Uncomfortable Saturday

We continue from last week’s episode “Condom Hell“.

I managed a fitful night’s sleep with my hands secured in front of me and my ankles connected together. Diane woke me with a nudge into the back of a knee. She then said “Time for you to get up. I want a full English breakfast in exactly 45 minutes, served here in my bed.”

I got up and held out my hands and asked “please will you release me from my restraints.”

With a smile Diane said “No release. Any more of this or any failures in your tasks today will add to your restraints or I will find other discomforts for you.”

I shuffled off to the kitchen and prepared Diane’s breakfast. With my wrists crossed, it was somewhat awkward handling the pan and getting everything ready. I finally finished the cooking, plated it up with a cover and shuffled back to the bedroom, where Diane was sitting up ready to eat her meal. I handed it to her and she indicated where she wanted me to stand.

She immediately said “3 minutes 24 seconds late. I will tell you after I have eaten my breakfast what your punishment is to be.”

I apologised for being late and humbly said “I hope the breakfast is to your liking.”

She took her time eating, seemingly savouring every mouthful for far longer than normal. Once everything was finished, she said “The food was just acceptable. Time to deal with your tardiness. Bring me the humbler and get into position for me to put it on.

I fetched the tortuous device. She had me bend over then pulled back my bahumblerll sack before securing the two wooden pieces together. A swat on my ass with her hand made me react by trying to stand up; I could immediately feel the uncomfortable tug on my balls.

You will stay in the humbler for 3 hours 24 minutes. If you ask for release before the time is up, the time will be extended by one minute for every second early.

I groaned, but said nothing. She however picked up on the groan by saying “I heard that, I have something much more fun for you later.” She then added “clear away the breakfast things, hoover and dust the living and dining areas, and do a load of washing. Once finished, you may then sit down and relax a little.”

I was left to the chores. The humbler required me to be bent over at the waist much of the time, and it was not long before my back muscles started to ache with the strain. With my restricted ankles and wrists, it took me nearly three hours to finish the chores she had allocated to me. Once finished I sat down as best as I could at my desk and managed to do some routine tasks at my computer.

I lost track of the time slightly and it was after nearly four hours in the humbler before I asked for and was given release from its confines.

The afternoon had me on my knees in front of her, with her legs draped over my shoulders. I was instructed to use my tongue to give her four orgasms, before she declared that she needed a nap. She took her nap, whilst I was allowed to relax.

At about 7pm she announced that we were going out for a meal at the pub. The way she was dressed had me starting to get aroused. She saw the reaction, smiled before ssl103-bulk_732x750_317_325aying “We can’t have you enjoying yourself. Get a bowl of ice and meet me in the playroom.”

I did as I was told. She blindfolded me before she used the ice to kill all thoughts of arousal. When she felt I was ready she put on the larger of the two cages that I have. It does have knobs that protrude around the inside of the sheath which become uncomfortable when I get aroused.

She gave me the clothes I was to wear before releasing my ankle restraints. The trousers were thin ones and there was no underwear. I was still cuffed with crossed wrists, and when it came time to put on a shirt, she released my wrists, carefully examined them and said “Well there are no marks from the cuffs; they are obviously good for extended durations of restraint.”

She gave me an anorak and said “until we get home the only restraint is your cage. From now until lunchtime tomorrow, unless you are asked a direct question, you are not allowed to say anything. If you want to ask a question you will need to gain my attention for approval to speak. You need to be on your totally best behaviour or else tomorrow will be more uncomfortable, as well as very painful. The punishment level starts with one stroke. Any time you say anything untoward or any inattention to detail or misbehaviour will result in the stroke count being doubled. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

We arrived at the pub, to find our long term friends James and his partner Petra already there. We joined them at their table and shortly afterwards Liz and Andrew came in. It was clear from the conversation that Liz and Andrew were now a couple. (James and Petra introduced Andrew to Liz, who I knew many years ago and Diane and I played with a few weeks ago.)

The conversation was flowing with me staying silent as ordered. Eventually Liz asked “Why are you so quiet Charles?”

“Simple really, I am only allowed to speak when asked a direct question or get permission to say something.”

Diane then added, “Every time he fails the stroke count on his arse doubles.”

Liz smiled evilly before she suggested that I should get the next round of drinks from the bar. I did as I was instructed, having been told I could speak to give the order of drinks.

I brought the drinks back and sat down. The conversation continued with the three women provoking me into making a few unauthorised contributions. Furthermore, they added to my discomfort by reaching under the table, discreetly removing their underwear and giving it to me to hold onto. They added to the torment by carefully removing their bras at the table. All this had the effect of making me suffer within the cage as I started to get semi erect. I felt that there were some extra nubs on the cage, and although I wanted to ask about it I was denied permission by Diane to speak.

The five of them continued the conversation that got sexier as the evening progressed, so I was almost wincing in pain from the cage digging into my cock.

The torture did not stop as Diane invited them home. The conversation continued on the walk home, and as soon as I was in the front door I was required to strip and have my wrists locked up again in the cuffs I had worn the previous night and earlier in the day.

The women succeeded in considerably increasing my discomfort by stripping completely. The conversation flowed until about two in the morning. As it was so late both couples took up Diane’s offer of staying over for the night.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Uncomfortable Saturday

  1. spankfunfor says:

    It’s Amazing How Easily a Man can be Controlled by a Woman He Knows!

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