After the weekend where Diane exposed the inner sadist in her, I suggested that she too could have a full weekend of play. She wiggled her ass seductively as she was cooking a meal in response, making it clear to me that she liked the idea.

We had to wait until the middle of February for the opportunity, which I was fairly pleased about as it left me time to get some extra items ready.

On the Thursday night as we were cuddled up watching TV she said “I want there to be no limits this weekend.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want your safe word?”

“Absolutely. I have not needed it for many years.”

“That means I can do anything, including things that you absolutely hate.”

“Yes, I trust you implicitly.”

I let the matter rest there until we had finished work on the Friday evening. I noticed that Alex was still there. I asked him to hang around for a short while.

I went into Diane’s office, left the door open before I handed her a bag and said “Your weekend starts now. Strip and then put on just what is in the bag.”

She got up, picked up the bag and then started towards the office door. I immediately said “Stop, who said anything about moving around.”

She blushed red and slowly started stripping off her clothes. She finished stripping before opening the bag to find thin, tight spandex leggings that left nothing to the imagination, a T shirt and a shoe box.

Once she had put the leggings and T shirt on I added “I know how you like shoes, so I’ve bought you an extra pair, consider it an early Valentine present.”

She opened the box and gasped as there was a pair of extreme high heels. She put them on, stood up and immediately felt the difficulty in balancing, let alone walking. 2016-New-PU-Latent-Pump-EXTREME-High-HEEL-18CM-Metal-Heel-Women-Shoes-Sexy-Fetish-Sky.jpg_640x640The heels were 18 cm and there was no platform sole. I was with her as she got used to them and slowly we left her office.

Alex looked on with an element of surprise showing on his face. I then said “Ask Freya whether the two of you want to join us tomorrow for the night as I put your boss through her paces.”

Diane blushed as I said that. We got to the car where I told her to remove her T shirt before I gave her some extra toys to make the drive home more interesting. She had to drop the leggings a little to insert the toys before she got in the car. I removed her T shirt before cuffing her hands behind her back, and added some ankle restraints to ensure that she could not move her feet. I put the seat belt on before I picked up some thin bungee cord, tied it to one nipple ring, ran it over the sun visor before tying it off on the other nipple ring, stretching her nipples out a little. I then turned on the toys in her pussy and ass. I then said “No orgasms until you get permission.”

I deliberately took a longer than normal route home so her torment was extended. When we got home, I removed the bungee, and released her ankles from the seat before allowing her to get out of the car, strip completely and walk into the house.

Once inside, I had her wait in her heels as I released her from the handcuffs and using thumb cuffs secured her hands in front of her. I gave her a hard swat on her bum with my hand before ordering her to strip and then make the evening meal.

A short while later Alex phoned to accept my offer of their coming over and they told me the time that they expected to arrive.

Once the meal was finished and cleared away, I allowed her some relaxation time. When it was time for bed, I took her to the playroom, had her settle down into the cage with just a blanket and a pillow. I made her poke her arms through the side of the cage and used the crossover cuffs instead. The two plugs that were still in her were turned on low.

In the bed, I missed the comfort of her body alongside me, however I was kept entertained by the moans coming from Diane as the plugs continued to torment her.

In the morning I released her from the cage, had her put her new shoes on again before sending her to the bathroom. She returned, handed me the Crossover cuffs with her wrists in front of her.

The morning was spent dealing with some chores, most of which Diane did whilst in her cuffs.

After lunch I handed Diane another wrapped box. She gingerly opened the wrapping and when she opened the box she gasped. I kissed and hugged her before saying “I know you like shoes, and these have been specially made for you.”

She looked alarmed.

I gently undid the shoes she was wearing and helped her into the new ones. I had her stand up saying “You need to get used to these as they are staying on until we go out to the pub later. Now for your real test over this weekend. Until noon tomorrow you are under the exact same speaking rules as I was that weekend. The penalty is the same.”

Once she was stood up she found that she had to have her legs bent in order to balance properly. Further, walking took a little getting used to. We heard a car on our driveway and with a swat on her ass I ordered her to open the door for our guests. 132640085_41nShe carefully made her way to the door, opened it and I watched as Freya’s eyes opened wide with Alex having a wry grin on his face at the sight of Diane in her new shoes.

Diane shuffled into the living room behind the three of us.

Once the usual pleasantries were over Freya said “God those look a bitch to wear.”

Diane immediately said “Too right.” She then looked at me sheepishly realising that she had spoken without permission.

When I had sent Diane off to make some drinks I said to our guests “Diane has asked for a no limits weekend. So far it has been really tame; however with your help it will become much more intense.”

Freya looked at me enquiringly before I continued “She is not allowed to speak unless asked a direct question or having asked permission. Each time she breaks that rule the number of strokes on her nice bum doubles. At the moment she has earnt one stroke. I expect you will help get the number increased dramatically.”

Freya with a wicked grin said “Of course” just as Diane returned with a tray of drinks. Diane’s eye shot up, but she wisely kept her mouth shut.
Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to Shoes

  1. Looks like interesting shoes!

    Rebel xox

  2. India Reid says:

    No safe word? SO hot to read! (so dangerous in real life!) Gorgeous work, darlin’! xx

  3. spankfunfor says:

    Heck of a start! Interesting Shoes!

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