Getting our own back

Both Diane and I slept well after our session in the vacuum tower (see last week).

The next morning Tom and Suzy were asked by Diane, “How would you two like a play session today?”

Suzy with a smile said “of course, especially as we do not have to leave until tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good,” replied Diane. “After supper we will have some fun with the two of you.”

Tom and Suzy went for a walk in the afternoon leaving Diane and I time to plan our entertainment for the two of them.

We had supper before Diane said “Playtime now, you will be busy for some time so do what you need to, otherwise it may get messy.”

They quickly did the necessary, while Diane and I waited. As soon as they approached the playroom we gave them a blindfold to put on. They were then guided into the playroom. We led them to the bed with Tom laid down. Suzy was laid down next to him. I said “Suzy you have five minutes to get Tom really ready.”

We left them to it while Diane got the necessary bits together.

After the five minutes were up, we had Suzy put a cock ring on Tom before tying him in a strict spread-eagle with a few ropes laid loosely under his back, waist and groin. We had Suzy sit up before helping her into position gently easing her down to ride him.

Once she was in position, Diane quickly tied her ankles to rope that ran under his upper back. Meanwhile I used the rope under his waist to secure her upper thighs, and the two of then tied the rope under his thighs again to secure her thighs down. We encouraged her to try to raise herself up, which she had difficulty doing.

Finally we had her place her arms behind her back and with more rope and tied each wrist to the opposite elbow. This arrangement meant that they had little room to move.

In addition we got out the Tens machine and placed pads either side of Suzy’s pussy and nipples, so there were three of the four channels in use. We set each channel to random intensity and duration.

Diane then said “the Tens machine is going on now. Suzy, you must wait at least an hour before you come. If you come before then, both of you will be put into some rather strict bondage overnight with Suzy having the tens machine still on.”

Tom groaned because like us we knew that Suzy would have great difficulty in holding back as she was not as practised as Diane in controlling her orgasms.

We left them to enjoy the sensations. Suzy, as expected was soon desperate to orgasm as she was highly excited by the bondage, the Tens machine and simply having Tom’s erect member inside her.

Suzy wriggled, moaned and desperately tried to keep control. She was a panting, groaning mess after 45 minutes. She valiantly tried to keep herself under control and finally gave up and had a very hard orgasm that had Tom bucking as much as he could in his restraints.

We released her and Tom from their restraints and once she had recovered from her orgasm she plaintively asked “Did I manage to hold out for long enough?”

Diane teased her a little before saying; it took you nearly an hour and a half to get to your orgasm.”

Wicked Wednesday

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