in the dining room. This time our legs between our knees and ankles were zip tied together so we only had about 3 inches of movement. This was very challenging to make our way to the sitting room and we were constantly being encouraged with the dragon tails landing rather too frequently for my liking. Diane on the other hand was finding the sensations overwhelming and was struggling as she had three more orgasms before we had got to the room. I on the other hand was finding her orgasms to be very erotic and despite the cock ring I was struggling not to erupt inside her.

Finally we managed to make it back to the playroom having retrieved the clippers, just as I came hard at the same time as Diane had her strongest orgasm of the night.

We were quickly released from our bindings and allowed to cuddle and hug each other.

Wicked Wednesday

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