An Introduction

Author’s note:- This and next week the episodes are shorter than normal as I am traveling (Delivering Humanitarian aid to a small Greek island) with little time to write and infrequent access to the internet.

On New Year’s Day we made it home with Tom and Suzy joining us for the night.

After our evening meal, they asked “would you like to be introduced to a new toy that we have recently obtained and our company had been appointed the official distributors in Europe?”

Diane immediately replied “what is it?”

“Wait and see.” Replied Suzy.

We watched as Tom took a large bag into our playroom. We heard some clinking when Suzy appeared and told us. “Both of you strip and Diane get Charles nice and hard. Then join us in the playroom.”

I perked up when I heard this before Diane started to get me ready for the adventure. It did not long for her to get me really hard.

We walked in to see an elongated latex rectangular shape standing about 5 feet six inches tall with two holes in the top.

Tom said. “First Diane, put your head through one of the openings. Then Charles you put your head through the other opening facing Diane.”

We did as instructed, Tom then said “I know you love new experiences so Charles it is time for you enter Diane.”

I followed the instruction and my still hard cock entered Diane’s soft and wet pussy. I was told to stand up and Diane instructed to put her legs around me. Tom then attached the open side to the structure and there was a whoosh of the vacuum cleaner as it sucked all the air out leaving us tightly held by the latex.

When the vacuum cleaner was turned off, neither of us could move. Were tightly hugged by the latex.

Suzy then said with an evil grin, “You will be in there until Diane has had an orgasm.”

With the tightness of the latex, I was hardly able to move, which meant getting Diane to come was going to be hard.

I wriggled as much as I could and after a half hour of being in this latex prison, wriggling as much as I could to stimulate Diane, I600_ke-vac-monolith-001 could feel Diane have her orgasm which also set me off. The intensity of our coupling had me weak at the knees; however the structure held us upright whilst also breathless from the intensity of the sensations.

Tom and Suzy left us to recover for a few minutes before releasing the valve that allowed air back in and thus allowing us to be released.

Diane said rather quietly “Thank you for the introduction to this.”

I also backed this up with my thank you for the introduction.

In the back of my mind I was also thinking “maybe we need one for the playroom”.

The picture is the Kink Engineering promotional image for their Latex Tower on their website.

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to An Introduction

  1. Gosh, I bet that’d be one hell of an experience 😀

  2. Oh my goodness . . . I’d never seen one of those before . . . and reading about that “whoosh” has made me go all . . . well . . . all whoosh!!!

  3. spankfunfor says:

    You Have A Most Amazing Blog!

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