Diane nudged me awake on the Sunday morning and demanded that I put my tongue to good use. I successfully brought her to three orgasms that set her up for the day, with me still unable to gain release from the cage and its addition.

She looked at the clock and ordered “Brunch for the six of us on the table by 11 o clock.”

I was about to say something before I remembered that I was not allowed to speak unless directly asked a question or had gained her permission.

With my wrists in the crossover cuffs, I managed to prepare the Brunch and serve it on time. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to sit at the table to eat with our friends James, Petra, Liz and Andrew. I was more successful in keeping quiet over the meal than I had been whilst at the pub the previous night.

After the brunch had been cleared away, I stupidly, without permission, asked a question. Diane heard it immediately and said “you must really want your ass to be sore. By my reckoning you have now accumulated 256 strokes. I think you need help.”

She went to the playroom and brought out a series of small bars that I had never seen before. She showed it to the others saying “this is a special triple press that is supposed to be a really effective gag.”

She had me stick my tongue out, put two of the bars together  and tightened it so I could not retract my tongue. She then added a bar at the top and one at the bottom and with the help of Liz pulled my lips out and tightened these bars down so I was unable to open my mouth.

This new gag was certainly effective and when I was asked a direct questioStainlessn, all I could do was grunt. The others laughed at my predicament. Diane then said “Why don’t you stay here for a while. I might even get you to help with his entertainment later.”

They agreed to her suggestion with Liz saying “You might as well leave him as he is until he gets his arse reddened.”

I was left in this unforgiving gag for about two hours before Diane giggled then said “Charles, Go to the willow tree, bring back three nice thin branches about three feet long. When you bring them back I want to see them stripped of their bark and they better be nice and flexible.”

I did as I was told and the three very whippy branches met with Diane’s approval. James looked at them, and said to Petra “I think we need a willow in our garden.”

Petra winced on hearing that but made no objection.

I was escorted into the playroom where Diane removed my gag before she decided that the spanking bench would be entirely appropriate for me to be laid upon. I was tightly secured. To add to my torment she asked Liz and Petra to join her and select one implement each from the large selection hanging on the wall. I waited as they mulled over their selections before I was shown the Scorpion and the large wooden paddle with holes in three rows down its length.

I was blindfolded before I heard Diane move the spanking machine over to the right position.

Diane turned to Liz who had selected the scorpion saying “Choose a number between one and five.”

“Three” was the immediate reply.

She asked the same question to Petra who selected four.

Diane giggled before saying “the machine has 8 levels of intensity, and with the high number of strokes, I don’t want his ass to badly damaged before we get to the finale.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh you have never used it? Well I can tell you each of the 20 tails are of a slightly different length so it is really mean.”

I heard her fiddle with the controls a little and she announced “100 with the scorpion to start.”

I heard the whoosh of the scorpion before feeling it land on my ass and the bite from the tails. The machine had been set at random and apart from the whoosh I had no idea when the next stroke was about to land.

I was about halfway through the sentence of 100 lashes with the Scorpion I really started to feel the cumulative effect of the relatively mild strokes. Near the finish I was unable to stop myself moaning or grunting as each stroke landed.

I heard a quiet beep to announce the end of that particular implement. I heard Diane fiddle with the machine before saying “Now for another 100 strokes with the paddle.”

The first stroke landed and I felt the intensity of its bite immediately. I did not take long for me start squealing as the pain registered in my brain. By the time it finished its cycle I was crying from the intensity of the pain.

I was given a short respite before Diane removed the blindfold and stood with Petra and Liz in front of me. I looked on through the tearful eyes as she handed each of them one of the Willow branches I had prepared earlier.

She said to me “We will take it turns to give you a stroke each. Thirteen from each and the final five from me. If a branch breaks, the person can select one of the canes to use.”

She then turned to Liz and Petra “Liz, I know how effective you are with a cane, but I don’t want any cuts, so please be careful. Also I have a plan for the sit spots, so those need to be kept relatively untouched.”

I felt the gentle tap of the first branch across one of my bum cheeks before a swish and a line of fire that had me screeching shortly after it landed. This continued for the full forty strokes. At the end it felt as if my bum would be a series of deep cuts.

Diane went to the cupboard, picked up a really whippy cane that stings badly and leaves very clearly defined welts. She then said “As you’ve taken your punishment so well, you can choose between a five bar gate of a star of David on each of your sit spots.”

I made my choice and I could see Liz look at me curiously. She watched as Diane delivered two sharp strokes on each side about three inches apart. She shifted position slightly and landed two diagonal strokes on each cheek that had me wailing. She shifted position again and landed two opposite diagonal stokes to complete the Star of David. I was quickly released from the bench. Liz and Petra went to join their partners who had been watching the football match on TV.

I gingerly felt my bum and although there were lots of welts, I was surprised to find that the skin had not been broken. I was allowed to look in the mirror and startled to see how my red cheeks sat above the two clearly defined stars.

Diane hugged me and cuddled into me for a while before we re-joined the otherstoy-jacks-46029 in the living area.

After our guests had left, Diane kindly released me from my cage. When It was laid on the bed, I saw shapes tumble out. She had been evil by added three jacks into the tube.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. spankfunfor says:

    Loved the Story! Way above My Pain Threshold – I Think!

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