Condom Hell

Author’s note:By coincidence I had written part of this before the prompt was announced. It is partly inspired by a story I read many years ago.

After work on Friday, driving home on a cold January evening with snow falling, Diane rang me asking “Fancy a weekend of fun?”

My reply was one word. “Yes”

Diane then said “Good, I am in charge this weekend. Pull over as soon as you can, strip completely and put everything in the boot.”

I pulled into the next lay by which was just a short distance along the road. I got out of the car and opened the boot. I started by taking off my suit jacket and shirt. As I stood there in the freezing air, snow falling on me, fiddling with my flies, a car pulled up behind me. I recognised it as Diane’s. She kept the headlights on me as I removed the rest of my clothes and folding them carefully as I put them away as instructed.

I was nervous as there was quite a lot of cars passing and hoped nobody noticed what was happening. Once naked I closed the boot and quickly got into the driver’s seat of my car and pulled into the traffic with Diane following a few car lengths behind me.

I pulled into the short driveway of our house and Diane followed just a few seconds after. She got out of the car as I opened the front door. She was like me totally naked. “I hope you weren’t too cold for the last bit of the drive home.”

I followed her in the door. She ordered “Go prepare some supper and call me when it is ready.

I prepared a meal of Spaghetti Carbonara and called her. She looked at the table and said “Why are there two places set?”

I stammered “There are two of us.”

“No, it is just me at the table. Turn around.”

She then placed my wrists some gloves followed by the crossover cuffs behs-l1600ind my back before she got a bowl from the kitchen and tipped my plate of food into it. She placed the bowl on the floor by her chair saying “There’s your meal. Just be thankful I am letting you eat the same food as me.”

I shuddered as this was the first time she had made me eat from a bowl on the floor. It was also different from much of the last couple of years where she has been the primary submissive in our relationship. I was surprised how quickly she had taken control of me.

I managed to finish my meal, but my face was a mess. Diane smiled when she saw how much of a mess I was. She picked up a cloth, wiped my face before saying “Put everything in the dishwasher and then join me in the playroom.”

Just a few minutes later I had managed the difficult task of putting everything in the dishwasher with my hands so tightly secured behind my back.

On entering the playroom I was ready to take anything she wanted to do to me. She came over to me, kissed me hard and said, “Tonight is all about my pleasure. I am going to enjoy myself although you may not enjoy it as much.”

She had me lay on the bed on my stomach before attaching the ankle cuffs to my ankles with the ropes securing them to the bedposts being rather slack. She sat on my arse and said now to sort out your arms. She unlocked the cuffs and I quickly, playfully hid my wrists under my chest.

“That is not funny; you’re going to regret that later.”

She dug her knees into my ribcage and wrestled my left wrist from its hiding place, attached a cuff which was loosely secured to a bed post before doing the same to my right wrist. I was instructed to turn onto my back which I did. She quickly struck my left nipple hard with the dragon tail saying “Wrong way, full turn the other way NOW or else it will get worse.”

The sting of the strike on my nipple made me quickly turn over as she required. She tightened the ropes so that I was spread-eagled on the four poster bed.

She laid down next to me, playing with me getting me fully aroused followed by a viscous rubber cock ring that would prevent me from losing my erection. She reached over to the cabinet, opened a drawer and picked up a pack of condoms. I opened my mouth but before I could say anything she said. “I know we don’t need to worry about birth control. But for my purposes tonight, they are perfect.”

She tore the foil from one and rolled it on my erect cock. Once she was happy it was properly in place, she ripped the foil from a second and placed it on me. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She smiled as she said “Don’t worry; I know you won’t be leaking inside me tonight.”

She rolled a third condom on my erection and followed it by three more. Once she had rolled on the sixth one she said “It was going to be just two, but as you have not been as co-operative as you could, I have decided to make it more.”

She played with herself making her pussy very moist and my erection, if anything harder, before she mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position so all I could see was her back. She started to ride me, and I could hardly feel any sensation as my member was so sheathed that apart from when she clenched her pussy muscles, nothing could be felt. She came hard with all I could see was her back. She decided to turn around and then rode me again having a series of orgasms. I could enjoy the sight of her bouncing breasts, and her satisfaction and pleasure that showed on her face.

She came numerous times in the next couple of hours until she was totally spent. I was just totally frustrated as there was not enough sensation to get me anywhere near my own climax.

She laid next to me and released my arms from the head of the bed and put the crossover cuffs on me again, this time in front. She giggled as she removed the cock ring before releasing my legs from the spread-eagle and secured the cuffs on my ankles together with a padlock.

She pulled the covers over us snuggled into me, whispering, “That was fun for me, I hope you enjoyed it too.”

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Condom Hell

  1. OMG six condoms… that is pure hell, I imagine, but very inventive!

    Rebel xox

  2. 11boys says:

    That was great stuff,loved it

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